Isuca Ep. 3: Family Strife

Isuca - 0301

The harem lead is good at cleaning. Wow. You, too, can do what billions of people do all across the world.

Isuca - 0302

As his reward, he gets to move in and live with two hot girls. Welp.

Isuca - 0303

Naturally, the lady doth protest. But it’s not like she’s going to give him up if someone else wants him.

Isuca - 0304

Later in the story, our heroes are trying to save a girl from a talking tree.

Isuca - 0305

Wow, this is some Evil Dead shit.

Isuca - 0306

Well, maybe not. Those look more like turds than evil tree roots.

Isuca - 0307

Out of nowhere, this fox flies towards the tree. I say fly, but really, it’s just a single frame shaking violently.

Isuca - 0308

The rival is finally here! And of course, she has big boobs to make up for what blondie lacks. Anyway, she’s even colder than the main haremette. They’re cousins, and they’re both in line for the family throne or something.

Isuca - 0311

Well, there you go. Game of Thrones and Isuca mentioned in the same breath. Anyway, Isuca at least sends the baddies back to where they come from. Suseri is flat out content to just destroy them.

Isuca - 0310

Needless to say, she also wants a piece of that hot harem lead ass. Look at him. He’s such a dreamboat. And as such, she’s going to seduce him the only way a haremette knows how:

Isuca - 0312

No one ever locks the door to the bathroom. Hell, I’m starting to wonder if bathroom locks even exist in Japan.

Isuca - 0313

Extra Bodysoap.

Isuca - 0314

Oh man, this is so hardcore.

Isuca - 0315

Our hero then passes out after just one round. Yeesh. No stamina whatsoever. As you can see, Suseri quickly takes the opportunity to kidnap the guy. Oh yeah, the other girl is her maid. She’s not terribly important, though.

Isuca - 0316

When the harem lead finally wakes up, Suseri continues to offer herself up to the harem lead. No big surprise there.

Isuca - 0319

Elsewhere, this wannabe playboy tries to approach the villain of the series. I have no idea why you would ever stop for someone in such a silly outfit.

Isuca - 0318

Eventually, Shinchirou and Suseri run into some trouble… some very goofy-looking trouble.

Isuca - 0322 Isuca - 0323

The wannabe playboy from earlier bites it pretty hard.

Isuca - 0324

Hell, Suseri’s driver ends up dying brutally too. We don’t want other men in the story, after all.

Isuca - 0320

The only way out of this predicament is to kiss Suseri and give her magical powers, right?

Isuca - 0321

Well, not if Isuca has anything to say about it. And yeah, her name is Sakuya, but c’mon… the show is called Isuca for a reason. They’re not even trying to hide her true name, so why should we bother?

Isuca - 0325

Unfortunately, until Shinchirou actually kisses somebody, they can’t really do anything about the evil car.

Isuca - 0326

Even so, our harem lead still finds the time to eat the cat girl’s ass amidst all the chaos.

Isuca - 0327

Whoa, I thought we said no ass-to-mouth.

Isuca - 0328

Isuca then destroys the evil car with a beam of light, and that’s that.

Isuca - 0330

Not really.

Isuca - 0331

And somehow, no one seems to notice the oddly-dressed girl being illuminated by a bright, full moon. Good going, assholes.


8 Replies to “Isuca Ep. 3: Family Strife”

  1. Oh, wow. It’s been a while since monster designs made me want to jump off a cliff. This shit has gone full-retard.
    I want to apologize to every JRPG I’ve played that has extensive use of palette swaps. At least their monsters are visually fine. Still generic and shitty, but not exceedingly retarded.

    Oh hey, shower scene where girl rubs tits on back. That’s still as fresh and sexy as the last ten times (excluding doujins) that I’ve seen this word-by-word scene has taken place. It’s just ludicrous how incredibly unimaginative these types of shows are. I’ll bet a pretty penny that even the most basic and un-jaded viewer would still call bullshit on these scenes.
    Instead of doing the usual jig, what if the chick walks in front of the seated harem lead, pushes him onto the floor and just jumps on him?
    What? These chicks are chaste Japanese waifus for viewers to pick and choose? Fuck that noise if they’re already stripped naked and rubbing their tits on dudes’ backs. That’s slut behavior to the highest degree.

    Yeah, called it. Miko character using magic tags. I mean, why would I expect otherwise? That’s like not expecting a catgirl of having actual cat ears or a nerd-girl without having granny glasses and flat-chested. Can we update the archetype manual anytime soon? Because I don’t know how many of these carbon copies I can take.

  2. I, too, hate when I randomly meet a girl and she ends up wanting to wash my back with her tits just because.
    And of course the cat girl doesn’t use any underwear.

    1. You’ll be fine
      I’ve seen my share of shit
      Be like a stain-glass artwork!
      Let the experience destroy you, and pick yourself up and arrange yourself in a beautiful form.
      or something like that. Sorry if it sounds awful, but I hope it gets the point across.

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