Mayoiga Ep. 5: Wat

Mayoiga - 0501

I took a nap hoping that the fifth episode would disappear by the time I woke up. Man, no such luck.

— First things first, it seems very likely now that the bus driver saw his daughter back then, and thus followed her and the rest of the group here. Still, I hate it when shows do the sort of thing that you see at the start of this episode. If you’re not watching the show itself, it’s where someone says something dramatic, then we do a time skip for no reason. “I AM HERE TO BRING MY DEAD DAUGHTER HOME!” Then what? What were people’s reaction? What was the bus driver’s reaction to their reactions? Anyone? Anything?

Mayoiga - 0503

— Well, he’s not wrong.

Mayoiga - 0504

— In any case, the group decides to sit in one room and have a long discussion about, well, the previous episode. And in it, we learn that no one really gives a shit about anyone else, really.

Mayoiga - 0505

— As you’ll recall, there are two Jacks. One’s weird, and the other one’s goofy. Let’s just say the guy who fell down the cliff is goofy, and the weird one managed to escape from his jail cell. No one seems to care all that much that the goofy guy is probably dead, or at the very least, cold and freezing out there in the forest. If this is black humor, what are we really getting out of this? What’s the joke here? Haha, fucker disappeared, and we’re gonna call him an ass!

— Maybe it’s absurd humor, which isn’t bound by reason or logic. But if that’s the case, is this show absurd enough? See, that’s the thing… I wish it was crazily nonsensical. Show me the goddamn giant Mitsumune! Well, sit tight. We’ll see something by the end of the episode, but for now, nothing so far has made me think, “Uh, that makes no sense.” It’s all just kind of boring, really.

Mayoiga - 0506

— Oh hey, I get a dick joke. I guess that’s humor.

Mayoiga - 0508

Ha. Ha.

Mayoiga - 0509

In case you guys didn’t realize we’re talking about dicks.

Mayoiga - 0510

— Captain Obvious, here. But then again, we gotta consider his audience.

Mayoiga - 0512

— He’s also finally asking the questions we should’ve asked last week. But don’t worry, this line of discussion doesn’t really go anywhere. Masaki just stays quiet the entire time. We’re having a discussion, but in actuality, we’re really not. The people who should be participating are sitting out, and the idiots are the ones making all the noise. I guess that’s reflective of the real world in some sense? I don’t know, I’m really trying, guys. I’m really trying to give this show a fair shake even though it may not seem like it to some of you guys. I actually want to enjoy everything I watch. I wouldn’t have started blogging again with this show if I didn’t think the first episode had some promise. But here we are…

— People keep saying that the show is so bad that it’s funny. The Room is so bad that it’s funny. This isn’t quite the same. I’m just bored. Just because everyone’s an idiot doesn’t mean I’m automatically amused, and want to see them get killed or slaughtered. It just renders every single conversation utterly vacuous to the point where I’m tuning out.

Mayoiga - 0513

— All of a sudden, Lion finally pipes up. She looks at Mitsumune with fear in her eyes. What? What? Is he a giant now?

Mayoiga - 0514


Mayoiga - 0515


Mayoiga - 0516

Uh. Lion has barely had any lines, so moments like these aren’t as effective as they should be. We have no control sample, so to speak, to which we can compare her sudden change in behavior. And again, if this is supposed to be funny… hoo boy…

Mayoiga - 0518

— The composition of this shot… it’s just… why? Why is there something just blocking half his face? I’m not saying that it shouldn’t exist in the setting. I’m asking why the shot itself exists.

Mayoiga - 0519

— Subtle. Eventually, people have to go to bed, and these girls convince Mitsumune to stand guard. He’s eager to please, so he agrees to anything. I guess he doesn’t get tired.

Mayoiga - 0520

— Elsewhere, Koharun randomly sings a song in the middle of a conversation, and claims that it’s a song from the village. She just found it lying around somewhere… it had notes too just in case people didn’t know the tune to accompany the lyrics.

Mayoiga - 0521

Mm-hmm. Meanwhile, Valkana cockblocks Dahara. More than anything, I learn quite a bit how Mari Okada feels guys should act in her shows.

Mayoiga - 0522

— Back to our hero, he’s pretty much Dahara-lite. Whatever a girl says, he agrees wholeheartedly. She could change her stance halfway through the conversation, and he’d be lockstep behind her.

Mayoiga - 0523

Having no personality is sure to impress girls.

Mayoiga - 0524

They love guys with no spines, too.

Mayoiga - 0525

— Well, that changes everything.

Mayoiga - 0526

— Actually, this was the funniest line all episode. I actually laughed for once.

Mayoiga - 0527

— Eventually, Mitsumune gets captured by a faction of people that includes Lovepon. Masaki manages to distract them all with a small fire. As she and Mitsumune try to make their escape, our hero sees something in the distance…

Mayoiga - 0528

Who the hell is Tokimune? As far as I can tell, it looks like that stupid penguin from his flashback in a previous episode fused with… someone. My god, if the penguin’s name is Tokimune….

— Maybe Maimai saw Mitsumune fused with that “someone.” Maybe the bus driver saw his daughter fused with that “someone” back in episode two. Shrug. I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared. Neither, really.

— The discussion that took up half of the episode pretty much bored me to tears. I almost drifted off back to sleep. The lull leading up to the oh-so-scary penguin in the second half wasn’t much better either, but at least something’s finally happening now. Not only that, we can actually see what the characters are seeing.

— The show’s like junk food, then. You know it’s fucking bad for you, but in the end, something convinces you to come back for another heart-clogging bite. 95% of this week’s episode was complete and utter dreck, but after this stupid giant penguin monstrosity showed up, and it’s like, “Sigh, I guess I gotta tune in next week.”

9 thoughts on “Mayoiga Ep. 5: Wat

  1. Michael (@norabunoraibu)

    It’s really like an internet forum thread. Important people keep dodging questions, useless speculation from bystanders, but the original topic was so intriguing that you have to keep coming back to check for any updates.

  2. Akeem

    “Sigh, I guess I gotta tune in next week.” loool yes this is my exact reaction. It’s something else. I totally forgot that there was a penguin in one his flashbacks. I can say though that i can appreciate the effort to make the creature look other worldly. it’s not scary or anything but at least it isn’t a plain jane creature.

    When koharun started singing i thought she got possessed or something, i mean who starts signing in the middle of a serious discussion, singing a creepy song on top of it too. That’s just not normal and the moment was played for jokes either.

    That long convo at the start of the episode was dull and the whole exchange was stupid. Yes the guy was frustrated and all but the attempts to calm him down or get him to stop frantically push the blame on someone were just weak. You see the kind o tension his blame game was creating and no one made a rational attempt to refute what he was saying. Sure they’re all dumb but damn that just means they should have included smarter characters. The bits with lion were stupid too.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I just wish someone with a little more imagination was our hero. This way, we’d see something actually cool or scary instead of an… odd-looking penguin.

  3. eternia

    Well.. not me… I don’t watch episode 5 after reading this. What a trash anime.
    Episode 5 out of 12. No corpse yet. No maniac serial killer yet.
    Just a bunch of retards talking in a dark room.
    They got a lot comparison, but Another is way better than this.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah I literally had to look up the wikipedia page to remember what happened in Another. What made it so forgettable after all of that build up was the twist that she wasn’t really a ghost.

        Anyway, there are some writers that are known hacks who you shouldn’t watch. Mari Okada and Jun Maeda are two of them

  4. YahariBento

    – I’m disappointed with this episode, I can’t explain why I feel like this but well…

    – The most creeping things (not count Lovepon) is three girls who requested Mitsumune to guard their house in nighttime. I mean, They are “smiling brightly but creepy”. Everyone except Lovepon are not happy with this situation enough to “smile” like them.
    I suspect they consulted and have the same conclusion they will sacrifice him for their own profit. The first time is this time, they wanted him to be the guardian (sound good, right? but I don’t think so.). They praised him this and that unnecessary. Luckily, he accepted this task so it’s Ok this time but I think this is “bad omen”.
    I suspect three girls had “changed”, they don’t mind to sacrifice someone (who they think Mitsumune is kind and their ages are not different very they can use him.) Maybe the reason they changed is they can’t stand all misfortune anymore.

    – I think what Lion saw is Mitsumune’s doppelganger. In ep ?, he got accident and his head was hurt. I saw him stay in bed but his mother rush to hug “another him”. I think this accident made him and his spirit was not united like before. That’s why Lion saw another him. She can sense this when that person is going to die.
    Normally, it’s rare case but we can see doppelganger (the spirit) came out from the body when that person is going to die (by naturally reason). Lion who has bitter experience when she saw someone died after she saw their spirits so no wonder she is worried Mitsumune will die soon. However, in his case would not be like Lion is worried, he got accident and his spirit is near him.
    What I want to say is, he will not die soon like she think. Moreover, I think Mitsumine might use this abnormality into his own advantage, to overcome any obstacles in this village safety and I expect he will save people too.


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