Ousama Game Ep. 9: Cutting my losses

I’m not sure if I know what to say about this show anymore. Even though Juuni Taisen sucks, it is still easier to write about, because every single one of the show’s characters has a different backstory. They’re not unique backstories, mind you, but they’re at least different from each other. You can’t mistake Tiger for Horse, that’s for sure. As a result, every Juuni Taisen episode is slightly distinct from the previous one. I can’t say the same about Ousama Game at all. Every Ousama Game episode features the same shit week in and week out. All we ever get are nasty people being nasty to each other. Even Nobuaki’s flashbacks are just more of the same: most of his previous classmates being terrible, horrible people. And for what? The only payoff is some shoddily animated and censored violence. People don’t even get to die in creative ways like in the Saw movies. We only get something dumb like a guy’s head literally twisting itself off of his body. Not only that, the anime has already revealed to us that the deaths are caused by a virus. A virus. A virus that kills through the power of suggestion. Someone recently commented that Inuyashiki is the most cynical, nihilistic anime that they’ve seen in a long time. They must not be watching Ousama Game, and I hope they don’t. Because at least Inuyashiki has a hero who isn’t a rapist. On the other hand, there’s literally nobody to root for in Ousama Game. These kids are all unpitiable.

What do you need to know about this week’s episode? Teruaki tries to kill Natsuko, but he fails. Instead, Natsuko kills him! Well, well, well, how the turntables. I like the part where Natsuko pins her friend Aimi down and proceeds to bash the poor girl’s hand with a rock. Nobody near them moves. Nobody near them lifts a finger to help. Why? ‘Cause they’re all evil, horrible people. Nobuaki eventually shoulder tackles Natsuko after it’s too late, but what does it matter? He’s no better. He then shakes his head at the girl for the rest of the episode, because she’s like… immoral and shit. Because she just can’t see how they need to work together in order to beat this game! Shut up, rapist.

Anyway, I’m dropping this show. I know there is only a few episodes left, but there’s just nothing to say. I can’t even break 500 words this week.

2 thoughts on “Ousama Game Ep. 9: Cutting my losses

  1. ericshanrick

    This show was such a guilty pleasure. It’s a prime example of so bad it’s good entertainment. This anime had me switching from laughing at the plot to being annoyed by the brain dead characters every other moment.


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