Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 4 & 5: I need a pick-me-up after these episodes

DanMachi - 0401

Yep, that’s our hero. Every step of the way, he’s watched by pairs after pairs of protective feminine eyes. An adventurer? Nah. An adventurer would have more gumption to do what he or she wants. Bellri, on the other hand, has to ask permission from his caretakers. His many mommies, if you will. Meanwhile, he gets to look goofy as fuck…

DanMachi - 0402

Uh, your outfit looks plain as hell, lady.

DanMachi - 0403

Anyway, the context here is that Bellri needs to go shopping for armor. But in all reality, he just simply adds another doting mother to the pack.

DanMachi - 0404

It’s like the equivalent of lens flares in video games.

DanMachi - 0405

Bellri ends up running into his main mommy, and she’s busy working herself ragged in order to support her child.

DanMachi - 0406

She’s also making sure no undesirable temptress steals her poor Bellri away from her. It’s the mix of harem and protectiveness that’s kind of creepy and off-putting, but I suppose that’s how far we’ve gone. Roguish bad boys with dark pasts like Spike or Vash are long gone. It’s not about breaking free from conformity and seeing the frontier on your own anymore. It’s more about reclaiming some lost childhood…

DanMachi - 0407

Anyway, that previous corridor was for all the rich people… and the rich adventurers… which I have yet to see. Even Eyes’ respective group doesn’t seem that decked out in fancy armor, so who are they making all of this equipment for?

DanMachi - 0408

In any case, we head on down to the junk heap. Even the lighting has to be bad, because… uh, reasons.

DanMachi - 0409

And Bellri finds himself another chestplate to replace the one he’s been using. I guess protecting your other vital parts isn’t really that important.

DanMachi - 0410

But as he leaves for the day, the elf hands him a present. I guess it’s supposed to be an armguard of some sort, but I can’t help but see half of a shuttlecock.

DanMachi - 0411

And just like that, another girl dotes on Bellri for no particular reason whatsoever.

DanMachi - 0412

Wait, no, it’s because she works hard. It’s the rule of the anime land, really. If you work hard, girls will just fall in love with you. The salaryman ideal may have died a long time ago, but its influence still runs deep. No one seems to grasp the idea that simply working hard doesn’t matter if you can’t work hard. And with girls, working hard doesn’t entitle you to anything. But of course, in the ideal world of fantasy, Bellri wouldn’t even dream of asking for anything in return. He simply works hard, and he is rewarded. But in the real world, we have to take things to their logical conclusion. Life is not always so neat and tidy. So when young men work hard and don’t get rewarded, they don’t remain cheerful and oblivious like Bellri. Instead, they become bitter gentlesirs:

“Like I said, I am in love with her. And also like I said, she considers me a friend. I’ve never told her how I feel, I couldn’t find the words if I tried. But I thought maybe my actions would make it clear. I listen to her attentively and I never forget a word she says, I do my best to look after her when she’s sick, even when she says she can manage herself because I care. I help her with assignments, I so everything I can to treat her the way she deserves to be treated by the world. But she has never picked up on the fact that I love her.”

Some indeterminate amount of time later:

“I couldn’t believe what was happening, that she was turning against me. I’ve been incredible to her for 2+ years and he has known her for, what, 3 or 4 months? Why is she choosing him over me?”

But let’s move on…

DanMachi - 0413

Bellri bumps into yet another girl. If you’ve ever wondered how many different ways a girl can support her man, this is the show for you. Every single female character exists simply to help Bellri realize his own personal dreams and goals. Anyway, she’s being chased by some mean guy. Yeah, another mean guy. In fact, we haven’t met a whole lot of guys in this story. There’s Bellri, there’s that jerk male miqote from episode one, and now there’s this guy. So other than Bellri, all of the male characters have been jerks. What a coincidence…

DanMachi - 0414

Naturally, Bellri leaps to the girl’s defense. He doesn’t even know her story, but he doesn’t need to. Tee hee, she’s a girl!

DanMachi - 0415

More importantly, however, some maid from the tavern shows up at just the right time to break up any potential fight. Good thing a mommy was there! We wouldn’t want our Bellri to get into any serious fights! He should just go home and play video games grinding in that dungeon where it’s safe!

DanMachi - 0416

Here’s our hero all decked out… in his goofy armor. And that green armguard sticks out like a sore thumb.

DanMachi - 0417

Before he can even enter the dungeon, however, the girl from earlier offers to be his support. Support, support, support… Maybe there’s a reason that Bellri is in love with Eyes. At the moment, she’s the only one who isn’t supporting him. Instead, she’s an accomplished — far more accomplished than Bellri — adventurer of her own. He’s pushing himself to new heights just for her. She’s not just a support; she’s his inspiration. Because she hasn’t doted on him, he wants to be her equal. For now, anyway. We’ll see how this harem shakes out.

DanMachi - 0418

Welp, here’s your female miqote.

DanMachi - 0419

I love how the story has to often cut to Lili looking all sinister and shit. The narrative has to hold our hands. We can’t come to our own conclusion about Lili’s character. Nope, we need to story to shout at the top of its lungs that she’s up to no good. WARNING, WARNING, THIS IS A DEVIOUS CHARACTER. IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T CAUGHT ON, THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!

DanMachi - 0420

Needless to say, during the adventuring — it’s funny how this is a show about leveling up and adventuring, but all we ever see in Bellri fighting boring as shit monsters in dark, featureless corridors — Bellri lost the precious knife that Hestia had given him. More accurately, Lili stole it, and he didn’t even noticed. It’s a good thing one of the mothers has a sharp eye and is looking out for Bellri! But more on that adventuring thing, this is like when you sit down to play an RPG, and you enjoy walking around the towns and talking to the NPC more than you actually enjoy the adventuring part. And that would be fine if the towns had anyone interesting to talk to. Here, you press A just to talk to the unending stream of protective mothers…

DanMachi - 0421

Really, a garden gnome?

DanMachi - 0422

Luckily for Bellri, the knife isn’t worth anything outside of his hands. Also, those maids from the tavern are once again in the right place and the right time to help our child get his knife back. But for some reason, they do not tell him that Lili was the one who stole it. That sounds kind of shitty, actually.

DanMachi - 0423

He ends up adventuring with her again because he doesn’t realize that she played him and still is trying to play him. Wow, you guys are terrible mothers!

DanMachi - 0424

Blah blah blah, he splits his earnings with his supporter, which is what most adventurers don’t do. Blah blah blah, all of the other adventurers are jerks, but Bellri is so nice. So even though Lili hasn’t quite decided to be a good person yet, she’s starting to feel guilty. Awesome. Kill her with kindness.

DanMachi - 0427

Elsewhere, Hestia is finally off from her long day of work. Only to see Bellri being supported by someone else. Why is it necessary to hold Lili’s hand? Shrug.

DanMachi - 0501

So she runs off to get drunk and cry to a friend. She outright says she loves Bellri, but it doesn’t feel the same as when other haremettes in other harems confess their love. It’s just lacking in that passion department. Oh, I’m not saying that her love for him isn’t genuine. Again, however, it just feels that her love for him is too motherly. But perhaps the anime realized it’s gone too far in one direction, so Bellri tries to take Hestia out to dinner. He’s just paying her back, of course. An innocent mind like his wouldn’t even dream of the dinner leading to fucking his own mom.

DanMachi - 0502

That’s a weird-looking bath.

DanMachi - 0503

Anyway, that doesn’t stop Hestia from feeling as though she’s going on a date with Bellri. She somehow chooses to show less skin on this date, though.

DanMachi - 0504

Unfortunately, Bellri is soon swarmed by other goddesses. The official story is that they’re all curious about the guy that Hestia likes. It’s like that age-old belief that girls won’t notice you until you’re taken, because once you’re taken, girls finally get the hint that maybe there’s something noteworthy about you after all… if you believe that sort of thing.

DanMachi - 0506

And of course, when you faceplant into a woman’s giant breasts, she isn’t offended. Instead, she finds it cute. So Bellri’s more of a child that you don’t have to worry about rather than someone who has gone through puberty and might actually do something inappropriate about this golden opportunity.

DanMachi - 0507

In the end, Bellri and Hestia manage to elude the nosy goddesses. They also find this secluded spot with a oh-so-great view of the city. You see this shit all the time in anime. Ooh, let me show you a secret spot that I cherish so much. Do they ever spend any time talking to the other person? Do they get to know the other person better? Do these characters ever spend any time actually connecting? No, let’s just visit some shitty spot and stare at what is essentially a desktop background. And yet, girls aren’t impressed when I show them my computer…

DanMachi - 0508

Elsewhere, Lili finds herself in some trouble. Really though, it’s just more guys treating the women in this show like dirt. Only Bellri, the innocent child, treats them with any respect. No wonder they just throw themselves at him. When you create a world in which 99% of the males are assholes, the hero gets to be the winner by default. Just have to work hard…

DanMachi - 0509

Lili’s still hellbent on stealing that knife even though she gets a huge split of the money every time she and Bellri go dungeon grinding. I guess she’s an idiot.

DanMachi - 0510


DanMachi - 0511

When Lili uses some magical weapon to help Bellri out, he takes an interest in magic. He ends up reading some grimoire that “someone” — we all know who it is — had left behind.

DanMachi - 0512

Somehow, he falls into some deep, introspective dream.

DanMachi - 0513

All of this just echoes what I said earlier about how far we’ve moved away from the anime heroes of the late 90’s. It’s not a question about which era is superior. Rather, it’s more interesting to note how the conception of these heroes likely springs forth from what society currently values and is in need of. In other words, there’s no point to freedom if you’re not mentally equipped to deal with its consequences. So we have to go back…

DanMachi - 0514

Anyway, a quick examination of Bellri’s “Status Page” shows that he can now wield magic.

DanMachi - 0515

And against his mother’s best wishes, the child sneaks out of the house to play with his new toy.

DanMachi - 0517

And play, he does. One never really thinks of all the creatures and goblins that we slay in our RPGs. Where do they come from? Do they feel pain? Do they have thoughts of their own? Families? Friends? Ah well, all just cannon fodder for the RPG hero in the end.

DanMachi - 0516

Until he tires himself out and faints, of course. From my vantage point, this is so pathetic. Why am I watching a little kid run around until he tires himself out and takes a nap? But here, it’s really a golden opportunity for Bellri to now meet the girl of his dreams.

DanMachi - 0518

Oh goodie, it even looks like she’s about to breastfeed him.

DanMachi - 0519

But that’s too much pressure on young Bellri to perform, so he rolls away into the night. Gotta go fast.

DanMachi - 0520

It turns out when you read a grimoire, its content disappears. But Hestia won’t let anything bad happen to her familia.

DanMachi - 0521

Well, it’s more adventuring time, and the guy that was last seen chasing Lili shows up again. He suggests that he and Bellri team up to steal Lili of all her money. Obviously, our hero will do no such thing. But Lili can also be seen talking to that brute that had bullied her. No doubt, he’s telling her to rob Bellri blind. Oh, but that guilt…

DanMachi - 0522

Why would you not tell the truth? And just like that, the episode ends.

DanMachi - 0523

The credits would imply that we’ll eventually meet the one other guy in this universe who isn’t a colossal dick. But that’s for later.


11 Replies to “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 4 & 5: I need a pick-me-up after these episodes”

    1. Quality is subjective. I’m no fan of the series, but even I know that. You’d have to ask people who like the series to get a specific answer, though.

    2. Only things that have really woken me up a little is MC getting new armor & actually have it replace what he was wearing like it would in some modern RPGs, and the whole supporter thing reminded me of that guy in Dragon’s Crown that handles the locks, chest & money. Guess I wish it would include more aspects like that & not drown in so much haremisms but I know I’m not the main audience.

  1. It’s amazing how quickly I began to hate this show. The first episode has potential but it quickly went down hill from there. This show has one of the most interesting set ups I’ve seen in a while and it’s all squandered. Nothing about it capitalizes on a world where God’s walk amongst us and magic is real. Instead it’s another “Child” being fanned over by women. I just wish for once they took their premise and ran with it. I want to know more about the gods decision to give up their powers, the tower they explore, why they explore, what are the crystals, etc… I hate that anime has become this cutesy copy and paste bullshit. It’s exhausting.

  2. Having a world that is only made up of assholes and nobodies is a great sign of quality. And the females being perfect goddesses (literally in this case), it’s just black-and-white that these girls would never even look at the 99.99% of the guys in this world. I mean, a teen that’s been traced from every other shounen hero versus generic asshat fat-guy. In other words: bland versus ugly. Well, it’s either shit with fun sprinkles on top against just shit. At least the former has something fun, and the girls are just lapping it up. Wait, what is this? Two Girls One Cup?
    Just how lazy do you have to be? Let me guess, the upcoming guy is just going to be another Klein: a character with a more interesting personality than the MC (how hard can that be), yet because this is a harem-show there is absolutely nothing that draws any of the main girls to him. He’z a friend tho, i’d rather go for 15 year uld kid.

    Nothing that Bellri’s doing is significant to me at all. It’s just standard fantasy hero fare. Sure, he’ll probably go do something big or whatever at the end, but that’ll be just as exciting as all the other final chapters in your average fantasy story. I’d rather go replay some older Final Fantasy games.

    Hey, maybe they fucked up the story with the retarded title. This show’s title implies this is a sex-romp in fantasy-land, and it’s KINDA there. But there’s going to be a big-baddie/final boss at the end isn’t there? Standard fantasy story setting. So why even go with this gag-title? I’d change this show’s name to “Magic Dagger Quest” or “Dungeon Exploration With My Party” just to align it with how exciting this show has been.

    The title is probably the only thing that I find remotely interesting thus far.

  3. >When you create a world in which 99% of the males are assholes, the hero gets to be the winner by default.

    Sword Art Online perfected this to an art form. Kirito’s an uninteresting, edgy piece of work, but he was relatively harmless compared to all the losers and rapists surrounding the girls. There was just no competition.

    I also agree with the title being misleading. Bell’s not really picking girls up in a dungeon. The girls are latching onto him of their own accord. To my discredit, I didn’t realize how creepy this was until this blog enlightened me.

  4. “An innocent mind like his wouldn’t even dream of the dinner leading to fucking his own mom.”
    OH I just realized what this is! Now here me out:
    Okay, so you know how there’s a genuine genre of “I love my moe sister (almost and sometimes to bed)” in anime? You know, shit like Oreimo? Well, this is that but for shota fans.

    See, Belri IS a manchild because he’s the shota. His face isn’t as mature as the other men. He’s “adorable”, innocent and naive. He also needs the help of women who are all much more mature than him mentally (despite being stunted in some way themselves). This is all typical of a shota-type character, not to be confused with a Young Goku-type character which is a literal shota/little boy but acts like a rambunctious, independent kid. The shota needs the older/maturer girl/woman just like the loli needs the older/maturer guy/older sibling. It’s emotional fetish fuel.

    tl;dr this is a light-fetish show for shota fans that also has “a little something” for the male demographic. First and foremost, however, is it’s a shota show, hence the intensely pseudo-incestuous overtones that creep us out.

  5. “It’s not about breaking free from conformity and seeing the frontier on your own anymore. It’s more about reclaiming some lost childhood…”
    Pretty much the mentality of every writer who has produced this kind of garbage that we’ve been having for overt he last few years. All this series tend to either be in a school or in a setting that has their idealistic selves from the past, a world where they can become strong as well as quickly becoming a chick magnet no matter how much lack of personality you have.
    Every day, adults of both genders and from all kinds of social statuses work hard every single day of their lives yet they don’t get richly rewarded for it like the show apparently wants us to believe. Worst part of all is that mister harem lead isn’t even shown doing this “hard work” that’s any different to any other adventurer (if you can call them that, all they do everyday is just raid a dungeon). Also I started noticing that all the girls are more like moms that actual love interests………which is kinda disturbing, this show sucks. Now I’m going to watch Blood Blockade Battlefront In peace reminding myself anime can be fun and not offensive and stupid like this.

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