Mayoiga Ep. 10: My Nanaki is this anime

Mayoiga - 1015

Alright, let’s do this.

— Mitsumune wakes up to find himself embraced by his dad. That’s his real dad, by the way. No, this is not a drill. This is real life. His dad then starts filling him in on the details. Obviously, the media is running away with the story and sensationalizing it. Mass suicide? C’mon. Rejection of society is not akin to mass suicide. But it’s easier this way. It’s easier to pin the blame on these kids. This way, these TV commentators won’t have to look inward and imagine how society has failed the runaways.

— More importantly for Mitsumune, however, it seems as though his mother never really lost her marbles. She knew deep down who Mitsumune really was. Well, we could’ve told him that. This is how these stories always play out. Deep down, she knew what she was doing, and she, like a lot of the adults in this show, was just being selfish.

— Mitsumune’s dad tries to be selfish once more by asking the kid to come home and pretend to be his dead brother again. C’mon, man… do you want him to run away again? The old man then admits he had placed all of the burden on his remaining son, so I don’t even know why he bothered to ask in the first place.

— In any case, our boy hero intends to return to the village, because he’s a goody two-shoes. He doesn’t want everyone to go nuts. Plus, if they go nuts, they’ll hurt his precious Masaki!

Mayoiga - 1004

I think everyone in the audience knew Mitsumune would eventually redeem the tour group. Still, I find him a difficult protagonist to root for, especially when he never really had any good reasons to defend Masaki as much as he did. I wouldn’t have tied the girl up to a pole as though she’s a witch from Salem, but at the same time, I would’ve been a little suspicious of the girl. That’s why I can’t relate to our boy hero at all. How can you not be a little suspicious? Not even a teeny, tiny bit?

— So some man saved Mitsumune, and the kid gasps when he looks at… uh, presumably a picture of said man. Okay then.

— Back to the idiots at the village, people are starting to feel tired. And when they feel tired, they also start to lose their oh-so-quirky personality. For example, Pii-tan is no longer lovey-dovey anymore. In fact, she seems to find her lover quite repugnant now. As for the tour guide, he’s done giving a fuck. In fact, a lot of them have stopped giving a fuck. Psst, me too. Unfortunately, the lack of fucks being given pisses Hiragi off. Oh no.

— Uh, that’s a bit crass. Watch your mouth, young lady.

— Dammit, she’s back… aaaand she’s gone. Good. Better yet, she doesn’t have any actual lines in this week’s episode. I know it won’t stay this way for long, but one can dream.

Mayoiga - 1017

— Now, we turn our attention to the three amigas, and the Reiji-kun that could. Yes, it’s Reiji-kun. And he hasn’t got much to say. In fact, he seems emotionless and defeated. Hm.

— He mentions how everyone he knows has gradually disappeared, but it’s not as though they were his friends or anything. He only really talked to Masaki, but even then, he calls it a one-way love. He doesn’t care for her as much as she seems to care for him. This enrages Maimai for obvious reasons, and she calls him the worst kind of man. I dunno, I think there are worse… like sex traffickers, pimps, abusers, so on and so forth.

— We return to Mitsumune, who soon bumps into Yottsun. See? Told you guys nobody’s dead.

— We get a brief glimpse of Yottsun’s monster, but nothing more. According to him, he was saved by God himself.

— But lulz, it’s not really God. It’s just some old-ass researcher by the name of Kamiyama, but Yottsun is dumb, so he calls the guy God.

— Alright, strap yourself in because it’s about to get dumb as hell.

Mayoiga - 1037

— But before we get to Kamiyama’s laborious exposition, I guess I should briefly mention Lion’s pas–… actually, no, I don’t actually care about the girl. The only thing I want to bring up is that she finds something odd about Reiji. Then again, she said the same thing about Mitsumune.

— Reiji explains that Nanaki is a complicated past that somehow takes material form and haunts you. Okay, we already know that. What else can you tell me?

— He adds that Nanaki causes great pain when it attacks someone. Well yeah, it’s literally your trauma materialized. Of course it would cause great pain. Please, tell me something I don’t know.

— We cut back to God, and he… uh, he tells us the exact same thing: “Nanaki Village is a place where your psychological scars materialize as Nanaki.” I don’t understand why the show feels the need to repeat this fact twice. Not only that, it’s a fact that most of the audience — and even some of the characters themselves — have long deduced.

— God details how he had come to find the village, and how he eventually lost it. Apparently, if you lose your Nanaki, you’ll find yourself back in reality in an instant.

Mayoiga - 1043

Finally, something new to chew on. So this is how you escape… but ah, there’s a catch! If you lose your Nanaki, for some bizarre reason, your body will age decades! God is supposed to be a young scientist in his prime, but now he looks the way he does all because he lost his Nanaki! Wait, what?

— According to Reiji, your Nanaki contains critical elements of who you are, so losing it is bad… I can see the logic in that, but I don’t see why it would make you physically age. But whatever. This is fantasy anyway. More importantly, though, it’s hard for me to grasp why God had to be punished. So his trauma was his research that his peers mocked, and by proving his research correct, his Nanaki disappeared. So? Why is that a bad thing again?

— Ah, you have to embrace your Nanaki like that carving in the rock suggests. But why can’t God both vindicate his research and embrace his psychological scars at the same time? I mean, I don’t really see why he had to end up this way. And what’s with Mitsumune? Has he embraced his Nanaki already? Somehow, God stares into one of Mitsumune’s eyeballs, and can determine that the kid’s psychological scars are still there, but just barely. From his eyeball. Yep.

— God has one further thing to add: if you try to cut off your trauma, you’ll cease to be human or something. The anime immediately cuts back to the idiots at the village, so I guess this is what’s afflicting them. They’re not confronting their Nanaki, and as a result, they’re all becoming increasingly lethargic. Oh no. Please. Someone. Help these fools. I can’t bear to see these poor souls die.

Mayoiga - 1051

— Anyway, Reiji is still stuck in this place, so it would seem to me that he hasn’t embraced his Nanaki. He tells people to leave as soon as they can, but he can’t seem to take his own advice. Meanwhile, you can’t really say that Masaki was stuck in the village, can you? I mean, she showed up on the bus before they ever got to the village. At the same time, she doesn’t see a monster, so she doesn’t even have a Nanaki to embrace. I briefly considered the possibility that she’s a Nanaki herself — someone’s Nanaki, in fact — but it didn’t make much sense in the end. After all, this whole Nanaki business seems rather tied to this supernatural, Silent Hill-ish location, and again, we saw Masaki on the bus well before they got to the village…

–…unless the entire trip to Nanaki Village is part of the whole package. If I recall correctly, I found it odd how their trip at the start of the anime seemed rather devoid of, well, anything. There weren’t any other cars on the highway, they never ran into any other people… maybe by climbing onto the bus in the first place, you’ve entered this weirdo dimension where your past haunts you… meeeeeeeh.

— Meh, whatever. The anime will painfully explain everything soon enough. After all, we’ve almost reached the end of the story.

— Elsewhere, the two Jacks are hitting on each other for losing sight of… “him.” I assume they’re referring to Mitsumune. Hyouketsu starts begging the “Boss” for mercy, and the “Boss” is revealed to be none other than…

Mayoiga - 1049

…Koharun! Dun dun dun!

— We still have plenty of unanswered questions. What’s with the foggy place? What’s with the recursive Nanaki Village that we saw? Why was Masaki so afraid of it? Speaking of which, where did she disappear off to? How did that dumb bus get unstuck? Does Koharun have a Nanaki? Again, I’ve got is meh. The show will explain everything eventually. It’s just too bad how lazy everything is. This week’s episode is just a bunch of exposition.

— This anime still sucks.

5 Replies to “Mayoiga Ep. 10: My Nanaki is this anime”

  1. i don’t get the nanaki stuff. So the best way to escape is to confront your nanaki and not completely get over it? That way you won’t age right?

    What is koharun the boss? what does she even want? I thought him was referring to valkana but you’re probably right.
    i’m interested in that at least but i might have to wait till the second half of the next episode to get the answer.

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