Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 8: An adventure to nowhere

DanMachi - 0801

I know they want to make the minotaur seem all dangerous and everything, but the bad guy couldn’t sound any lamer here. Only adventurers will get the job done. Adventurers. Anyway, welcome to another installment of Crybaby and His Mommies.

— Bellri kicks things off by insisting that he isn’t strong. This sort of personality is so annoying when you encounter it in the real world. There’s the humble-bragging, which is already pretty bad. But you know Bellri isn’t humble-bragging. He legitimately thinks he’s weak despite all evidence to the contrary. And normally, you’d just say, “Well, the kid’s had it tough, so he has no confidence left.” Sure, you could say that in the first or second episode. But we’re two months into the season, and I still have to listen to this sad sack bullshit. This reminds of those self-proclaimed Nice Guys who try to invite pity on themselves by bitching and moaning about how utterly sucky they are. Nobody enjoys being around with someone with so little confidence.

DanMachi - 0803

— After the OP, we’re reminded that Syr still exists.

DanMachi - 0804

But she merely ropes our hero into helping her with the dishes. ‘Cause, y’know, it’s hard to say no.

— Bellri has a conversation with Ryuu about what it takes to level. Apparently, you need to do something big… like kill a minotaur, mayhaps? She adds that he has to be adventurous to get what he wants.

DanMachi - 0806

Syr is eavesdropping on them, and she looks all sad when she hears this. Oh lawd, someone needs to be adventurous if they want to win a crybaby’s heart.

DanMachi - 0807

— Afterwards, Bellri spars with Eyes some more, but it’s their last day. It doesn’t look like he’s improved much, but she’s impressed ’cause he counterattacked or something! Okay.

— We skip ahead even more, and everyone’s on some big expedition to scale the dungeon. They intend to reach the 59th floor or something. What’s up there? Shrug. What’s up on any of the floors? Shrug. We don’t know dick about the dungeon and yet it’s this all-important thing in the story. That’s funny.

DanMachi - 0810

— As always, Bellri and Lili find themselves wandering through some non-descript cave setting. Man, dungeons in anime suck. Dungeons in SAO sucked, dungeons in Log Horizon sucked, and dungeons here suck. And it’s the saddest thing because if you just focus on JRPGs, there are a ton of awesome dungeon settings throughout the years. Labyrinth of Amala, anyone? A fucking floating continent? Oh yeah, let’s literally go inside a giant robot. But in this anime, it’s just the same shitty caves over and over.

— Remember that lame-ass tree in SAO? And when they finally got inside, it was really just one long gauntlet of enemies attacking you? Dungeons in anime fucking suck, and it makes no sense. When you make a game, you have to create a battle system, do a lot of programming, so on and so forth. With these stories, you have more time to focus on the setting and yet… caves. Fucking caves.

— Anyway, Bellri and Lili run into the minotaur. The kid is frozen in his tracks, so Lili had to push him out of the way:

DanMachi - 0811

Great hero, mate.

— Now that Lili is all injured and shit, Bellri finally fights back…

DanMachi - 0813

I’ll just give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he can’t carry the girl and run away. I don’t know why I’m giving him that benefit of a doubt, but let’s just be nice for once.

— Still, Bellri’s having no luck, and Eyes overhears that the kid’s in trouble. Therefore, mommy to the rescue…

DanMachi - 0818

— But he can’t let her save him again! It would shame him too much! He’d just be the laughingstock at the tavern if he lets her save him again! So the guy pushes her aside and continues fighting the minotaur.

DanMachi - 0819

Why can’t they just fight together? Storywise, you can just assume that Eyes believes in him or some bullshit like that, so she’s going to let him prove himself. But if it had been us, we would never risk this. I don’t care if you want to prove yourself when failing results in, well, death. But hey, I’m not an anime character, so…

DanMachi - 0820

— Heh, this is an adventure, apparently. Fighting a generic anime monster inside a generic anime cave. Grand fuckin’ adventure.

— Due to newfound grit and determination or something, Bellri is doing much better against the minotaur this time around.

DanMachi - 0822

Thanks to that, the evil lady is literally having an orgasm as she watches the events unfold. Oh, her little boy is getting so strong!

— Like most crappy shows, the anime cuts away from the actual action itself just so we can hear the peanut gallery comment on the situation.

DanMachi - 0823

It saves the animators the trouble of actually having to draw a decent fight scene from start to finish, and it  also helps the slower viewers understand what’s going on by literally telling them what’s going on. Cool!

— Eventually, Bellri beats the minotaur and brutally incinerates its upper torso to… well, nothing.

DanMachi - 0825

But we don’t have to care ’cause it’s just a minotaur. I’m sure it has no real feelings.

— The whole fight leaves Bellri shirtless and stunned.

DanMachi - 0827

He’s just standing there, saying and doing nothing. I guess he’s going through a fighter’s high or something. One of the bystanders walks up and takes a gaze at his “status.” She notes that his abilities are now all super high:

DanMachi - 0826

Just in case you weren’t paying attention, y’know? Just in case you didn’t see the guy solo-kill a strong monster by himself. Let me just tell you exactly how strong he is.

— At the end of the episode, Bellri is passed out in bed as Mommy No.1 stays by his side:

DanMachi - 0828

The first page?! The first fucking page took 8 weeks to tell?!



13 Replies to “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Ep. 8: An adventure to nowhere”

  1. THanks to reading the manga scanlations I was able to avoid watching episodes 1-6, but now I don’t have a choice unfortunately. The show is like some sort of moe comfort food that I can’t hate when it does stuff like this.
    Come to think of it though, why /do/ anime always have cave-based bosses? Magi, SAO, Log Horizon (b-but LH had open plains and canyons too!), and now this moe-SAO-comfort-food as well. Code Geass doesn’t, but it’s a different sort of show.

  2. I blacked out as I watched this episode and felt like I was watching SAO all over again, it was horrible, I didn’t know I developed ptsd.

    This is literally SAO all over again but without the videogame part.


    Climb up a tower to reach the next level.

    Super special mc with super special ability that makes him unique without needeing to put as much effort as others in the anime, if you think that his training with Miss Underboob actually helped him than you must be new to anime.

    Harem only this time instead of being his wives they are trying to be his mother.

    Yet another fight with a minotaur boss (don’t care what the ine in SAO really is it looked like a minotaur that is all I need) while dual-wielding and screaming at the top of his lungs.

    Same voice actor as Kirito.

    Hestia = Asuna, with the same level of relevance, none.


    1. Hestia =/= Asuna.
      The character is not even tsundere. And she is actually fun to watch with her stupidity.
      A voice does not mean anything in anime.
      3 girls: Hestia, the Plumm and the Maid. The other goddess is just obssesed.
      The Plumm has her reasons and The maid has bell as her crush.
      The Skill his has is related to his mindset or emotions…it’s kinda bullsh*t but nonetheless goes by the rules of the world and IDK if someone else could also have that skill.

  3. It’s almost as if these people aren’t even trying. You know, trying to make a living by doing something you like is admirable but… there comes a point that maybe, you suck at things that you like. And maybe if you’re actually paying attention, you’ll know that maybe you should stop. Hell, I’m not even sure the writer even LIKES writing; he/she probably saw the LN hype-train and just wants a smidgen of dat adapdashun munny SON. Too bad they’re doing it in the blandest way possible.

    The anime studio execs were probably like, “Well shit. We fucked up and couldn’t get SAO, let’s try and get the next… best… thing???”

  4. I had a similar reaction to the ‘epic fight’ in this episode that everyone’s jizzing over. Fucking stupid. I can’t bring myself to care when the only thing at stake is some insecure notion of masculinity.

    1. But he was weak the whole fight, he even passed out at the end of it, he did not kill the enemy by attacking like nuts, he had to dodge and block a lot of times, if the enemy was faster and more intelligent(it is a monster and it is not even a boss) he would have been dead, he did not went ape-shit fast attacks dual weilding like the K-namedguy, Bell actually used all he knew, he was training for fights like this food a week, his abilities did not came out of nowhere. Also the enemy he did not even correspond to the floor, it should not have been there for the very beginning. Even the ones watching were amused not because he was strong but because he defeated an enemy not corresponding to his floor and level.

  5. ~Sigh~
    “All abilities are S rank” just like that
    And with that, history repeats itself.
    We are going to SAO territory again….

    1. S rank but still weaker than Aiz Wallentein, his growth maybe kinda stupid but it is linked to the skill that he got at the beginning. So he is no breaking game rules as the other cough cough black guy, And he had great stats in the other status updates he had, remember, he did not see his new status when he went out for the dungeon. Also he is a level 1 adventurer

  6. I know that most writers do in fact dislike at least some of their writing since they want to make it better but lack the skill to do so at that moment. But this just feels like a failed story concept a writer wrote up, looked at it, and promptly disposed of said piece. I have no idea how it was published. Maybe people thought of it as a parody? But it lacks the wit needed for good parody.

  7. My god was this bad, the so called cool fight was ruined with so much taking of what we are watching. So getting assaulted by a damn man bull is considered an adventure now? freaking stupid. Also now we have a character whose stats are all “S Rank”, meaning we have another new kirito with a different kind of pathetic, because apparently been insecure should be enough to make him an endearing character right? fuck no! Gotta watch Jojo since the final battle is finally starting, it will cleanse my mind of this stupidity with actual likable characters with awesome powers and skills.

    1. Nop, he is not S rank, his stats are, and another character said he is still Level 1.
      Explain me how stats works in this anime/manga/novel because Aiz Wallenstein is 10 times more powerfull than Bell, you can’t be better than a S rank, right?

  8. I was reading some stuff in reddit when this episode appeared. S means nothing at all if you are level 1 and Bell is level 1, most level 2 have much more power than level 1 guys. So Bell is actually very weak considering that those large crusades goes much further in the dungeon, Also, why they should show what’s in the deeper floors of the dungeon? Our MC is not even near that yet, the story is mainly focused in BELL CRANEL not in Aiz Wallenstein to show those floors. And remember the first episode? when he was being followed and near raped by a Minitour in one of his early tries in the dungeon? He nearly died, I bet that could give anyone some scars in their mind. That’s why the character is inmobilazed. I know the shows is cliche but it still holds some value to it :/

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