Day 3: Another pair of mysterious transfer students, folks

Our Tokyo public schools have become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. It’s true, it’s true. When the boonies send their people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing sick, nasty games. They’re serial killers. They’re going to NTR you. And some, I assume, are good people.

Just Because!

Here’s another show that looks like ass. In fact, Just Because!’s production values are barely scraping the bottom of the barrel. Just look at this screenshot. I didn’t even cherry-pick this frame from an action scene. He’s just standing there, waiting for a pitch, and the perspective, proportions — everything — it’s all wrong. Luckily, the anime doesn’t have the type of story that really demands any sort of visual fidelity. One of the main characters bumps into the transfer student, and describes the latter as a sleepy-looking kid. That’s also an apt description for the anime. These kids are about to make the biggest transition in their lives. They’re literally on the cusp of adulthood, and yet, everyone’s just going through the motions. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe something about their lives has lost its youthful exuberance, and the Eita’s sudden interjection is the catalyst that all five kids — Eita included — sorely needs. But that’s not exactly a killer premise, is it?

When he keeps going after you’ve given up a home run.

Well… the show didn’t really hook me, but I could still kinda relate to it. I can kinda empathize with Eita as he reminisces on days long gone. It’s funny how easily bonds break as soon as people stop bumping into each other on a regular basis. It’s almost as if proximity was the only reason why the friendship existed in the first place. I experienced this after graduating from high school. I haven’t spoken to my high school best friend since… well, high school. And hell, I’m experiencing this now. I spent two years in one department, then switched to another one just recently. Mind you, I’m still in the same company. Nevertheless, I quickly lost half of the friends I had made in the previous department. In a way, I suppose those people were never really my friends to begin with. So you can look at this week’s episode in two ways. On the one hand, it’s remarkable how old buddies can just seamlessly transition back to the way things were. You wouldn’t hug and dance with a stranger, would you? But on the other hand, where was Haruto the last few years? Doesn’t it seem that — once again — proximity is the only reason why they’re even friends again? The idea is almost enough to make me melancholy.

Ousama Game

Oh boy… shows like Ousama Game are like junk food. They seem so damn tantalizing at the start, don’t they? Who’s the King? And how is he killing all of these people from wherever he’s hiding? Why is he killing all of these people? Who’s going to survive? Did you see that kid just explode in a fountain of blood? I can’t wait to see how the next person die! The animation here is pretty bad, but hey, BLOOD! Annoying kids getting their comeuppance! It’s all fun and games. For now, at least. You’ve got tension, mystery, and cheaply animated deaths. And the King seems like a pervert, so sex might even be on the table (yeah, right)!

Basically, to extend the junk food comparison even further, the show is like a chicken nugget. It ain’t 3-Michelin star food, but it’s still tasty. I’d never order chicken nuggets, but meh, if you gave me some free tendies, I’d eat them. Shouldn’t waste food, my dudes. But of course, I know junk food is bad for me. Most people know junk food isn’t good for them. You’re not eating chicken nuggets to get fit. Not only that, junk food often becomes disgusting when you learn how it’s made or what goes into it. Like, y’know, chicken nuggets. And before you say tendies are not so bad, look up chicken farms and their conditions. Mm-mmm, doesn’t it just get the appetite going?

It’s hard to take these ahegao death poses seriously.

Shows like Ousama Game are the same way. Again, you never really wanna know how a chicken nugget is made. And likewise, you don’t really want to know how the universe of Ousama Game truly works. You might think you do. You’re deathly curious, naturally. I am too! I’ll admit it. But if experience has taught us anything, it’s that the reveal is almost never worth it. Shows of this type almost never pull it off. And maybe Ousama Game won’t ever actually have that big, momentous reveal. Who knows? I mean, I’ve never read the original cell novel that this is apparently based on (I’m told now that it’s actually based on the manga version, but same difference). But if the reveal never comes — or even small, tiny revelations along the way — then the audience will eventually lose interest.

After all, you can’t eat chicken nuggets everyday — some fucker out there is like “Just watch me!” — because the body eventually cries out for actual substance. If Ousama Game is nothing but cheap deaths and tawdry attempts to make oh-so-pure high school kids do lewd stuff, then your brain will eventually cry out for mental substance too. The show is between a rock and a hard place. Show its hand and lose the magic? Or milk as much money as it can before fans move onto the next silly gimmick. Does anyone still remember BTOOOM? Does anyone still remember the flood of “OH NO WE’RE TRAPPED IN A GAME, BUT YOU CAN ACTUALLY DIE” anime series? Well, I’m just here for yet another child-murdering schlockfest before inevitably losing interest when the fall season comes to an end. The truth is out there, but keep it away from me.

Ah well. I do like that the class called our hero out for being a piece of shit. I hope later episodes don’t try to justify his actions, i.e. “I didn’t want to kiss her, because it would officially start the game!” Then again, it does seem as though that’s exactly what happened. But we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Day 3: Another pair of mysterious transfer students, folks

  1. starg09

    As a note, Ousama Game also has a manga. Three, actually: main story, prequel and sequel (released in that order). The anime seems to be based on the latter? Not sure why exactly did they pick that one to be honest, since it heavily depends on the two previous works… (also, the sequel is the only non-translated manga; not that they give a shit about this… doubt the focus of this anime is outside Japan, heh)

    Not sure what to think of myself when I know most answers to those questions you made at the beggining, yet I still feel like watching the show… Guess I still have a teeny-tiny hope for one of these horror anime not ending up as a B-grade “horror” show, leaning more towards a comedy due to all the ridiculous shit they pull.

    1. Advaris

      Really? This story has both prequel and sequel? I don’t think this story has enough substance to justify having all that. And please don’t say that this is just because it’s a “character-driven” story. That excuse is pretty much dead and discredited due to no one ever use it properly at least to me. I also don’t think ridiculousness is enough to justify that. I mean how ridiculous can this be? At least the Fast and Furious franchise promised me that the next series is going to take place in space. Can this story go that far?

  2. Advaris

    Just Because – I’m surprised you take a look at this one. I mean this is the standard “high-school kids blush at the slightest hint of provocation” with some dosages of horrible, 100% tear-jerking melodrama. I don’t have anything against drama, but most of the time anime don’t deliver on the drama part. And when it does deliver, the ending sucks, ruining the entire thing instantly. Not to mention, the animation sucks in this one. So, I’m surprised you not only write about this but write a thoughtful post on it. I’m pretty sure it’ll suck, though. The writer of this anime is the same writer that write about that Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo anime (i.e. let’s keep a mentally-disabled girl as a pet), after all.

    Ousama Game – I’m just here for the stupid and ridiculous death. I’m not going to watch this one until the end, though. Based on my past experience watching similar anime, I’m sure that after 3 or 4 episodes, the pace and the ridiculousness slow down to a crawl and the anime go either all-out filler bullshit or “serious” bullshit on me. Besides, how ridiculous can this one be? I’m pretty sure that no one is going to ride a burning car and do some impossibly stupid car stunt on space in this anime. I still can’t believe this one got a prequel and a sequel… Anime should learn a thing or two from Yugioh Abridged.

    1. E Minor Post author

      The writer of this anime is the same writer that write about that Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo anime

      Well, it’s a completely different show, and there’s nothing in the first episode that is stupid. It’s just not particularly inspiring.


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