The Obligatory Winter 2018 Anime Preview Post

Well, whenever I need a reason to update, a preview post always seems like a good idea. If you’ve been around Moe Sucks in the past, you should know the drill by now. I obviously can’t watch every single show, so I’ll break them down into different tiers. Alright, let’s get on with it.

Definitely Won’t Watch

In other words, I don’t even plan to watch a single episode of these shows.


Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou
Seven Arcs

This is the sequel to a 2005 anime series that I’ve never seen, and honestly, I don’t really want to put in the work to get myself all caught up. Ninjas and shoguns have never been my thing. I’ll admit that a Japanese equivalent to Romeo and Juliet with more violence does sound somewhat appealing, but not enough for me to marathon a 24-episode series before the end of the fall quarter.


Studio Flad
PV: Here

Ah, the obligatory reverse harem of the season. It basically involves a singing princess and a bunch of rival princes. So rich people and their rich problems, huh? Neat.


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
PV: Here

I’ve never watched a single Cardcaptor anything and I feel like it’s too late to start now. Plus, the heroine is still in middle school. The animation looks nice at least.


PV: Here

Yuzu and Mei are the primary love interests, but they’re also step-sisters. Why do we have to shoehorn pseudo-incest into everything? To make matters worse, Mei looks and sounds like one of those pushy people who likes to repeatedly test their lovers’ boundaries. While we tear our hair out about that, Yuzu will still develop feelings for Mei anyway. From the manga’s Wikipedia entry:

On the other hand, she instantly dislikes Mei, perplexed by her cold attitude and random sexual advances.

Ugh, hard pass. The PV does nothing to convince me otherwise. And why are the girls’ knees so pink?


Fate/EXTRA Last Encore
PV: Here

I’m done with Fate and any Fate-related nonsense.


Gin no Guardian 2
Haoliners Animation League

Online gamer enters a video game fantasy world to save his girlfriend, part deux? Yeah, I’m not interested. Not only that, I haven’t really been impressed with any anime linked to Tencent.


Hakumei to Mikochi
PV: Here

According to the synopsis:

Follow their tiny but lovely lives as they live their day to day in a fantastic world of tiny people and gods.

Hoo boy, I think I’d rather punch myself in the face repeatedly.


Hakyuu Houshin Engi
PV: Here

This is apparently a remake of a 1999 anime series, and I assume it will attempt to be more faithful to the source manga than its predecessor. Even the animation style is a throwback to shows from the past. Essentially, an evil sorceress has tricked an emperor into doing her bidding. Elsewhere, a hero sets out on a journey to combat evil. I bet they’ll run into each other and share a nice cup of tea. Maybe even play a round of Go. There’s no reason why we can’t discuss this like civil adults.


PV: Here

Dios mios, just look at them. Idols. Filthy idols everywhere, but not in the fun Perfect Blue kind of way. So yeah, that’s an automatic no from me. I have a hard policy against idols in general, male or female. Y’see, I’m deathly allergic to them so I can’t have a single idol show anywhere near my blog. It’s really a safety hazard. I couldn’t even finish the PV.


Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Shin-Ei Animation
PV: Here

Two middle school kids tease each other or something. Just kiss already and stop wasting my time.


Märchen Mädchen
Hoods Entertainment
PV: Here

Instead of some male gamer being pulled into a fantasy world to live out his power fantasies, we have a cute female lover of books who gets sucked into a world of literature and magic. But why is she naked? Oh right, Hoods Entertainment, a.k.a. the studio behind that boob anime and the other boob anime. Y’know, the bigger boob one.


Miira no Kaikata
PV: Here

Oh, it’s just a show about a high school kid getting a palm-sized pet mummy from his absentee dad.

This has to be a series of short episodes, right? There’s no way a premise like that can be stretched into a full-fledged anime series. Either way, I don’t expect the show to have enough meat to chew on.


Mitsuboshi Colors
Silver Link
PV: Here

Cute girls doing cute shit poop. I mean, the girl ain’t wrong, but… pass.


Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu
A-1 Pictures
PV: Here

One of the many unappealing shounen shows that we get every season. I think I saw a couple episodes when Nanatsu no Taizai first aired a few years ago and all I remember is that the main character was unnecessarily lecherous. Probably still is. There’s no reason for me to start watching this now. If I’m going to follow a shounen series, it would be My Hero Academia, because I’ve already wasted time and effort into watching that show. I can’t imagine juggling two shounen series. Last but not least, I think Nanatsu no Taizai’s character designs are unappealing.


Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
Project No.9
PV: Here

Is this a shogi-themed harem? It looks like a shogi-themed harem. Guys, guys, Harem Hill is never coming back. Worst of all, that girl looks really young. I ain’t down for any Roy Moore shenanigans, man.


Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san
Studio Gokumi
Annoying Music Video: Here

Let’s have a look at that synopsis:

The gourmet comedy follows the daily life of Koizumi, a high school girl who looks like a cool beauty at first glance, but actually has an unexpected side of her that loves ramen.

Are… are beautiful girls not allowed to like ramen or something? Are they too cool to be caught slurping noodles? Yo, the last time I went to a ramen place, I saw a bunch of cute Asian girls there. Who doesn’t like ramen? If you don’t like ramen, you’re probably ugly on the inside. In all seriousness, I have no interest in watching a cute girl eat ramen, so I won’t cover this show. Even if she drops hardcore ramen factoids on us, I would rather just read a book or watch a documentary. Oh yeah, I couldn’t find a PV, so I provided an annoying music video instead.

As an aside, I would love to go to each ramen shop in San Francisco and review them, but alas… money.


Sanrio Danshi
Studio Pierrot
PV: Here

A bunch of guys form something like a support group for their love of cute animal mascots. That’s fine and all — ‘cause honestly, you shouldn’t be ashamed to like cute stuff — but the anime looks and sounds like one giant advertisement for Sanrio. Even without that nonsense, I doubt the show would be very interesting to watch. The animation looks mediocre to boot. It’s got super tall, elongated dudes everywhere.


Slow Start
A-1 Picture

A girl enrolls in high school a year late, which is a source of great shame. Great, big shame upon the family. Maybe she catches up to the level she should be at, or maybe she learns to love herself through the power of friendship. Either way, I’m not going to stick around to find out.


Toji no Miko
Studio Gokumi
PV: Here

So… cute shrine maidens with swords? That’s gonna have to be a no for me, dawg.


Yowamushi Pedal: GLORY LINE
TMS Entertainment
PV: Here

Like with most sequels on this list, I haven’t seen a single Yowamushi Pedal episode, and I’m not about to start now. Yay!


Yuru Camp△
PV: Here

Is this just about the most uninteresting synopsis ever or what?

Rin likes to go camping by herself along the lakes that provide a scenic view of Mt. Fuji. Nadeshiko loves to take cycling trips by herself to places where she can see Mt. Fuji. After they meet, Rin and Nadeshiko take camping trips, eat cup ramen together, and enjoy the scenery.

Dude, that’s it? You want me to watch a show about cute girls hanging out on a mountain and eating cup ramen? These two should meet up with the hot girl who likes ramen. I bet they would hit it off.


Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
Doga Kobo

Isn’t this the show about anthropomorphic swords protecting Japanese history? I hope there’s a anthropomorphic turtle boat that reminds these bishie swords about comfort women. I mean, we want to protect history, right?

Leaning No

I’ll give these shows at least one or two episodes before likely dropping them. If I have gaps in my updating schedule, however, I might pick one out of the dump.


Dagashi Kashi 2
Tezuka Productions
PV: Here

If I’m not mistaken, this is the slightly pervy comedy about candy. If you can’t tell, I didn’t watch any of the first season. I highly doubt its humor will appeal to me. That girl has a really huge chest — like “how do you even find shirts to buy” huge — so I can only imagine that there’s an equally flat-chested companion character to compete for the hero’s attention. It’s one of Newton’s laws, I think.


Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
Silver Link
PV: Here

According to the premise, the hero is a programmer who is currently on a “death watch.” I know what a “death watch” is during wartime, but I have no clue what it would mean in this context. I work with and around programmers, and I’ve never heard this term being used at all. But it doesn’t really matter, because this is another one of those “whisked away to a magical world” shows. And oh yeah, the hero gets a harem. Hell, the main character even resembles Kirito. Again, I have no interest in reviving Harem Hill, so chances are slim that I bother to cover this show beyond a couple episodes. Worst of all, the animation is bottom-tier, too.


Gakuen Babysitters
Brains Base
PV: Here

A kid and his toddler brother lose their parents in an accident. A kind woman takes them in, but in exchange, he has to work at a daycare center as a babysitter. Could be worse, I suppose. Could also be better, too. Like using your parents’ deaths as inspiration to become a crime-fighting superhero. His baby brother can even be the lovable sidekick who gets captured all the time. But fine, be a boring babysitter instead. You’d probably have better luck with girls this way.

The show looks heartwarming and all that jazz, but it’s not my thing. I once watched that anime about a guy making onigiri for his cousin, so I think I’m good on the whole taking care of your sibling schtick for a long time. I can only see myself enjoying an anime like this if it was really over-the-top funny.


Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
Wit Studio
PV: Here

A high school girl works part-time at a restaurant and falls in love with her 45-year-old manager. Gross. It’s such a pity, too, because the manga art is nice. Even the PV makes the anime seem enticing. Those atmosphere-setting raindrops and that insert song! Can’t you just feel the heavy emotions running through every frame? This is a tear-jerker for sure. So not surprisingly, the anime is slotted in the noitaminA block for the winter season, which doesn’t automatically ensure quality, but it still means something. I want to say no to covering this show, though. You can be as introspective as you want about age gaps and whatnot, but a kid pursuing someone who is old enough to be their parent is not a perspective I am remotely interested in learning more about. Plus, I’m already watching Mahoutsukai no Yome (what a coincidence — they’re both Wit Studio productions). One taboo relationship is already one too many. I don’t need another example. At best, I could replace Mahoutsukai no Yome with this show. It’s gotta be one or the other; I can’t stomach both.


Killing Bites
PV: Here

In some alternate universe, evil rich people force human-animal hybrids to fight for their amusement. The main character meets a girl who is really a honey badger, and maybe they fall in love. Since he’s a boring nipponjin, she’ll have to protect him. And maybe — just maybe — he can find the inner furry inside of him to care for a honey badger. Unfortunately, the premise doesn’t sound terribly exciting, and the manga art looks kinda trashy. Actually, the whole thing sounds kinda exploitative, which is par for the course for LIDENFILMS.


Production IMS
PV: Here

This is the first time I’ve heard of the term “share house.” So are they just roommates or what? Oh well. The anime is about a 20-year-old girl who lives with a bunch of other women. They’ll hang out, drink beer, and talk about various aspects of their lives. Emphasis on the beer-drinking. That sounds slice-of-lifey, and not in a way that interests me. Hell, I’m only even bothering to watch an episode of this because the main character is an adult woman. I don’t even like beer, and had this been about teenage girls instead, it would’ve gone straight into the “Definitely Won’t Watch” tier.


Uchuu Yorimo Tooi Basho
PV: Here

So… cute girls decide to hit up the South Pole? That’s it? I also don’t understand how their destination is further than the universe. In any case, I hope they run into The Thing. Something to spice this up a bit. Could you imagine The Thing disguised as one of the girls’ precious caeki? I want a tense scene where a cheeky girl tries to steal a cherry from her friend’s dessert and ends up being eaten by The Thing in front of the whole gang. In the end, she became the cherry. Ironic.

Leaning Yes

Unless the first three episodes convince me otherwise, I’ll likely watch and cover these shows from start to finish. At the same time, however, if the schedule ends up being too much work for me to handle, I’ll look to drop a show from this group first.



The other android show this season. Let’s put this one and Violet Evergarden in a steel cage and see who comes out victorious. If you’re curious about the premise, it’s nothing all that interesting to write home about. People depend on androids, but — surprise, surprise — they also treat their robot companions like shit. Not the main character, though! So of course, he meets a hot android babe… If you wonder why this is in the “Leaning Yes” tier, well, I like stories about robots attempting to be human. Unsurprisingly, Blade Runner 2049 is one of my top movies this year. I don’t think Beatless will be very good, but I’ll give it the chance to prove me wrong.


Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
PV: Here

Uh, I definitely did not expect something with that title to be a crime fiction. In this show, we dive into the seedy underworld of an unassuming Japanese town. I thought maybe we’d get anthropomorphic ramen bishies, y’know? Then maybe those bishies could hook up with those ramen-loving bi-… er, this is fine, too. Actually, I’m getting some Durarara!! vibes from the PV, which is not a pro in my book. I’m one of the few people who can’t seem to get into anything written by Narita Ryougo. Plus, Satelight doesn’t exactly have a good track record, but sure, I’ll give this a shot.


Grancrest Senki
A-1 Pictures
PV: Here

Nobles should be working together to fight demons, but they instead use their special powers for selfish gains. Enter a mage and her knight companion. To be accurate, however, she swears an oath to him. We’ll see how that works. Anyway, I assume they’ll do heroic, epic-looking stuff, but the premise sounds horribly generic. At its best, the anime might be a fun adventure series with action and a dash of romance. Maybe even a little political intrigue. At its worst, however, the show might bog itself down in unnecessary exposition and world-building. Maybe we’ll even get those yawn-inducing scenes where the villains all sit in a dark room and scheme nefariously. I actually had a hard time deciding whether to lean yes or no on this show. I don’t think it’ll be great, but it seems safe enough. Ah well, I’ll just leave it here.


Overlord 2
PV: Here

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the first season, but I still have to finish watching the rest of it (I’ve only seen a couple episodes). If I can do that before the winter season kicks off, then I’ll watch and probably cover this show. If not, then I won’t. Pretty straightforward.

Will Definitely Watch

Even if these shows end up being terrible, there’s a 99% chance that I’ll cover them from start to finish.


Darling in the Franxx
PV: Here

I admit I’m only watching this show simply because it’s Trigger returning to this level of action. Good or bad, their shows always ooze style. If there’s any immediate negative to harp about, the premise is about as unoriginal as it gets. Kid soldiers pilot mechas in order to battle enemies they know nothing about. Throw in a bog standard hero character aptly named Hiro, and an equally bog standard mysterious girl who appears out of nowhere to kickstart the plot. For Trigger, it’s never about inventing a fresh and original template, but rather, putting a fresh and original spin on an existing template. Let’s hope they can strike gold again, because although I did end up enjoying Little Witch Academia overall, I hated Kiznaiver. Inou Battle just straight up bored me to tears.


Junji Ito: Collection
Studio DEEN

C’mon, it’s Junji Ito. I have to cover this. I don’t actually think his works are scary, but they’re always cool to look at and think about. The imagery just sticks with you, especially late into the night. If the anime can even capture a tenth of that spirit, I’ll consider it a moderate success. And y’know, I love horror, and I’ve been waiting for a horror anime that isn’t filled to the brim with hot, attractive anime babes pretending to be creepy.

As a side note, I genuinely had no clue something like this was in the works. I only ever come across these bits of good news whenever I do these anime preview posts, so it’s a nice surprise. I just hope the anime isn’t bad. I’ll even take mediocre at this point. Eh, nah. Be good.


Geno Studio
PV: Here

Again, I’m terrible at keeping up with anime news, so I’ve only just now learned about Manglobe’s bankruptcy and dissolution. Every studio has stinkers to their name, but I’ll never forget Samurai Flamenco. Even Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy had their moments. Hopefully, Kokkoku is more in that vein and less, y’know, Mashiroiro Symphony. The PV looks pretty promising, and the premise is intriguing too. The CGI for the creature doesn’t look as impressive as the manga art, but that’s usually the case anyway. By the way, two potentially good horror anime in a season? No way.

Also, this reminds me that I need to watch Genocidal Organ.


Violet Evergarden
Kyoto Animation
PV: Here

Longtime readers of Moe Sucks know that I love sci-fi. I also love anything that has to do with personhood, personal identity, simulacra, so on and so forth. People are naturally worried that robots will one day take their jobs (if they haven’t already), but AI will slowly take over the burden of emotional labor as well. That’s what I’m primarily interested in. Maybe this show can explore these themes. Plus, Violet Evergarden isn’t just straight sci-fi. Even though the heroine is a robot, the world around her resembles the early 1900s. That’s a little more interesting than Beatless, isn’t it?

On the other hand, this is a KyoAni show, so we all know what that means. They always, always put out something that looks gorgeous. Just take a look at that PV. Damn, that hair animation. The studio is also great at depicting cute girls and swim bois, but they haven’t shown they can do much else at a high level. Beyond the Boundary bored me, but to be fair, I still need to sink my teeth into Hyouka. Nevertheless, Violet Evergarden looks like an attempt to take a bit more of a risk — do something that isn’t just teenage hijinks — so I’m optimistic. Maybe I can finally watch something by KyoAni from start to finish that isn’t just a slice-of-life comedy. I did kinda like A Silent Voice, so who knows?


For now, I still intend to cover Garo – Vanishing Line, Shokugeki no Soma S3, and Mahoutsukai no Yome. I’d be happy to drop the last show on this list if something better comes along, but we’ll see. I’m currently following ten shows right now, and despite my full-time job, I don’t feel too impacted by Moe Sucks’ current workload. As long as I still have enough spare time to watch three movies in the theaters a week or play through my backlog of games, I’m good. I think I’ll probably end up covering the same amount of shows next season as well.

25 Replies to “The Obligatory Winter 2018 Anime Preview Post”

  1. This winter looks stacked to me. Looking forward to Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, Junji Ito, and Fate Extra for adaptions. Darling in the Franxx and Violet for original works.

    Your preview was the first one ive seen for this season, thanks for getting it out early.

    Is the nier automata post still in the works? Or did i miss it.

    1. You haven’t missed it. I don’t want to put out a shitty write-up, so it’s on the backburner for now. I probably need to replay the game again.

  2. I haven’t started looking at next season yet, but I am promising myself that I will not watch the second season of the Silver Guardian. The first season was nothing but frustration and I am not curious enough to keep putting up with that to find out what happens. If I keep telling myself that I might believe it by the time next season starts.
    The promo for Death March looks pretty terrible in terms of visuals which is a shame but I’m still probably going to give that one a go, assuming I get access to it.
    Thanks for sharing these and your thoughts.

  3. I’ll never understand why people think the first Overlord anime was any good. It was almost insultingly low-effort, and basically did nothing interesting with its premise past the first few introductory episodes. It’s basically on the level of Chaika, at best. I’d say spare yourself.

  4. The next season seems lame… The ones in the “definitely won’t watch” and “leaning no” lists deserve to be in those lists.

    Beatless & Violet Evergarden: I don’t know about those two. It’s been a long time since I’m genuinely impressed with science fiction anime. Most of the times, those anime are just about moe animu android shojo. All those science fiction stuff are just gimmick. Even the ones that have mecha and explosions are crap and I have lower standard for the action-filled stuff. Those two seem to be more about emotion and I have higher standard about those stuff. Although, the Beatless one also seems to have some lame actions. Despite all that, if I have to choose one, I do agree the Violet one seems to be the better one.

    Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens: The crime fiction part piques my interest. The rest of the promotional materials don’t. I mean just look at all those promotional images and stuff. How the f*ck did they think they can attract crime fiction buff with those things?

    Grancrest Senki: It seems dull and boring. It also seems like a cheap adaptation of a cheap light novel for worse.

    Overlord 2: As someone who has watched the first season of this shit and even read the light novel until I’m unable to stomach it anymore because apparently you can’t criticize something unless you have read/watch the original/everything, I think I have the right to call this shit “a piece of shit”. I recall you don’t want spoiler, so I won’t post my reasoning here. Besides, it’ll just be another one of my long and stupid rants. Not to mention, you are already in the process of watching it. I’m certain that you can figure out my reasoning from that alone. Watching this shit is a waste of time, though. Learn from the mistake of another.

    Darling in the Franxx: I know that it’s Trigger, but all the promotional materials of this anime don’t excite me that much. I’ll still give it a chance, though.

    Junji Ito: Collection & Kokkoku: Those two seem awesome. I’m definitely going to watch them.

    1. It’s been a long time since I’m genuinely impressed with science fiction anime.

      And yet, there are still Cleveland Browns fans. We should never lose hope.

  5. RIP Harem Hill. If I had the will & skill to regularly write about anime, I think I’d only be able to cover shows I enjoyed. I suppose bashing bad shows could be funny at first, but those kinds of anime are pretty repetitive so I’m positive I’d grow tired very quickly.

    RIP Manglobe, I wasn’t aware they had filed for bankruptcy. 350 million in debt, what the hell. Thank you very much for Flamenco, that’s one show I will never forget. House of Five Leaves was a decent watch as well.

    I didn’t really like Hyouka, but I think it was lovingly crafted. My fave KyoAni show is Euphonium, I think you missed out on that one. The characters were interesting to follow as they grew, and it looked beautiful as tends to be the case with KyoAni.

    Can’t say I’m particularly interested in anything, but that’s what I thought about Just Because, Houseki no Kuni or Inuyashiki. Anyhow, thanks for filtrating next season’s anime for us, looking forward to follow them alongside you.

    1. My fave KyoAni show is Euphonium, I think you missed out on that one.

      I’m still watching dubbed shows in my spare time, so I might get around to this one. I heard KyoAni deviated from the light novels and removed the romantic subplot, though. I’m generally only interested in slice of life shows if they have at least one recurring plot thread to follow.

  6. Harem Hill is dead? Say it ain’t so! ;o;

    Overlord is hyped for no reason, in my opinion. It’s a generic Gary Stu gets transported into a video game and rocks the house story. The only twist is that he takes a form of a skeleton. Everything about that show was predictable. The Light Novel is still being written, so there’s no chance they’ll give S2 a conclusive ending. I’m not going to bother.

    Beatless looks like Plastic Memories 2. I’m 90% sure you’ll be disappointed.

    That Houshin Engi remake was made decades after the first anime had aired is a good sign. The story must still hold. Mind you, it was a small-time show, not a big hit like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball were back in the day, so I hardly doubt they are reviving the franchise to cash in by riding on viewers’ nostalgia. (Still the chara designs are beyond ridiculous.) Give it a chance.

    1. Beatless looks like Plastic Memories 2. I’m 90% sure you’ll be disappointed.

      It’s fine. I’m disappointed with 90% of anime.

      That Houshin Engi remake was made decades after the first anime had aired is a good sign. … Give it a chance.

      Something about the PV just makes it seem unappealing.

      1. The Beatless novel is actually officially translated into English and available at:

        Chapter 1:
        “Sunlight poured in through the classroom windows. Arato Endo was sprawled out across a chair, groaning. “How can it be so hot when it’s still only April…”
        The sky outside was clear and parched. Inside, Arato stared at the classroom ceiling.
        “I’m always amazed at how you can sleep though class so brazenly.” This came from the boy standing next to Arato. The top two buttons on his regulation shirt were open. The speaker was Ryo Kaidai, who had come over to Arato’s side during the class recess.
        “You’re one to talk. You were no better than he was.” The third voice came from the occupant of the seat directly behind Arato: one Kengo Suguri.”


  7. Man, next season looks awful. Only Darling in the Frankxx interests me but the anime PV is trying as hard as possible to look really dull. And is giving me serious Kiznaiver vibes. There’s an equal amount of boys and girls and they are paired off so I have no doubt about there being a lot of teenage romance shenanigans.That’s fine in some cases I guess but I was really only interested because Trigger’s interviews made it sound like it would have sweet action scenes. I don’t get why they would then promote it with such a boring PV of characters talking. Still time to show that off I guess.
    I’m not touching anything made by kyoani again. No matter how pretty the shows look they always lose me fast. Best thing about Beatless “franchise” are the Redjuice designs for me, and the anime looks pretty bad in that regard.

  8. “Two middle school kids tease each other or something. Just kiss already and stop wasting my time.”

    Hahahaha that was funny, is really hard to be invested in some middle schoolers getting lovey dovey, I mean anime is terrible with love relationships even between adults and teenegers.

    “well, I like stories about robots attempting to be human.”

    That’s my jam!, I enjoy that kind of stuff too, but I’m more interested in stories about humans treating robots like people, even if these robots doesn’t develop feelings or emotions, just gives them the illusion of being “humans” with their actions.

    Media is too focused in stories about robots trying to fit in society, developing feelings and so on, and that is a little tiring to me at this point.

    I want more animes like Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume, even if its ending was boring and predictable, it was a decent history about a human caring for an android without real emotions, even if this android was all about doing her job and nothing else, he knew that in the back of his mind, but that doesn’t stopped him caring for her.

  9. it’s a shame how so many Yuri fans will be a ok with Mei harassing yuzu just because they find girl x girl hot even is it’s sexual assault but would have pich forks and torches out if Mei was a guy doing that to yuzu.

  10. Overlord recommended of the few isekai that do not automatically degenerate into a harem hill, since the only times that do not happen is when the prota is transformed into something absurd lacking libido as a living skeleton, a slime or in a girl.

    1. Yeah, I used to suck it up for views, but I can’t hack it anymore for two reasons: 1) I don’t want to lose up to 4 hours a weekend just to watch a bunch of shitty harems and 2) the blog peaked in 2014.

  11. the other i all agree also not so care only
    Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu is nice what . u idiot this anime are god dam nice

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