Big Order Ep. 3: What a trainwreck

Big Order - 0312

This is the last time I go anywhere near this anime.

— Since we last left off, Big Order has decided to be as trashy as possible.

Big Order - 0302

You know what that means: skin and more skin.

Big Order - 0301

Why are these girls either nude or in their underwear? Well, let me ask you this: why not?

— Eiji tells us that he can’t go back. He has to see this through to the end, and take over the world. Or he could, y’know, sacrifice himself and his non-sister in order to avoid going full Hitler. As they often say, no imouto is ever worth going full Hitler for.

— Yes, I know he isn’t going to turn into Hitler. It’s called hyperbole, people.

— But even if he did go full Hitler, it’d still be okay, because this universe is full of terrible, terrible people.

Big Order - 0306

The prime minister has kidnapped family members of the Dazaifu Government Organization, and is now killing them one-by-one. Not horrible enough for you? Okay, how’s this? Their execution is being broadcasted to the entire world. There’s no way onlookers would stand for this atrocity, right? Well…

Big Order - 0304

If we contrive a world in which the people are horrible monsters — and supposedly, they’re only this horrible thanks to the Great Destruction that Eiji is responsible for — then it’s perfectly justifiable to take over the world.

— Anyways, after a bunch of hostages have already died, Eiji finally comes up with a plan to save them all. Nice job, dude. This entire time, chess pieces are being moved about, chopped up, etc. How pretentious.

Big Order - 0307

— The second half heavily involves Iyo, the miko with divining powers. The ribbon on her head is done up like bunny ears, and they kinda serve as antenna, I guess.

Big Order - 0313

“That’s not so bad,” you might say, “It’s just a little silly.” Yeah, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. No man is allowed to touch Iyo’s “bunny ears,” because if they do…

Big Order - 0308

There’s no way Iyo’s being serious, right? Well…

Big Order - 0309

No, the girl did not stuff a pillow under her clothes. Because Eiji wanted to touch her “bunny ears” so badly, he has now impregnated her. Big Order, everyone. Give a round of applause to possibly the worst show this season.

— Still not convinced? Alright, how ’bout this new character:

Big Order - 0311

There’s a rock-related joke here somewhere… I swear, it’s just on the tip of my tongue…

— Still skeptical? Fine, here’s the coup de grace:

Big Order - 0310

Yep, I’m done. I’m out. No mas.

14 thoughts on “Big Order Ep. 3: What a trainwreck

  1. kenshirojoestar

    I remember that years ago I dropped the manga of Big Order in this part of the story. After the pregnant part I decided to drop the manga.

  2. breakfast

    I haven’t watched it, but as bad as it looks, it can’t be worse than mayoiga, at least it doesn’t appear to take itself seriously. Why not blog flying witch? it’s kinda sweet.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Flying Witch isn’t for me. Slice of life isn’t my cup of tea. I’d have nothing interesting to say, and if I forced myself to write about it, people would just react negatively to the posts.

  3. Anonymous

    While it may not be an enjoyable anime to watch, it certainly is fun to read you review them.

  4. ioncarryon

    “As trashy as possible”
    Oh E Minor, you and your hyperbolic overreac–

    -“No, the girl did not stuff a pillow under her clothes. Because Eiji wanted to touch her “bunny ears” so badly, he has now impregnated her.”

      1. ioncarryon

        I deleted the twitter account for reasons and had this wordpress blog set up ages ago. I’m glad it’s still around so I can post here. Even more glad to have you back, mate.

  5. oneuntakenname (@oneuntakenname)

    Quoting TV Tropes

    “One of the Order users, Iyo, warned Eiji not to touch rabbit ear-like somethings on her head and explained that her father had told her that touching them would make her pregnant. Eiji was obviously skeptical, but nonetheless promised not to touch them. Later, during their escape from the stone giant, he accidentally grabbed her “ears”… and her belly immediatelly grew as if she was pregnant, and having a case of Express Delivery at that. Ultimately subverted, as it turned out to be a display of a prediction of Iyo’s future and not an actual pregnancy.”

    Jesus H. Christ


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