Ousama Game Ep. 4: A special kind of stupid

In the present day, Nobuaki drops a bombshell that the deadly game started in some dinky Japanese village. He, Kenta and Mizuki all decide to travel to said village, because… there might be records or something? Records of what? If you could dig up records, why not contact the police and show them the messages? Even if your story sounds outlandish, they can’t outright dismiss it at this point. Why not contact your phone provider to find out who’s sending these messages? Because it’s not possible, right? Because if you try, the phone provider will claim they have no records, right? So why would the village have them?

But in the meantime, we get another flashback. Our victim is Nami, a girl who also likes Nobuaki. First, is this the first time we’ve met her? I can’t seem to recall her from any previous episodes. Second, why does everyone like this asshole? Let’s not forget he coordinated his friend’s rape. Third, Nami is as dumb as a sack of bricks. She’s been given a relatively simple order: give yourself an order and follow it as if it was issued by the King. Okay, I order myself to get a chocolate shake. Boom. Done. But no, the girl is stupid, so she orders herself to touch the King. Y’see, Nobuaki has this theory that one of their classmates might just be the King. What if he’s wrong, though? Well…

Nobuaki: “But if the king isn’t in our class? What then?”

Nami: “You believe that the king is in our class, right? Then I do, too. That’s good enough for me!”

But the girl isn’t even the dumbest thing about this week’s episode. This week’s episode is the dumbest thing about this week’s episode. Before this flashback even started, Nobuaki tells us right off the bat that his theory is wrong. So immediately, I know Nami is wrong and will thus be punished.


Hear that? That’s the sound of suspense and tension being sucked out of the story. Despite this, the anime insists on belaboring the point anyway. During the following school day, Nami touches each of her classmates one by one only to discover that — surprise, surprise — she’s a dumbass. I don’t get it. Why would you shoot yourself in the foot like this? The story’s predictable enough as it is, so why would you go and spoil the outcome? Why would you then make us sit through such a long and ultimately pointless scene when we already know what’s going to happen next?

In the end, Nami isn’t punished by death. Instead, she loses her eyesight. Oh well, that’s not the end of the world. The next King’s order goes to Nobuaki: he has to lose something important. Well, it can’t be his innocence. He already lost that when he told his girlfriend to rape his best friend. No, I won’t drop it. Yes, I’ll probably sneak this into every Ousama Game post from here on out. Anyway, this is about Nami and how dumb she is. Most people would be mad at themselves for even considering such a dumb idea. She basically blinded herself. She could also blame Nobuaki for his half-baked theory. But no, she still loves him. And because she loves him, she hopes that by committing suicide, he’ll thus lose something important. So when the guy falls asleep on her, she goes to do just that.

In his desperation, our hero phones his girlfriend, and tells her he had spent all night with Nami (technically true). He even fucked her. Yeah, that’s right! They had sex! Maybe if he loses his girlfriend, i.e. someone who is actually important to him, Nami won’t have to die. Just because he doesn’t want her to die doesn’t mean she’s actually important to him. But by the time he gets to the beach, all that he finds are her footprints and a love confession written in the sand. He eventually gets a text to confirm his obedience. But you don’t really know if Nami’s plan worked. Maybe he only got that text because he made Chiemi break up with him. So again, it’s possible that she screwed herself for no reason at all. No, wait, she screwed herself over for an asshole like Nobu–… nah, I was right the first time. She screwed herself for no reason at all.

Also, the story doesn’t even bother to address last week’s events. How did Naoya react when he woke up? Shrug. Who cares. Had sex. I mean, look how happy he is.

3 Replies to “Ousama Game Ep. 4: A special kind of stupid”

  1. Yep, this episode is full of all kinds of stupid. Nami being stupid I could handle. First time through the game, scared, desperate, and blinded by love at first and then literally blinded. So yes, she’s an idiot but I’ll let that go.
    Nobuaki in the future thinking that there is going to be anything helpful in the village is a totally different level of stupid and the worst kind because only stupid is keeping the plot moving at this point in the present. If they actually find anything in that village I’m officially declaring this story dead in the water because that is one stupid coincidence too many.

  2. And I thought this anime can’t outdumb its previous episode. Damn, I was wrong. If there is one thing that this anime is consistent about is that how the next episode is going to outdumb its previous episode. It’s so unfortunate that it isn’t the right kind of dumb, so I can’t just thoughtlessly mock and laugh at it. This shit is just repulsive and disgusting as f*ck.

    It’s actually quite demeaning and insulting that some people, including the above commenter, try to defend this piece of shit in a roundabout way by insinuating that because teenagers are stupid, the script isn’t as stupid as it seems. This isn’t just stupid. This is a special kind of stupid.

    Seriously, as the teenagers (especially the protag) in JRPG keep on getting more like some sort of battle-hardened, take-charge veteran who can handle everything you throw at him both physically and emotionally in a weird as f*ck case of having your cake and eating it too, the teenagers in anime keep on getting dumber and dumber.

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