Cross Ange Ep. 15: Tall dragon tales

Cross Ange - 1541

Well, it’s kind of true…

— So Ange, Tusk and Vivian are being transported by air. The ride is not exactly comfortable, so Tusk complains that “[t]here are girls in here.” Ange has been through all sorts of conflicts, but a bumpy ride? Now that’s just too much for any dainty girl to handle!

— We finally arrive to some Japanese or at least Asian-themed location. This will be important to keep in mind.

— The girls always have such silly expressions on their faces. In any case, Ange and Tusk find themselves standing before an audience of very important people. They’re so important that we can’t even see what they look like. And yes, Tusk is the first real man that they’ve seen in a long time. It’ll all make sense in a bit.

— Remember that girl that was implied to be Ange’s longtime lover and rival through the ages? Well, she’s here, and she’s apparently a princess as well. In fact, she’s Princess Salamandinay. That’s quite a mouthful.

Cross Ange - 1510

— I like this part. We see Salamandinay step out from behind her curtain, right? But in this shot, there’s a girl behind every curtain. But then in this shot, Salamandinay’s curtain is empty. How’s this possible? Dragon magic!

— Anyway, you’ve probably realized by now that this will be an infodumping episode, so prepare yourself.

— Salamandinay first explains that there are two Earths. This Earth just happens to be the original one. Ange’s Earth belong to a parallel universe.

— Again, Ange is so incredibly unlikeable. Yeah, she was unlikeable at the start of the series — y’know, when she insisted over and over that she wasn’t a Norma — but that was kind of okay. After all, the heroine needed a character arc, and maybe we’d see her become a better person over the course of the series. But after fifteen goddamn episodes, Ange is still just plain horrible person. Oh, you’re trying to tell me the truth about the two worlds? Well then, let me flip my shit! I’m not saying she has to accept Salamandinay’s explanations, but holy shit, I’ve seen petulant teenagers who are better behaved than Ange.

Cross Ange - 1517

— She then tries to take Salamandinay hostage. The latter’s guards try to return the favor by threatening to kill Tusk, but Ange claims that the guy is willing to die for her anyway. Maybe she’s bluffing. But then again, considering how selfish Ange can be, maybe she’s not.

— Even so, the infodumping must continue, so Salamandinay takes Ange to the Tower of Aura, i.e. the Dawn Pillar in Ange’s world.

— Apparently, it all started when humanity discovered a particle called “Dracunium.” It’s supposedly an “extremely powerful particle.” I have no idea what that means, but sure. Super powerful. The story suggests that perhaps it’s powerful because it’s super symmetrical. Now, I have heard of supersymmetry, but we’re not referring to the particle itself–… ah, why even bother?

— Anyway, it’s the same, old story. Humanity discovers something cool, humanity uses it for war, humanity wrecks the planet… I don’t really want to infodump on my readers when the anime is already doing it. I realize, however, that some of you guys don’t actually watch these shows that I blog about. So for the people who have watched the episode, just skip the new few bullet points. For the rest, read on, I guess. I’ll try my best to imitate Cross Ange and infodump on you guys properly.

Cross Ange - 1555

— Some people decided to leave for a new world, and a new universe entirely. The rest stayed behind, genetically modified themselves to become dragons so that they can survive the polluted world, then set themselves to cleaning it up… by eating polluted plants or whatever. Cool story.

— By the way, here’s the original dragon. He looks like a pretty fella, huh? Yeah, it’s a guy. You might have noticed that there are only girls in this Original Earth. Well, that’s not entirely true. The guys turned into massive dragons. I guess they can’t turn back into humans. The girls, on the other hand, can freely switch between their human and dragon forms. Why? Well, it’s because women are eye candy. Imagine if Ange had been talking to a dragon this entire time. Imagine if Salamandinay wasn’t yet another cute, hot babe. You can see, then, how difficult it would be to jerk off to her. That’s why we contrive it so that the girls can switch back and forth.

— So where does the interuniverse conflict come in? One day, Embryo returned to Original Earth and stole Aura, the original dragon. Since then, Aura has been kept in confinement, and he’s the reason why Parallel Earth has the Light of Mana. The dragons have been invading Parallel Earth in an attempt to save their lord and savior, but all they’ve done is allowed themselves to get captured, processed into Dracunium crystals, which are then fed to Aura in order to generate more Light of Mana bullshit. Yaaaaay.

Cross Ange - 1538

— So how does Ange react to all of this? Uguu, that is my world, and I’m going to return to it! She then gets mad at Salamandinay, because they had shown up in that one episode and destroyed half of Arzenal. Yo, the girl just told you that your people have been enslaving and killing dragons just so they can cast shitty magic. Why are you then surprised that they would try to destroy Arzenal, the one place on Parallel Earth that is meant to fight and capture dragons? What is wrong with you? Seriously. I mean, Ange was all puking and shit when she first realized that dragons were really humans, but now that she’s heard this story, it’s like she hardly even cares.

— But that’s just Ange’s schtick. She doesn’t care about Jill’s mission to liberate the enslaved even though she’s one of them. And now, she hardly even gives a shit that dragons are literally being murdered en masse so that her fake world can pretend that it’s a utopia. I mean, just look at her here. She still beams proudly whenever she talks about the Light of Mana.

— It turns out Riza Rundog isn’t a succubus or whatever. She’s just another dragon, but she’s managed to infiltrate the Misurugi Empire.

— Thankfully, Salamandinay easily subdues and chokes out Ange.

Cross Ange - 1545

— When our princess finally wakes up, she finds that Vivian is back to being a human (she also has some sort of nightmare, but seeing as how it’s a short and stupid dream, I’m not even going to bother covering it). She also finds that Tusk is currently strapped to some examination table as a bunch of dragon girls poke and prod at his human body. He’s special, because they haven’t seen a human male ever.

— At first, Ange is like, “Let me save you, baby!” But she trips and falls… and somehow, her mouth actually lands on his dick. I mean, his face says it all. Maybe they’re destined for each other, since they can’t stop sticking their faces in the other person’s crotch. And before anyone questions whether or not her mouth did go anywhere near the guy’s penis like some sort of ridiculous porno, in a later scene, we see her gargling, so it’s not like the scene is open to interpretation. Anyway, the doctor lady claimed that Tusk had volunteered to cooperate with them, so of course, the ever moody Ange quickly gets angry at the guy.

— Out of nowhere, Vivian is reunited with her long lost mother. To celebrate the occasion, everyone gathers that night to release lanterns into the sky. It’s toro nagashi, basically, but we have magic this time around!

Cross Ange - 1554

— Oh yeah, that reminds me… everything here feels so Japanese. Distinctively Japanese, that is. Salamandinay even goes through the pains of doing this thing that you see above (the name for it escapes me at the moment) for her guests. Everyone here is supposedly responsible people, willing to sacrifice their lives in order to clean up the planet. The other world, on the other hand, is more European in its aesthetics and culture, huh? And of course, the other world is selfish, racist, blah blah blah. Yeah, Japan has never been racist. It’s just a country of peace-loving tree huggers.

— After everything that she’s seen and heard, Ange is still like, “Durr, I don’t know if this is a dream of not?”

— On the other hand, Tusk questions whether or not they should even continue fighting. Well…

— Oh, the episode is over! Sweet! So we’ll just hold off on that thought for now. Anyway, I’m never a fan of infodumping episodes, unless they’re done incredibly well. This one is generic as the rest, so meh. I mean, just exactly how many times will a single series infodump on us?


13 Replies to “Cross Ange Ep. 15: Tall dragon tales”

  1. You know I am kind of glad that Ange is a horrible human being who regularly behaves like an ass. I hope she never changes. Let’s face it if she had behaved rationally and respectfully we would have gotten something out of Fate/Zero or Trinity Seven where everyone sits in a room and infodumps for 20 minutes. While, of course, there are more creative and interesting ways to infodump or avoid infodumping all entirely, if you are going to take the lazy route then I am fine with upping the entertainment value by having Ange be Ange. This show has never been classy so why start now? Be true to yourself I say.

  2. The source of both the Light of Mana and the Dragon’s power is dracinium or whoever you spell it. In that case, why does the Light of Mana easily get negated by Normas and yet Dragons have no problem eating them, shooting lighting through them, have them be effected by their gravity fields, etc?

    Again, I will like to point out that Tusk should know at least most of the story Sala told them. His people, the ancient humans, came from that destroyed world. It was also hinted in his debut episode that he knew what the Light of Mana came from and what the Dragons were really trying to do. How can he know that, about the ragnamails, Embryo, and yet nothing about WWVII?

    1. “have them be effected by their gravity fields”

      The Norma pilots weren’t affected by the gravity fields, though their mecha were.

      1. No, they were. I rewatched the part to make sure just now. You could see them struggling to move from being pressed down over the controls over or, in Chris’ case, the back of their paramails. It got more apparent when the dragon increased the power output.

        You know, now that i think of it, it was kind of strange that Sallia was the only norma that had only their mecha affected. You can see her sitting upright, pushing her buttons, throwing tantrums at Ange, etc while nearby Ersha was using her 4th dimensional boobs to keep her ribs from being damaged. Maybe Sallia is also royalty or some shit. That would explain her singing presence with the other two princesses in that scene with Tusk and Embryo facing each other in the OP.

  3. CALLED IT!!!
    and Ange wanted that Light of Mana BS despite of its ill-gained origins.
    The Old earth people want to save the original dragon, the Libetarus group wanting to stop the Mana people, and Ange is still a condescending bitch. The answer is obvious: destroy Embryo and his ambitons and save the dragon. A win-win.

    Ange is still terrible,.

    1. Seriously, it is like Ange takes the propaganda talking points of Normas being vicious, uneducated, antisocial, etc assholes to heart. I think Mei was lying through her teeth when she told Sallia that Villkiss told her that Ange was fighting alone to make sure no one, even the people she probably wants dead, actually dies. I wished Hilda came instead of Tusk. She would had beat some sense into Ange and reminded her what they swore to take revenge against the mana world.

  4. Aw, damn, I actually wouldn’t have noticed the implications of the Japan/Europe thing if you didn’t point it out. And 15 episodes really? Time flies. I …guess the plot has been moving, unlike some of the other shows you’ve covered.

  5. This show actually rips off many rather good ideas from past successful stories yet add loads of needless fanservice and hallow characters. So far, we get single design multiple form transformable mech and singing as key piece of plot device trademark by Macross, Mechs Vs Monsters from Macross Frontier, Gundam Seed/00 Mobile Suit mode switch / battles sequences / base launch sequences, problematic Utopia society, war torn polluted planet parallel worlds, humans evolve to advance creatures and fight original humans seen recenlty in Gargantia, creatures to cleanse the polluted planets as seen in epic graphics novel version of Valley of the Wind (then finally most likely a Matrix thingy to warp it up). It certainly has potential to be a lot better if it was executed better with proper character development and believable personalities, less the dumb fan service.

    1. You know, I realized something a few episodes ago. I seen a lot of erotic female “battle outfits” and casual clothes (for example, Strike Witches war on pants), but the norma pilot outfit seems less sexy fanservicey and more like odd and ugly. Is it just me?

      1. The outfits are odd cumbersome. Mostly due to the fact I don’t like anyone in this show. With all the skin and cleavege they show, they are not sexy

  6. In her defense, Ange was right to be angry about the attack on Arzenal. You know, because the Norma were forced into the dragon killing. They were pure collateral damage. A direct attack on the Misurugi kingdom, or heck, Rosenblum (the administrators of Arzenal) would have been MUCH more preferable. That whole accusation of them killing dragons rang of either ignorance or mis-blaming. If they had a mole all along in Riza, should they not have known all along that the Normas were the pawns?

    The whole dragon world = peaceful and responsible, other world = violent spiel felt a little implausible with Miranda Campbell being RIPPED APART after being helplessly tossed from her Para-mail by them in episode 3.

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