Aldnoah.Zero 2 Ep. 3: Turnabout is fair play

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0326

I haven’t posted much, because work leaves me pretty tired. Plus, it seems like I’m coming down with a cold. But I’m here, I’m here. Let’s resume action at Moe Sucks by watching Inaho win this war between worlds all by himself.

— Inaho questions whether or not he should go into battle. After all, the Deucalion is only afloat these days thanks to him. Well, according to this anime, every battle we’ve ever seen is single-handedly won by our precious Gary Stu, so this war would probably be over by now if it weren’t for him.

— By the way, he and Darzana are playing chess without even looking at the board. Not until someone gets a check on the other person’s king, that is. Can you guess who wins?

— Did Inaho win all by himself or with the help of his trusty new eye? 70/30, apparently. In his own words, he’s multi-threading his tasks. Our protagonist is a trusty, little dual core computer. It makes him much more appealing if you think of him that way.


Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0302

— More talk about how Inaho got his Aldnoah-activating abilities. He’s just the chosen one, I guess. After all, she’s kissed Slaine before and the latter can’t activate anything.

— Speaking of Slaine, he continues to face discrimination from the other Orbital Knights. I guess I’m supposed to be reminded that he’s a third-class citizen, and that I should feel sorry for the creepy bastard. But nah, I don’t find discrimination in anime to be the least bit convincing.

— In any case, Saazbaum goes so far as to adopt Slaine in order to protect him from his peers’ abuse. I guess he’s not a creepy bastard anymore; he’s just creepy.

Says the guy who wets himself nightly thinking about that one time the princess had to “kiss” him in order to save his life.

— Hey, let’s check up on Lemrina and Eddy, because they’re in this story, and everyone should get the spotlight if only for a few seconds! Huh? Koichiro and Yuki who? I’ve never heard of those people! Plus, all this talk about how Earthlings are not loyal and shit, just look at Eddy. But I’ve never liked her character. Racists usually don’t change. They just get hopefully replaced by less racist descendents.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0307

— As for Asseylum, she’s still doing good. I just like how this cour basically told her, Inaho’s sister, and the PTSD dude to take a fucking hike.

— Back on the Deucalion, even Calm gets some facetime, but it’s only to compare Inaho to the mighty Odin.

— Inaho apparently doesn’t eat much these days, because he only survived the giant asspull thanks to the lack of food contaminating his wounds. Uh-huh. Sure.

— And just to round things out, Rayet also faces some rather mild discrimination, but she just goes along with it. She still hates Martians, after all. After a cour and three episodes, her character hasn’t developed much at all. Nobody’s character has developed much outside of Inaho being, uh, very slightly friendlier and… Slaine pulling out all the stops to be all Machiavellian and shit. You’ll see what I mean.

— So the two sides are at it again. This time, our heroes enter the fray with these “umbrellas” to hopefully shield them from enemy fire, debris, and whatnot. Naturally, Inaho is so badass, he sorties without one. He also takes out a bunch of faceless Martians, too — space wind and all.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0331

— Gasp!!!! Someone else gets to do something! Rayet saves one of the assholes from earlier! Wow!

— But the focus quickly switches back to Inaho and Slaine, and these two are having a scintillating dogfight. One guy monotones about his opponent, and the other guy returns the favor. Woo. I can feel my heart pumping from all this excitement. Plus, they can both predict the future with ridiculous accuracy, so it isn’t even a kickass battle where both sides sustain significant injuries or whatever.

— Eventually, the Gary Stu manages to barely tickle Slaine, but this is enough for his precious father to step in. Apparently, Saazbaum has some unfinished business to settle with Inaho. For a show that has been about slick action, however, these one just doesn’t live up to the billing.

— Even though Saazbaum had relocated the gap in his defenses for this very fight, Inaho manages to disable his shields with Inko’s help. Slaine knew that his opponent would manage this too, so he allowed his father to wander into a trap that he had personally laid out for the protagonist. Sure, he wanted to take out Asseylum’s lover once and for all, but hey, getting revenge on her shooter is just as swell, I guess.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0330

— You’d think the count would curse Slaine for backstabbing him after the guy had adopted him and everything, Saazbaum goes down impressed. Uh, it’s good to be happy before bite the dust, I suppose.

— Slaine returns to the base, gives some crappy speech about how the Orbital Knights must stop their in-fighting in order to unite against Earth, blah blah blah. I mean, if they weren’t united enough when they thought Asseylum was dead in the previous cour, I don’t know why Saazbaum’s death would change much.

— Look at Slaine try to be all cool by slinging his count’s jacket over his shoulder. But yeah, he pretty much inherits Saazbaum’s position. He literally became the guy’s heir just a few hours ago. If you want to be generous, Saazbaum did say that he had made this decision a while ago. Even then, however, it’s funny how there’s no contest. Let’s just give this Earthling shitter everything that belonged to a “pure-blooded” Martian. But the story’s stupid, because it’s not like Vers had existed for a long time anyway, so the idea of a “pure-blooded Martian” is just asinine. They’re all just one or two generations removed from being Earthlings anyway.

— Well, now that Slaine has gone all Machiavellian and shit, he deserves a fitting end. I bet he goes down because Asseylum will always be number one in his eyes, and Lemrina will eventually resent him enough to kill him for it. I mean, just look at her.

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season - 0332

Never stick your dick in crazy. Or stick a crazy dick inside you. Either way, it’s not going to turn out well.

28 thoughts on “Aldnoah.Zero 2 Ep. 3: Turnabout is fair play

  1. Anonymous

    One thing I keep wondering – why in 19 months has Eddy not grown at all? Is she one of these anime ‘adult lolis’ or wut?

    1. anabchamploni

      I’m glad that I stopped to watch this show in the 3rd episode when Inaho defeated a martian general all by himself. What happened in that episode, Inaho doing awesome stuff by himself is Aldonah Zero in a nutshell. I would respect more the show if Inaho and Asseylum have died in the end of the first cour, but that would require the scriptwriter willing to take some risks and it is clearly not the case of Aldonah Zero.

      1. Ed

        Didn’t Inaho defeat a Martian general all by himself exactly one time? And that was in the first episode of the the second season. All the other times, it was a team effort, even if you count the moments after Inaho figured out the enemy mecha’s weakness. You can count the plasma sword guy second attack, but that is kinda pushing it since Inaho still had to sacrifice his mecha and he had help from the ship.

        1. Ed

          Let me list them and exclude the people that were made to be cannon fodder and only actions that happened after the weakness of the martian mechas were discovered.

          Trillram: Lured by Rayet and the princess, tossed into the water by Inko, had his weak point exposed by Calm, mecha taken down by Inaho, executed by Slaine.

          Vlad 1: Blinded by Inko with everyone else either serving as a distraction or failing to penetrate his blinding heat waves

          Vlad 2: Restrained by Inaho and the ship was tilted to toss both mechas into the sea, mechas destroyed by giant steam explosion, Inaho was rescued by Rayet.

          Femieanne: Slaine and Inaho tagged teamed to bring her down with two arms destroyed by Inko and Yuki. Their battleship crippled Femianne’s mecha with a body slam and Rayet killed her.

          Saazbaum: Inko was used as a decoy, Yuki destroyed one arm (and I think got a few shots at the mecha), Inaho does his thing and was about to kill the count, and then Slaine pulled his stupid shit.

          In all cases, Inaho probably would had died if it was a true mano to mano. Now, it is stupid that someone that only has partial reservist training and did not even graduate high school yet is a better tactician than someone like his sis or Marito. However, that is a separate matter and it is somewhat less bullshitted now that he is practically a psychic cyborg now.

        2. Ed

          I didn’t read the first season posts of this, so I don’t know what point out of what I assume are countless comments you are referring to. However, anabchamploni claimed that Inaho is basically kicking ass by himself. I pointed out that there really is no example of it aside from the walking Popsicle. Did I interpret any of those battles wrong?

          1. E Minor Post author

            No one’s trying to be 100% accurate. At the end of the day, Inaho is still ridiculously overpowered and that’s the sentiment that the previous commenter was trying to express. You’re not adding anything, because your “dissection” of Inaho’s exploits isn’t going to make anyone go, “Oh, wow, Inaho isn’t a Gary Stu!” And if that wasn’t one of your goals, then who cares? Whatever nuance you’re attempting to grasp is largely unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

        3. Ed

          You can keep saying he is overpowered all you want, but I will keep asking, based on what battle? Compared to who? At this point, even the regular nameless earth soldiers seem effective. In this episode, we see multiple martian mechas get blown up by them.

          1. E Minor Post author

            Like I’ve said, it’s been discussed before. The onus is not on me to rehash an old argument because you didn’t read the older posts.

  2. Ed

    In this and the second episode, we seen the non-Inaho characters take down several Martian mechas. Mind you, the “wind” (why not just say gravitational distortions, I don’t know) forced them all into CQC, but it is nice to know that the rest of the earthlings are more than cannon fodder, cheering squads, or transportation for Inaho.

    Speaking of the Stygiss (sp?) platoon, where were they in the first season? I was under the impression that only the nobles have them, but I counted twenty of them in this battle alone. Were they told to take a smoke break while the nobles get first spoils?

  3. flamerounin

    Back on the Deucalion, even Calm gets some facetime, but it’s only to compare Inaho to the mighty Odin.

    Hey, even the mighty Odin had it rough most of the time, with some of his battles supposedly lasting for days in-story. Inaho is just flat out Kirito levels of Gary Stu-ness.

    And, there you go, Lemrina just went full yandere.

    But hey, I gotta admit, I found that twist of Slaine killing Saauzbaum in the middle of battle interesting (though the execution is kinda shabby). Inevitable it seems, and our poor count knew it all along.

  4. higgsbosoff

    I’d still wait until next episode before we declare the potential “Orbital Knights not acknowledging Slaine as Saazbaum’s heir” plot thread dead and buried. It’s way too juicy to pass up imho, and after all, it would only take someone saying he “has proof” that Slaine killed Saazbaum in battle to take his position to rally everyone under his flag (ironically, he would be right; not that the truth of such a statement ends up mattering much in this kind of power struggles).

    Either way, racist loli is racist, and Slaine has turned full Machiavellian on us indeed. It’s up to debate whether he’s more Light or more Lelouche.

  5. Anonymous

    Ed, fuck off dude you are annoying and your reason is stupid. Oh, and if you wanna lick this show anus that much got o myanimelist now begone, retard.

    1. Ed

      Why don’t you grow up? I responded to a post claiming that Inaho defeating the Martians all by himself. I offered detailed examples from all the battles that contradict that (which is almost all the battles). By now, you can see with your own eyeballs that Inaho isn’t the only one that can formulate decent battle strategies against the Martians and he isn’t the only one that can blow a Martian Aldnoah powered mecha to hell. I am willing to be that as the story progresses, we will hear more success stories under the command of someone besides Inaho, which would explain where Morito and Yuki went and why Earth is still in the fight. Inaho still has the same ugly training mecha (well, half of it). If my reasons are so stupid, why don’t you guys tell me why it is instead of just insulting people who disagree with you?

  6. Anonymous

    Why do not reason with an attention whore like you? Why not grow up to be a stupid retard like you? Pfft, as expect of a fool.

    What you said has already been discuss many time, it is an old damn shit all over again. So, go fuck yourself.

    1. Ed

      I destroyed every argument that you guys can possibly have that Inaho is this one man super Martian killing machine army while everyone else is just there to make the battle look more epic. This episode we are posting about offered further proof that they can formulate good strategies and kill Aldnoah mechas with Inaho doing his crazy stunts somewhere else. Judging by the damage, I would also argue that the battle was an Earth victory. At this point, the only thing you can say is his outward personality reminds you of that super weapon Tatsuya from Mahouka (who kind of had most of his emotions erased).

      1. E Minor Post author

        Destroyed every argument? I don’t agree with flaming you like anon, but get the fuck out of here with that. Seriously, don’t come back.

  7. Jingo

    Hey anon. How do you feel about posting your real name and address when you shit talk on the internet?

    Not that I agree with Ed. I stopped watching in the first season.

  8. Pia

    Ed, you’re completely missing the point here, teamwork means nothing to Inaho, his comrades are there just to fail in their attempt in doing something, they’re not allowed to succeed until Inaho arrives and just by following his orders, yes there could be some exceptions here and there, but in general they follow that same pattern, earth army is just there to buy some time until the hero appears and saves the day with his superhuman capabilities.

  9. The Truth

    Guys, it’s just an anime. You don’t have to go ham on it, and you certainly don’t have to listen to this Ed fellow because we all don’t care about his opinion.


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