Akatsuki no Yona Ep. 11: Head-butting bishies

Akatsuki no Yona - 1116

Welp, it’s time to get to know the white dragon. But I’m sure you can already tell how this is going to go. After all, the guy may as well be royalty. Ki-Ja’s been coddled in some village for all his life. He’s heard about the outside world, but he’s never actually been in the outside world. But that’s the thing: how are you supposed to protect someone if you can barely protect yourself? Everyone in his village has told him over and over that he’s destined to protect King Hiryuu, but they never actually gave him the necessary experience for the job. You’ll see what I mean.

— Naturally, whenever two or more bishies gather in one place, they must argue incessantly with each other. For me, however, the show’s tone is too harem-y. The reason why I took an interest in Akatsuki no Yona in the first place was because it had the potential to avoid this sort of nonsense. We’re not in a high school setting. We’re not forming a stupid club to make the school a better place. We’re a bunch of ragtag warriors on a journey to overthrow the unlawful usurper. And y’know, the first two episodes kind of accomplished that. Lately, however, things have gotten a little too inane for my tastes. And you know what? There are still three more dragons to recruit, i.e. three more bishies to add to Yona’s collection. So is it going to get worse from here on out? I wanted a serious story with some light-hearted moments, not a reverse harem with some serious moments.

C’mon, man…

Akatsuki no Yona - 1103

— Apparently, Ki-Ja is afraid of bugs. It’s like he had to have a flaw of some sort so that Hak could stay on top of the bishie leaderboards.

— Eventually, the group runs into a bunch of bandits, but honestly, this is just a dick-measuring opportunity for the two bishies.

— It turns out Ki-Ja’s right arm is always “boiling hot.” So does he keep it away from the rest of his body at all times or something? Does he have to replace the bandages often? Does… bah, I doubt the anime even cares.

— You can make some joke about his right arm being much larger than his left arm. But can you blame the guy? If you’re confined to some tiny village, there isn’t exactly a whole lot to keep yourself entertained…

— And of course, Hak isn’t going to let some village boy show him up. But we all knew Hak could fight, so this is kind of silly.

— Then here’s the part that really gets my goat:

Akatsuki no Yona - 1108

Are you kidding me, man? What’s the point of recruiting these legendary dragons if Hak is just as strong or possibly even stronger than them? It’s so silly.

“Princess! You must go on this quest to locate the four mystical weapons for they will grant you great power!

…oh, you already have the Master Sword with you.”

But Hak doesn’t have to be that strong, because he already has that one thing that the other bishies can’t have: an emotional connection to the princess. He’s been her support from day one. He’s known her since they were children. He’s someone that she can put her trust in. As a result, he doesn’t have to be just as strong. It would’ve been much more meaningful if he wasn’t as strong, but Yona nevertheless needs him simply because of who he is. Unfortunately, he’s the main bishie, so he’s kind of a Gary Stu. Not only does he have all of those intangible qualities that I just mentioned, he’s also a beast with the weapon, yeah! This just ends up cheapening the story, though.

— I get it. It’s because Yun looks like a girl, right? Man, that’s so funny!

Akatsuki no Yona - 1119

— Apparently, Hak is still injured. So the dude pushed himself too far just to impress some bishie. Very smart of a former general.

— Whoa, what happened to the delicious congee from earlier?!

— Yona claims that Hak was a terrible cook, but the last time I saw him make something, it was salted fish being grilled over an open fire. Unless he forgot to scale and gut the fish, I gotta say that sounds like a decent meal to me.

— I guess Ki-Ja’s arm is no longer boiling hot anymore.

— Why is it that when they’re sneaking around, Hak has to put his hand over Yona’s mouth in this creepy fashion, but these two dorks over here get to stand freely? What? He can’t trust the princess to keep her own mouth shut?

— I do feel for Ki-Ja a tiny bit. Just a tiny bit. After all, he’s been forcefed the idea that he can protect the princess, so expectations are now clashing with reality.

Akatsuki no Yona - 1118

He’s not being as useful as he would like in their attempts to locate the next dragon. Nevertheless, it’s not really Ki-Ja’s fault. He was led to believe he would and could do everything for the princess, so what else was he supposed to think? And now, he has to quickly adapt on the fly.

This sort of stuff just bugs me, though. Again, I wanted a serious tale with some light-hearted moments. Right now, I’m just watching a shoujo comedy, which is just kind of sad.

— Ah well. The team will likely run into the Blue Dragon in next week’s episode. Let’s hope he’s not another hard-headed bishie who gets jealous over nothing.


3 Replies to “Akatsuki no Yona Ep. 11: Head-butting bishies”

  1. You are going to have to get used to this. Akatsuki no Yona is a light-hearted shoujo tale with a dark beginning, some serious moments and a handful of really intense situations. It is not really a reverse-harem even though it sometimes feels like it. Which is fine for me because I am here for the comedy and the more dragons she collects the funnier the show gets.

    If you are looking for a tale of a warrior queen’s blood soaked path to reclaiming her throne form an evil usurper. This ain’t it.

    1. You are going to have to get used to this.

      Nah, I’ll just do what I always do, and that’s to say whatever comes to my mind.

      If you are looking for a tale of a warrior queen’s blood soaked path

      Not what I said, but okay.

  2. I really like this manga and I am currently behind but for me this series hit their highest point was during the recruit of the third dragon. It was serious enough and plenty of interesting characters so I guess you’ll have to wait a while…if you can endure it until then.

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