Sick, but…


…there’s still some work to be done. Lately, I’ve been pushing myself to update twice a day. I probably won’t ever be as prolific as I was in 2014, but at least the effort is there. Unfortunately, I got a cold somehow (right in the middle of spring, too). So I’m just going to turn it in for the day and rest up for the weekend. But even so, I have a quick poll for you guys. I’ve whittled down the spring season as much as possible, but there’s always room for one more terrible show to torture myself with. As such, you guys get to decide what that terrible show will be. I’m going to down some Nyquil, and I expect to be out for quite a while. Surprise me when I wake up.


11 thoughts on “Sick, but…

  1. Paulo27

    On one hand I want to make you watch Uta no Prince, on the other I think Triage X might be more entertaining and over there on the ground is my desire to watch Grisaia so I’d not mind you blogging it. Do them all, drop some other two.

  2. Ax_v

    That’s strange, I’m sick as well, it came up out of nowhere. I was debating between Nisekoi S2 or Grisaia, but picked the latter because I’m assuming Nisekoi would just be the same thing

  3. ironherc

    Triage X simply by the fact that is not a sequel to anything. Yeah, spring is not as awesome as I was expecting to be (Digimon Tri became a movie series till later in the year, Gunsling Stratos is barely competent, Owari No Seraph wasted it’s Shin Megami Tensei type feel for school crap half the season, Vivid was expected to suck, the flaws of adapting one of three routes in F/SN are much noticeable now than before) But I’m still enjoying Jojo, Saint Seiya, Ninja Slayer, Kekkai Kensen, Arslan Senki and Rinne (mostly to get some good laughs once in a while).

  4. eternia

    Picked Nisekoi since you were pretty funny on it during season I.
    I watched none of these shit shows myself.
    Maybe I will watch it when I become a masochist.

  5. spectreandy

    To be honest, all of them sound pretty awful. Nisekoi seems to be the only real one to do since it’s probably the best to make fun of. Grisaia and Triage just sounds like more of the same of their predecessors posing to be something new other than 2EDGY VN adaptation and “Guns and Tits-In-Hurricane the Anime” respectively. Well shit, now I want to re-watch Burst Angel.

    And Uta sounds kind of like every other reverse harem: unremarkable. They’re not as shit as harem anime usually, just meh.

  6. Gorzerg

    Are you still choosing which one to pick? Frankly, they are all pretty bad.
    The first game from which the first season of grisaia has been taken is generally considered to have been the only good one, and the sequel (this) to have really fallen qualitatively, so if you didn’t like the first season…
    nisekoi, I wouldn’t know what you could write of new, it’s just the same stuff as the first season that keeps happening in slightly different variants.
    I… don’t like triage. And uta no prince is just about idols doing idol stuff. Are you really considering that one?
    In the end I’d advise you to watch something else, like Punch line (which is not your cup of tea, I know, but still more interesting than this) or even better Ore No Seishun whatever (which if you didn’t watch at all, is not what the synopsis and title make it seem).
    But that’s probably not what you want to hear. So good night.


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