Akatsuki no Yona Ep. 14: Moon Moon joins the party

Akatsuki no Yona - 1414

Once again, the squirrel’s the MVP of the show.

— After the dramatic entrance from last week, I thought the Blue Dragon would do something cool to get everyone out of this predicament, but nah. He’s just going to swing an axe repeatedly on a rock hard wall.

— Yona can’t even help herself: “You mustn’t [help dig our way out]. Rescuing the princess is our responsibility as dragon warriors.” Is it her responsibility to rescue herself? No, no it is not.

— Apparently, they can’t even animate this part… I guess Tokyo Ghoul is really sapping Pierrot’s budget.

— Yup, keep at it with that dagger, boy genius. You’re almost there.

— Yona is also eviscerating the wall with a dagger. The lack of oxygen is getting to them possibly, so she faints first. Gija thus suggests that the Blue Dragon take Yona to his room so that she can breathe. So there’s no oxygen here, but there will be oxygen there…?

Akatsuki no Yona - 1403

— Oh my god, he put his giant headdress on me! He’s so kiiiiiiiiind. The show can’t come up with any other way to develop the Blue Dragon’s character, so it just has Yona repeating the same thing over and over.

— W-w-why won’t the villagers try to understand his kindness?! ‘Cause they’re scared. They’re not exactly a princess surrounded by a bunch of strong, loyal men.

— In the end, however, it is Hak who really gets through the stone wall, ’cause he luuuuuurves Yona. Too bad for him, she won’t notice it for at least the rest of this season… if at all. This is just a platonic hug between friends!

— Then after much hemming and hawing, the Blue Dragon finally joins Yona and her group, The villagers don’t even say anything. Oh well. I can’t believe it took this long for the guy to join in the first place. But still, two down and two more to go.

— Unfortunately, Gija somehow went and got himself sick from exhaustion. Hak looks perfectly okay to me…

— And any attempts at a bromance between the colored dragons results in the Blue Dragon running away like a shy shoujo in a romance anime.

Akatsuki no Yona - 1408

— Unfortunately, the episode seems like it’ll just be wacky hijinks from here on out, so it’s hard to take any of it seriously. When Yona was just hanging out with the Wind Clan, the story seemed a lot more focused than this. Now that she’s surrounded herself with boytoys, the show fancies itself a comedy. It’s not even a romantic comedy. The show is like 1% romance, and 90% light-hearted fluff, and 9% tragic backstories.

— Blue Dragon hands Gija a flopping fish to cure what ails the latter. He’s so kiiiiiiiind!

— I guess we’re back to fancy food. It ain’t foie gras and escargot, but it’s fancy enough for a bunch of travelers from so long ago. It’s a miso hot pot, too. If you’re wondering where the miso and giant wok-like pot came from, our boy genius just conveniently traded for them at the village without his friends knowing anything about it.

Okay then.

— The Blue Dragon then thanks Yona… by daring to use her first name!!! This shocks the rest of the group, but… uh… do we even know her family name?

— What? Seriously? So they just call you princess? I guess I’ve never noticed it. Seems kind of impersonal.

Akatsuki no Yona - 1415

— Blue Dragon doesn’t have a name, so Yona gets to name him. It’s like he’s a pet.

— At the same time, Yun apologizes for having misconceptions about the princess. You guys are so boring and lame.

— Later that night, Hak stalks Yona some more, because he’s overprotective and shit. At the same time, however, everyone gets to call her Yona, but not him. He has to stick with “Princess,” because apparently, she wants him of all people to remember that her father and that she is her father’s daughter? Yeah…

— They then stumble on the Blue Dragon gazing at the full moon, so Yona finally decides to call him Sinha for moonlight. Moon Moon would’ve been a much better name. Meh, I’ll just call him Moon Moon from now on.

— When morning finally arrives, Gija finally senses the green dragon. Maybe someone’s been sensing Puff, the magic dragon, behind everyone’s backs.

— And with that, the episode is pretty much over.

Akatsuki no Yona - 1416

All in all, a pretty unremarkable outing again from Akatsuki no Yona. The show just lacks any sort of real excitement, passion, or drama. There’s nothing in particular to meditate on at any great length. The show doesn’t challenge its audience at any level. It doesn’t even compel us to split up into Team Hak or anything. It’s just… there. Ah well, I’m just covering this show because I have nothing else to watch on Tuesday nights.


6 Replies to “Akatsuki no Yona Ep. 14: Moon Moon joins the party”

  1. “The show is like 1% romance, and 90% light-hearted fluff, and 9% tragic backstories.” That sounds about right. I am here because I like the comedy. I am surprised you are still blogging this. It isn’t going to change. The green dragon has slightly more drama and action associated with him but not enough to change your equation. Next week looks like it will adapt the chapter in which Soo-Won attempts to win over the Earth Tribe general Soo-Won style.

      1. I know why you are sticking with it. You explained that last week as well. I still find it surprising. Maybe you should consider blogging an old show on slow days. Maybe something you find interesting from before you started blogging. Don’t you suffer through enough with the harem shows? While I am sure that Absolute Duo and Fafnir pay the bills I severely doubt that the same is true for Yona hence why you were iffy about blogging it.

  2. I understand that Yona is a spoiled princess, so even with her desperately training, she probably won’t be on the same level of say Hak. However, isn’t she the incarnation of some red dragon god thingy? Is the only power she inherited the power to look good with red hair and attract dragon bishojos?

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