Mayoiga Ep. 8: Same ol’ schtick

Mayoiga - 0832

I wanted to get this post up a whole lot sooner, but as soon as I sat down to watch the episode, Comcast decided to take a giant dump. Naturally, calling them was no help. They just told me there was an outage in the area, and things would be fixed sometime in the middle of the night. Woo. So I’ve been marathoning The Office for the umpteenth time while I waited for my internet to be fixed. Oh well, at least it’s just Mayoiga.

— Quiet down, everyone! Masaki will finally tell us the truth! A while ago, she tagged along with her cousin Reiki, who was obsessed with locating the Lost Village. Along the way, they encountered fog! Ooooh, spooky! This is for all you Silent Hill fans out there!

— A man in a truck even warned the two kids to stay away, but Reiki pressed on. Eventually, they stumbled upon the village, and… well… it was no different then.

— Eventually, it began to get dark, so Reiki and Masaki tried to return home. Along the way, however, her cousin saw one of those scary monsters of the psyche that everyone sees. Everyone but Masaki, of course. At some point, she tripped and fell down a… crevice? A cliff? It doesn’t matter. The flashback ends here. Back in the present, Masaki claims that when she came to, she found herself back on a highway. Uh-huh.

Mayoiga - 0809

— A good, suspenseful thriller will keep the audience on edge, teasing us the entire way until we finally reach the explosive climax… ahem. In Mayoiga’s case, it definitely tries to string us along, but it’s never fun. Being teased is supposed to be fun. Do it incorrectly, and it can get frustrating, but for the most part, this is meant to be an enjoyable experience. But what is remotely enjoyable about Masaki’s story? Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, and Masaki’s flaccid tale is what we end up getting. There’s nothing remotely compelling or intriguing about it. Oh, I came here with my cousin, then I got separated from him, and now I’m looking for him. Holy moly, talk about a snoozefest.

— And this isn’t the first time Mayoiga has let us down. Remember when the weird penguin monster first showed up, and we were like, “Damn, I guess I gotta keep watching!” Then what happened? We got a bunch of lame ass backstories.

— Remember when Mitsumune thought he saw Yottsun’s body floating down the river? Then what happened? Nothing. The group searched the area and found nothing.

— Remember when what’s-her-face thought she saw a giant Mitsumune in that dark tunnel? Then what happened? Again, nothing. The anime never does anything exciting with these cliffhangers. We’re not even being teased. Again, being teased is at least a teensy, tiny bit gratifying. At this point, I’m just dead on the inside. Masaki’s story doesn’t even elicit a groan. I just sat there bored.

Mayoiga - 0818

— As expected, people find holes in Masaki’s story, and they continue to grill her. None of this engages me. There’s no grand mystery here. We’re just twiddling our thumbs until the series is over. At one point, people wonder if Reiji was actually Masaki’s lover, so Mitsumune looks all concerned. But Masaki corrects them by stating that Reiji is her cousin, so our protagonist is elated. I guess I’m supposed to be amused by his reactions, but no. It’s just old hat at this point.

— Naturally, Mitsumune defends the girl, but we’ve seen this before. He’s defending her the exact, same way he defended her in the past. It’s like I’m stuck in a time warp where I’m forced to relive the most boring day of my life over and over.

— According to Masaki, Reiji had this theory that there is possibly more than one weirdo village out there. Great. Maybe Mayoiga can get a sequel for all you fans out there.

— People wonder if the tunnel is the way out, but then Masaki tells–… actually, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. No matter what the truth is, it won’t be satisfying. After two months’ worth of episodes, Mayoiga has consistently failed to deliver on anything but stupid characters.

— And somehow, people keep going on and on about how Lovepon is the best character of the year. Yeah. It doesn’t matter if they love her unironically, I’m just like, “Why?” Seriously, I feel so disconnected from the anime community.

Mayoiga - 0822

— You can’t have people standing around in one place forever, so the bus driver crashes the party and kidnaps Masaki. He literally just yoinks her out of the scene. Mitsumune comes along for the ride, because he needs to protect her. Likewise, Speedstar literally hangs onto the side of the bus, because he needs to protect Mitsumune. Great. How did the bus driver get the bus up here? Beats me!

— But again, Mayoiga will pretend as though something big will happen, aaaaaand… nothing interesting actually happens. I mean, the bus driver just wants to see his dead daughter, and he believes that a ghost should be able to help him do just that! So once again, a cliffhanger of sorts shows up in the story, and shortly afterwards, we get a flaccid follow-up.

— Various people do some more talking, but it’s hard to really care. The girl who saw the giant Mitsumune drones on about how she wishes she had someone to defend her from bullies. Hoo boy, that’s some scintillating character development right there.

— I read last week that some people are fans of the girl who speaks slowly, but nevertheless considers herself a detective. She’s barely had any impact on this story! What is there to even love? It’s like Stockholm Syndrome or something. Well, gee, everyone sucks, so… gotta love somebody!

— Right before the episode ends, Koharun joins Valkana for a nice, little jaunt through the forest when arrows start raining down on them. The attacker is none other than…!

Mayoiga - 0835

This weirdo! Oh boy, another cliffhanger! You know what to expect next week! A fucking limp dick.

Final Word

Why am I still watching Mayoiga if I despise it so much? Eh, may as well finish it at this point. Anyway, Concrete Revolutio and Kuromukuro later. The weekly post on Kiznaiver will probably be pushed back to Sunday.

15 Replies to “Mayoiga Ep. 8: Same ol’ schtick”

  1. It appeared there’re 4-5 men still want to pursue that bus and leave from village. They don’t mind to run away from reality again & again but never tried to think monster they want to escape, came from their memories.

    – I wonder how Oji-san retrieve bus (it fell to the cliff and everyone can’t lift it) or this is another bus?

    – I’m glad there still have sane people over there and didn’t try to corner Masaki and hurt Mitsumune and her.

    – Where does that Oji-san who drove a van? He would live in another village, I guess and someone there would save Reiji, I wonder.

    – I hope that Judgeness guy will RIP but he appeared again. I’m annoyed this guy.

    1. I bet you no one dies by the end of the series, and fans of the show will rationalize it as master class trolling. In other words, people still take trolling seriously.

  2. I’m Masaki and I just wanted to see my cousin again…
    That’s why I:
    – Abandoned him immediately
    – Didn’t contact his family or mine
    – Didn’t call the police
    – Started a new life in a different town, even working there
    – Never looked for him
    – Screwed around on the internet posting on MAL until I saw craigslist listing for spooky villages
    – Hid this information along with the knowledge about hallucinations from the people that could have helped me, you guys
    – Became a missing person in a newspaper, but not Reiji because I made him up

    also, has nobody else noticed:

    1. – abandoned him? Didn’t she lose him?
      – Chances are she could have been scared to tell them that she lost her cousin, consider that she was even younger than she is now. It so happens that some kids hid the drowning of their friend from their parents and community because they were scared of the backlash. That was all over the news in my country some months ago.
      – Again probably the fear of letting the family know and all.
      – Convinced that he was alive she wanted to stay close to the area that could lead her to finding him.
      – She probably tried
      – She needed a way back to the village? i mean she said that right?
      – As we see from how quick these people are to gang up on you combined with the fact that she seems to be shy this is understandable.
      – just have to wait to see if she made that up.

      That image is pretty intense. I didn’t notice, maybe the chick is a ghost and it wasn’t some mistake.

  3. There is absolutely no way for this show to have a satisfying conclusion at this point. I’m now at the stage where I really think the best way to end this would have the mountain actually be a volcano and explode. And that would be as logical as anything else that has happened so far.
    I also wondered how he got the bus back onto the road and then into the village when they kept saying how bad and narrow the road was getting when they were walking. Didn’t they end up having to go single file? Now a bus can just race in there.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think logic really matters anymore, and I’ve stopped caring about it a while ago. Instead, I ask myself what I’m supposed to take away from these stupid characters, and I can’t find anything positive.

  4. “And somehow, people keep going on and on about how Lovepon is the best character of the year. Yeah. It doesn’t matter if they love her unironically, I’m just like, “Why?”I feel so disconnected from the anime community.”

    I think it’s because of how absurd she is, and how absurdly the show uses her. There’s no real logical basis to her behavior, and the anime goes out of its way to let us know that it won’t even try to ground her character — on the contrary. There may be a meta element to it as well — “look at how ridiculous anime can be!”, and it ties in well with a recent trend in anime. I think there’s been this tendency over the past few years for some anime to be those gloriously dumb/incoherent/over-dramatic clusterfucks for the hell of it. Not that anime didn’t do that before, of course, but your Valvraves/Symphogears/AKB0048s took delight in turning the cheese up to 11, all while pummeling the viewer with self-aware winks. Mayoiga seems to go a step further by actively trying to sabotage its own story.

    I did find the show and Lovepon herself funny, at first. Not knowing Okada was the writer, I went in thinking we’d get some sort of thriller with somewhat believable characters, so the silly spectacle we got completely turned my expectations on their head. Problem is, that initial surprise was a big part of what made it funny for me, so I eventually found myself bored. I got it, those characters are utter idiots. Yeah, those nonsensical dramatic moments are played completely straight. OK, the show goes out its way to defuse narrative tension whenever it can. Sure, there’s a massive disconnect between what one would expect in a thriller and what Mayoiga actually shoves down our throats, and the show is all too aware of it. So what? It’s like you said in last week’s post, for some reason “we just want to convince ourselves that both the portrayal and the witnessing of abject stupidity are somehow worthwhile endeavors.” They’re not really, at least not for me.


    What do you enjoy about The Office? Would you recommend it? I ask because I seem to have run out of interesting anime to watch. Oh, apparently there’s a US and a UK version?

    1. I enjoy the US version of The Office because it has heart. Like Mayoiga, it has its own slew of stupid, pathetic characters, but at the end of the day, what makes them pathetic is also what redeems them. Michael Scott screws up constantly, because he’s emotionally immature, but at the same time, he’ll never stop dreaming. There’s a childlike innocence to how he goes about his harebrained antics. The dinner party episode in the fourth season epitomizes this dichotomy in his character. Dwight is a stickler for company rules, but at the same time, he’s fiercely loyal. I could write more — in fact, I could do a whole post on The Office — but I’ll just leave it at that.

        1. Most people say the series doesn’t take off until the 2nd season. I personally like the first season, but just a head’s up.

  5. I actually unironically enjoyed this episode, although I think it’s mainly because this one didn’t feel as silly and groan inducing as the last. Jeez look at what Mayoiga’s doing to me, making me enjoy rather bland dialogue scenes. The only character I somewhat like is Lovepon and that’s more from a “she’s so one dimensional I can’t even see her as a character” sort of perspective.

    “How did the bus driver get the bus up here? Beats me!” yeahh that was a big problem with that whole part. If the whole group couldn’t get the bus moving how did he manage it by himself? Only two things I can think of is that 1. The monsters helped for some reason or 2. He was pressing the pedals softly the first time cause he didn’t actually want to leave, he wanted to stay and find his daughter.

    1. The only character I somewhat like is Lovepon and that’s more from a “she’s so one dimensional I can’t even see her as a character” sort of perspective.

      Isn’t that true for the rest of them?

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