Absolute Duo Ep. 7: Campy

Absolute Duo - 0723

It’s summer camping time… even though there’s that fancy building just behind them. I’ve never been a camper myself. Just don’t see the appeal in it. And the sad truth is, Absolute Duo doesn’t see any appeal in it either. This is all just one elaborate set up…

Absolute Duo - 0707

…to get a girl in her bathing suit…

Absolute Duo - 0709

…and to get another girl too wet for her panties. She’s fine with the rest of her outfit being wet, though. It’s just her wet panties that bother her. Makes sense.

Absolute Duo - 0710

Being the resourceful girl that she is, she ends up losing them. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The episode starts off with Miyabi doubting herself, because like most of the haremettes in this show, she’s pretty goddamn useless.

Absolute Duo - 0701

But she has other assets to offer, so she gets to stick around.

Absolute Duo - 0703

Speaking of useless haremettes, Julie gets sick on the boat ride, so Thor finds himself having to babysit his Duo. The more helpless, the better, right?

Absolute Duo - 0704

Of course! We don’t want an equal. We just want some cute toy to creepily fawn over.

Absolute Duo - 0705

Anyway, it’s summer training camp for our students, and they have to swim the rest of the way to the island.

Absolute Duo - 0706

That’s a really fancy mod for a cruise ship.

Absolute Duo - 0708

On the way over, Julie and Lilith are busy fighting over Thor. They need his protection, after all. If they go one minute without him, they might die or something.

Absolute Duo - 0712

Case in point, super Mary Sue Lilith Bristol is so smart, she doesn’t even bring shoes to a training camp. Luckily, Thor is there to wrap her dainty feet up for those people out there with a foot fetish.

Absolute Duo - 0713

Meanwhile, Julie can’t walk a foot without potentially flashing the entire world. Oh god, won’t the harem lead protect these girls from themselves?! If only we were all harem leads, then we could protect all the helpless girls in the world!

Absolute Duo - 0715

Out of nowhere, ninjas attack! Fancy fucking animation, too.

Absolute Duo - 0714

Elsewhere, Miyabi finally summons up the courage to protect her friend from those dastardly ninjas, but the only reason she can even do anything is because she thought of Thor! So in the end, her usefulness is due to a man and a man alone! Even though Tomoe has been a perfectly good and loyal friend to Miyabi, it’s really Thor who did all the heavylifting. C’mon, girls can’t inspire!!

Absolute Duo - 0716

Anyway, these aren’t real ninjas. Remember her?

Absolute Duo - 0717

Thor sure does. The school apparently has a branch school, and it’s for all the rejects from the very first episode.

Absolute Duo - 0718

And after a hard day’s work of surprise attacks — attacks that could’ve seriously injured someone — the students settle down to a sweet outdoor grilling party…

Absolute Duo - 0719

…which is really just a fancy setup for some cheap innuendos.

Absolute Duo - 0720

Lilith, too, would like Thor to feed her some meat. Haha, top notch writing, boys.

Absolute Duo - 0721

Afterwards, Thor tries to thank the gothic lolita principal for not discarding the rejects like Imari, but she says some stuff I don’t care about.

Absolute Duo - 0722

Then some more people do stuff I really don’t care about.

Absolute Duo - 0724

Then after the credits, Julie hands Thor some panties. It’s in the girl code, I think. If your fellow sisters need some spare panties or a tampon, you don’t say no! In any case, there’s a story hidden somewhere in all this nonsense. There’s even potentially one big bad baddie to worry about. But in the meantime… panties!


16 Replies to “Absolute Duo Ep. 7: Campy”

  1. I thought camping was supposed to be done in places that don’t have inns. Such as mountain summit or in the middle of a forest.
    It doesn’t seem to be the case with this anime. Lol.

  2. Well this is a case of “Casual campers”. Basicly the people camping only do it to impress the people at home, but are too wimpy to go full camping, so they do it close to inns and other places. And after coming home act like badasses, stuff like this might be the most reallistic stuff of the episode, lol.

  3. That’s not even a good looking foot! It’s like some kind of deer ankle. The hell?

    Anyway, I do like that you ended on that note. Haha

    Like a prick of light glimmering defiantly in the dark, there’s always at least one good point amidst the convoluted melodrama surrounding us, and that singular saving grace is panties.

  4. It would be funny if Lilith lands on the duo and they dies in the water.

    I’m still really confused about Julie’s panties in the end. Is it some symbolism they/re trying to express in the story? A theme?

  5. The MC always has to let out a yell about making a promise. Then he is ready to risk his life in battle but freaks out like a retard the second a girls hand brushes against his hand. Are the Japanese such sissy men in real life?

  6. I want to know why all the people who claim that Anime characters are mostly Japanese. Explain where the hell are all these D-Cup girls like Miyabi in Japanese live-action versions of anime.

  7. I really like this site the explanations of each episode are very humorous. I have been watching anime for the past 2 years but I can’t talk to my friends or even my girlfriend about because they would wonder why I’m watching cartoons. I really like anime with great plots, but these MOE harem anime have been ruining the whole of anime. They also have nothing to do with an actual harmen just a guy in who puts himself in the friend zone. So anyways I look forward to reading many more of the hilarious episode recaps of http://www.moesucks.com. thank you

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