Parasyte Ep. 18: Don’t cry for me for I’m already dead

Parasyte - 1809

I think I was supposed to say, “She finally became a mother!” I’m not feeling it, though. There’s a lot of things I don’t really feel. Reiko’s talk with Shinichi seems to imply that life’s questions have haunted her. She says it herself: every time she answered one question, another one would pop up in its place. She felt like she was walking in circles, blah blah blah. Well shit, why wasn’t this better conveyed throughout the narrative, then? Why it is it something that is only coming out now? This is especially true of her motherhood. I don’t expect her to have maternal instincts right from the get-go. What I do expect, however, is her gradual development towards becoming a mother. Just a few episodes ago, she had carried the baby like a bag. Hardly a very nurturing act. Hell, she brought her kid to a loud lecture hall just in case a fight broke out between her and Shinichi later. She knew that the hero wouldn’t dare hurt her if she used the baby as a shield. How do we go from that to her valiantly taking a hail of bullets just to protect her son? Of course, I know how it happens. The more important point is that I don’t see it happen. It simply does, and as a result, “the feels” in this week’s episode hasn’t been earned. It’s just, “Bam, I’m a mother now… and oh yeah, I remind you of your dead mother! Awesome, isn’t it?

Shinichi finally does cry, and on the other hand, this is something that the narrative has been slowly building towards. Not only that, this all came about because Reiko’s sacrifice reminded him of the goodness in his mother. I mean, he understood what the loss of his mother meant on a logical level, but what I’m trying to say is that seeing his own mother attack him — even if he also logically knew that it was no longer her but a parasite in her guise — profoundly broke him. This gave him the whole in his heart. So y’know, this entire time, everyone’s like… “Oh, he can’t cry anymore! It must be because he’s part parasite!” “Oh, he put that dead dog in the trashcan and it’s because he’s half parasite.” “Oh, he calms down way too easily and it’s because he’s part parasite.” You get the gist. Everything is attributed to the fact that he’s half parasite, and in doing so, people lose sight of why these stories exist in the first place. All of these changes in Shinichi were really cries for help. He can’t cry because he doesn’t want to be emotionally vulnerable. He calms himself down quickly? Is that a good thing, or yet another example of him shutting out the outside world to keep himself protected? He didn’t give that dog a proper burial? Shit, he couldn’t even give his mom a proper burial.

Parasyte - 1817

We can blame everything on how Shinichi’s half parasite, or we can actually acknowledge that the hero lost his mother out of nowhere, and he’s never really had time to grieve. He didn’t take any significant time off from school. They never really had a funeral for her, because they don’t want to say that she’s died and especially how she’s died. He can’t confide in anyone. Not even his own dad, because for a short bit, his dad looked like he was even more worked up about her death! Shinichi thus put on a tough face to help his dad get through it, but in reality, it’s the one who acts like everything’s okay that’s really hurting the most. And what really gets me is how during all of this, Satomi never really dug for the truth. Instead, she whined and cried and pushed him away… until he was away, then she half-heartedly chased after him. But even then, when she hears gunshots in this week’s episode, she’s all like, “I’m done! I’m done!” It’s only thanks to some ridiculous reassurance from Kana’s spirit — wut — that she finally gives herself the strength to go look for Shinichi. When she finds him, she sees him crying and she’s all, “You’re back!” Are you fucking kidding me? I guess that’s the state of mental health in the world at the moment. Hopefully, you can just fix yourself and be back. I’ll be waiting here and making a face until you do.

Anyway, Reiko admits that they can just eat normal food, but we already knew that. She then tells Shinichi that they are completely dependent on humans, so don’t bully her and her kind or something. After all, she’s only killed 37 people, and that’s on the low end! She warns him to stay away from Gotou, ’cause she created him and he will fuck the hero up. Well, I’m sure Shinichi will be okay. With this show’s penchant for killing people off, however, I’m not feeling too secure about Migi. I liked how the authorities shot at Reiko even though she was holding a baby in her arms. Maybe they thought it was a parasite baby, or maybe Reiko pilfered herself a little afternoon snack. How could they take that risk? But when she approach Shinichi, the old man told them to stop shooting! So Shinichi’s important, but some unknown baby is not?! Plus, what happens to the baby now? Well, we’ll find out about that later, I suppose. In the meantime, Shinichi is forced to meet some cannibalistic serial killer who apparently has the ability to distinguish parasites from humans. Oh boy.

7 thoughts on “Parasyte Ep. 18: Don’t cry for me for I’m already dead

  1. Paulo27

    Satomi’s part was just awful “you’re back!?” I laughed, couldn’t help it, she comes out of nowhere after hearing several gunshots, sees a dead woman in front of Shinichi while he holds a baby, all this without even seeing his face, and the first thing she thinks is “oh, he’s back to “normal” now”, fucking hell.

    Honestly don’t see why they’d care for the baby at this point, parasite or not, letting her run away with it wouldn’t do any good to anyone involved, better off just taking the risk.
    I did think for a second that she left the body or something and they were killing a normal person so that was some nice suspense.

    And Reiko just sounded too entitled honestly, “humans and parasites are half of the same” what a load of bull, all the story has made me think so far is that these monsters are to be destroyed on sight without a hint of second thought, if you really wanted to make me think parasites were anything close to human you have seriously done a poor job, seriously hope that at the end they aren’t like “hm, maybe the parasites weren’t *that* bad”.

    1. Pia

      I agree with you completely.

      This episode was a shame, I can’t tell how much I facepalmed myself during this episode, like E-minor said everything was so sudden especially with Reiko’s development, it felt rushed.
      I’m sad that she died because they wasted so much potential by doing it, she was the only parasyte that seemed different: a parasyte trying to fit in human society and developing human emotions and that made her interesting, but they had to rush everything so Shinichi could cry… wtf, like be able to cry is an unquestionable proof that you’re human and consequently you’ve feelings, that’s bullshit.
      Everything about Satomi is laughable, her entire character is just a stain in this story, she’s just there to spell out to the audience that Shinichi is no longer human, that he’s different… and to be his main love interest, nothing more, there’s no depth, if anything she’s just frustrating.

  2. Anonymous

    What I got from Reiko’s sacrifice wasn’t so much “she became a mother” but rather “she became a martyr.” Her protection of the baby, the shifting of her face to look like Shinichi’s mom, and even her whole speech, all seemed like ploys to gain sympathy for her species. Having recognized the parasytes as ‘fragile’ and Shinichi as a ‘bully’ led her sense of self-preservation to evolve and include others of her kind, going out in a bloody march towards “can’t we all just get along?”

    1. higgsbosoff

      I’d say at this point the biggest obstacle about the “can’t we all just get along?” thing is how parasytes seem to need to burrow into a human being to live. Though Migi demonstrates it’s not necessarily the head, and I’d say for the small number of parasytes around you could probably find enough people with dysfunctional limbs who would willingly accept coexistence with another organism in exchange for them serving as a brand new organ. Or possibly even enhance their body Shinichi-style, who knows. Maybe they can even slow down ageing.

      Parasytes don’t seem to reproduce though, so I wouldn’t expect that to become a problem any soon. But it would have been an interesting place to go.

  3. Plinfan

    I really don`t get the goal of the parasytes at all. Humanity is slowly but steady noticing them and start to go against them. I know guns aren`t very effectiv but humans have diffrent weapens as well, or they could develop them specificly against them. Even the one guy with 5 parasytes whouln`t stand a chance against a rocket or a tank in a open area. Combine this with their inabillity to reproduce and the parasytes are dommed to fail, which kinda kills all the tencion. In Elfenlied it was at least said that they can spread by infecting humans, so their is tension because the end of the humanspecies is very likly, but here I just can`t see a posible victory for the parasyts.


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