Absolutely Nothing Ep. 11: One man’s trash is another man’s favorite anime series

Absolute Duo - 1101

That sounds like a delightful idea. ‘Cause honestly, I don’t think I understand the show very well. Maybe I don’t want to. Or maybe it’s just that I’m too dumb to understand its genius. Tor turned Miyabi down, because he’s too weak, right? Like he can’t protect her and shit, right? He seems to have no trouble clinging onto the flat-chested heroine all series long. See, I don’t even remember her name anymore. Let’s just keep it that way. But to get things back on track, Miyabi decides to acquire glorious power to make up for the fact that Tor is weak, right? Alright, alright, I’m following ya. She got strong for Tor. And now they can be together forever. So uh, why is she attacking him again?

Absolute Duo - 1110

But like most stories, friendship prevails.

Absolute Duo - 1111

Wow, in one quick move, Tomoe slapped Miyabi’s clothes off. MRAs have been trying to perfect this technique for years! But right before that, we get some generic bullshit about how Miyabi is really stronger than she thinks, because, uh, she had to courage to confess her shitty little haremette feelings. As if this was the real world, y’know? But it’s not. Miyabi is just another haremette. If the harem lead doesn’t pick her, she’ll just shrivel up and die. Or fade away if you want to be less dramatic. Honestly, that’s what she was born to do. If she doesn’t get the guy, she has no life. Y’know how those games play out. If you pick the girl, you get to fuck her, then you get that little ending where you two supposedly live happily ever after. What about the rest of the girls? Who the fuck cares? Well, not in this playthrough anyway. Just restart the game, and pick the other girls this time. Sweet. No consequences. Just pick and drop these girls at your pleasure. But shit, this is a light novel, so it’s even more derivative. It’s all of the above, but with no choices. There isn’t even an alternative route in which Miyabi gets her day in the sun. She’s just destined to be a soulless husk. But with big titties, though.

Anyway, all you need to know is that the story is wrapping up soon, and I still have no clue what it’s about. Something, something Absolute Duo. That old man was trying to achieve it or some shit, but he’s dead now, and we just gotta kill the leader of the Master Chiefs. As for everything else about the show, world-building be damned. I feel like I know nothing about Tor’s past, the organizations that run this world, so on and so forth. But shit, I’ve talked too much already. Don’t let words ruin this moment. Let’s just enjoy what we have…

Absolute Duo - 1105 Absolute Duo - 1106 Absolute Duo - 1107 Absolute Duo - 1108 Absolute Duo - 1109

Good show. No, wait, great show.

Absolute Duo - 1103

11 thoughts on “Absolutely Nothing Ep. 11: One man’s trash is another man’s favorite anime series

  1. Anonymous

    It’s sad this series is ending. This wasn’t the strongest episode. Heck, they were lazy with the animation this episode. Hopefully, a season 2 will be announced. Some questions are left unanswered. Can’t wait for next episode.

    1. Anonymous

      Seriously? Only SOME questions?
      Everything was left unanswered.. This anime was like a filler arc of an anime that didn’t have a main story arc. It was weak all over it, even the MC was absolutely pathetic. Everything important was left unanswered and I’m sure most of the info that was splattered around the episodes is of no real importance if they really decide to make a second season.

      PD: And I hate, hate hate hate lollis, every girl was so freaking small, it’s just so weird

  2. Anonymous

    If a girl loses, she moves on, have to get over her crush, and find a new purpose in life. I don’t think they will be nothing if they were to lose.

  3. ironherc

    Yeah, this show is no good. Has lame main character, lame side characters, lame story, lame setting, lame powers, lame waifu material who everyone will forget in a few days after the show ends. I’m only glad that we are heading to a brand new season, so we won’t deal with this anymore.


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