Inuyashiki Ep. 8: Stumbling hard

I’ve tried to be patient with this anime, but the narrative is really falling apart now. When we last left off, a SWAT team had finally tracked Hiro down. So what do they do? They shoot the whole place up. They even kill Shion and her grandmother even though they weren’t guarding Hiro at all. Really? Really? Sure, Shion tried to warn the guy, but so what? You don’t kill them just for that! Obviously, the SWAT team has no intention of bringing Hiro in. They simply want him dead, but they didn’t even consider sparing the two civilians? Would it have been so difficult for a couple of strong, burly SWAT members to isolate those two to the side?

Anyway, after the initial period of shock, Hiro gathers the two corpses on each shoulder, then blasts off into the night sky. He eventually finds a place to drop Shion and her grandmother off then leaves. We are later shown that he had healed those two back to life, but I don’t feel as though this was visually apparent at the time. Of course, when we see Shion and her grandmother again, they have a new home… and a bank account flushed with money. All thanks to Hiro, of course. All I can say is… what? First, the powers-that-be had no problems at all with these two being collateral damage, but they don’t even consider following up? Hey, where did our target fly off to? Where did those bodies go! Are we sure those two women are dead? Shouldn’t we put holds on their credit and bank accounts? After all, you can’t get another apartment without having your credit checked, right? I don’t know how renting an apartment works in Japan, but it can’t be too different from what I’m used to in the US. And… is the girl in her school uniform? What? Did she go back to her old apartment to retrieve it? Did she buy a new one? Did she really go back to school despite what just happened? What the hell, man?

Near the end of the episode, Hiro shows up at a police station and proceeds to massacre everyone inside. Well, except for one guy. The animation here took a nosedive, by the way. And the best part is how they keep shooting and shooting and shooting away at him. If it doesn’t work the first time, it must work the millionth time! I can understand this at the beginning of the manhunt. They didn’t know what he was capable of, blah blah blah. But he literally just took out an entire SWAT team by himself! And now, he’s mowing everyone down with ease, so what do they do? They happily walk into the meat grinder. When Hiro later tries to leave the scene of the crime, he is met with yet another force decked from head to toe in riot gear. And again, we see everyone continue to fire away at the kid only to see bullets bounce off of his skin. Other than turning his clothes to rags, they can’t even leave a mark on his body. But there they go, shooting and shooting away. If it doesn’t work the millionth time, it must work the billionth time! What is wrong with them? Are they all idiots? Eventually, Hiro falls unconscious, and his body’s defense mechanism kicks in. We’ve seen this before. Ichiro gave the evil yakuza the same treatment. And again, Hiro spares the lone survivor before blasting off.

Elsewhere, Ichiro continues his training with Naoyuki. He can now use his powers to remotely control a car. Naturally, Naoyuki is proud of the old man, but he’s also quick to point out that Hiro is able to drive ten by himself. But enough about these two, because for some odd reason, the other half of this week’s episode is actually focused on Mari, Ichiro’s daughter. You still remember her, right? We learn that she’s an aspiring mangaka, and she’s a bit resentful of some kid who goes by the name of Oda. Speaking of which, maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the scene between those two feel kind of extraneous…? I don’t know if it adds all that much to the story. Hell, I’m not even sure if Mari will add all that much to this story. She later spots her dad hanging out with Naoyuki, so she trails them all the way to the hospital. There, she shockingly discovers that her father is the infamous miracle worker that everyone’s been talking about online. Mari eventually returns home in a daze. It’s not everyday that you find out your dad is a robot that can cure cancer. Furthermore, she has nobody to confide in. It’s not like she can tell her mom or brother what she just learned. They wouldn’t believe her.

Rather, Mari’s mom (what’s wrong with her face?) wants to talk about the girl’s grades, which have been suffering because, again, the latter really only wants to be a mangaka. Her mother makes some good points, but the delivery is all wrong. First, she sounds almost blase about the whole thing. There’s no sense of urgency in her voice, but she still manages to annoy Mari. Second, she’s not attempting to empathize with her teenage daughter at all. So of course, when Ichiro returns and readily accepts Mari’s dreams, the girl runs with it. She promises to study enough to graduate from high school as long as they support her decision. Still, it doesn’t feel to me as though Ichiro put much thought into the matter. It’s all fine and dandy to support your kids and their dreams, but how ‘bout having a discussion about both her short-term and long-term plans. We can accomplish anything if we set our minds to it, sure. But it never hurts to have someone guide us along, make plans, set realistic goals, schedule follow-ups, etc. For fuck’s sake, man, be a parent. Showing up at the last second just to say “Duuuuurrr, we can support her” is doing the bare-ass minimum. But whatever. I’m not sure how this subplot is supposed to play out or if it can even lend anything to the overall story. After being MIA from the narrative for weeks, is Mari going to draw a manga about her father now and have newfound respect for the old man?

Looming over the entire narrative is the fact that a meteor is fast approaching Earth. Oh yeah, it’s way bigger than the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Hmm, I wonder… will it take both Ichiro and Hiro to stop global annihilation? I really hope that’s not where we’re headed.

4 thoughts on “Inuyashiki Ep. 8: Stumbling hard

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  2. mexicano21

    “will it take both Ichiro and Hiro to stop global annihilation?”

    There’s a worse possibility: The meteor actually is the mothership of the aliens that created Inuyashiki and Shishigami in the first place. Or any other aliens, doens’t matter. They’re bent on conquering Earth but alas! They didn’t expect to find our two super-robot fighters fighting the good fight for all of us.

    It’s really trash, but at this point, if the anime is going down, then why not going all the way down?

    1. Sean Post author

      Yeah, but that sort of thing almost never happens. I’ve never seen a show suddenly swerve so hard at the very last moment. Samurai Flamenco went nuts, but it certainly didn’t wait until the very last second.

  3. Advaris

    This anime is as confused on what it wants to be as much as the Children of the Whales. After a few episodes of super-cyborg, edgelord teenager gone wild preceded by Yakuza rapists, this anime go all Sunday morning cartoon villain on us. I mean a meteor threatening the earth with global annihilation feels more like a plot of some cheesy superhero flicks than whatever the f*ck Inuyashiki wants to become, judging from its last few episodes.

    The rest of the episode like Hiro’s “girlfriend” and her granny, the massacre in the police station, and Ichiro’s daughter feel more like an afterthought.


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