Gunslinger Stratos Ep. 8: Faces of anime

Gunslinger Stratos - 0801

I don’t want to get too mired in Gunslinger Stratos’ super-complicated plot. I really just want to admire the effort that has gone into making this anime.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0802

— I always like how when something bad happens, we have to cut to every single character in the immediate vicinity even though they all have the same facial expression. I just gotta know, though! Is Sir Auron has slack-jawed as everyone else? More? Less? And what does Jah think?!

Gunslinger Stratos - 0803

–I don’t even know who this kid is, but all of a sudden, he charges off on his own. He then tries and shoot the tornado of sand. Yo, that’s America’s schtick, buddy. If anyone’s going to shoot a tornado, it’s us, okay?

Gunslinger Stratos - 0804

— The kid then looks victorious, but the tornado is still there so…?

Gunslinger Stratos - 0805

— In the end, he gets Final Destination’d.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0806

You think the entire point of an armored suit like that is to defend its pilot against… well, steel beams for one.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0807

— Finally, our hero decides to emerge from the tornado itself. It’d be funny if him pushing his way out was the reason that beam struck the kid.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0808

— No real point to this screenshot. I just like his face. Other Tohru is a man of many faces.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0809

— I just like what they did with his eyes. I had to squint at one point because I thought they just disappeared. But no, it’s just a really bad decision to shade his glasses in that color…

Gunslinger Stratos - 0810

— Anime robots have feelings. News at 11.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0811

— Remy’s an egg.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0812

— Even when you’re a time-traveling fighter — and the fate of the universe rest precariously in your hands — your number one goal in life is to go to school with all your friends. That’s anime for ya.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0813


Gunslinger Stratos - 0836

— Or, well, no faces…

Gunslinger Stratos - 0814

— Seriously, the guy changes his face with every…

Gunslinger Stratos - 0816


Gunslinger Stratos - 0817


Gunslinger Stratos - 0818


Gunslinger Stratos - 0819


Gunslinger Stratos - 0820

— As you can see, our Tohru is quite impressed. And oh yeah, the mission is to destroy the tornado of sand and rescue Remy. You know Remy? You know how he’s been a fucking asshole all season? It’s kind of an anime thing, I guess. Take an annoying bitchass character, put him or her in trouble, then everyone acts as though it is an absolute imperative that this character is saved.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0821


Gunslinger Stratos - 0822

— Remy is tripping balls inside that tornado. He’s having his very own Jacob’s Ladder experience.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0823

— Too bad the real world isn’t as cool. Instead, a bunch of Xi clones emerge from the tornado to fight our heroes.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0824

— …say what?

Gunslinger Stratos - 0827

— The real Xi herself shows up to try and help Remy. I’m not quite sure what she’s doing, though…

Gunslinger Stratos - 0826

But whatever she did, it dispelled that sand tornado.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0828

— Then it’s Tohru’s turn to be a hero. I know the gun is transforming, but it almost feels like one of those graphical bugs where the textures won’t load.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0829

— Anyway, the egg gets destroyed.

Gunslinger Stratos - 0830

And Tohru holds Remy in his arms. The Timekeepers taunt our hero, which…

Gunslinger Stratos - 0832

…kinda breaks him…

Gunslinger Stratos - 0831

“What am I doing with my life?”

Gunslinger Stratos - 0833



3 Replies to “Gunslinger Stratos Ep. 8: Faces of anime”

  1. Okay, let’s think of this original IP as maybe what the original IP wanted: A fucking awesome “shoot-the-FUCK-out-of-EVERTHING” just because the player is the hero and our guns are fucking awesome.

    You know what? That original premise is pretty good. Because when we’re selecting our weapon mods and blasting baddies to pieces because we’re the most killed MOFOs that ever were born, maybe that’s why we picked Gunslinger Stratos.

    We don’t give a shit about the plot. We want to destroy forces of bad guys because our “attack buttons” allow that. We want to fill those evil sons of bitches that we humans are capable of pulling a “magical” trigger to send those fuckers to outer-space gods.

    But for REALS though, it’s a, awesome and fun game where we defeat some asshole-aliens. Fuck those aliens. Because, fuck it dude, we have an evolutionary advantage where we have human technology on our side to protect our Blue Earth.

    Just maybe… just maybe we don’t NEED a good reason why the best of us need to fill holes in our enemies.

    Sol-dwelling organisms, you know what combo-guns/skills you need to annihilate the planet-invading fuckers. Fuck them to the most painful Hell you can think of with your sick-ass imaginations.

  2. Characters we don’t know unless we played the games died in pairs………nice……….and one is voiced by one of my favorite actors……….great…………

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