Juuni Taisen Ep. 12: May I also forget?

I want to forget I ever watched this show. Wait, if I forget how bad Juuni Taisen is, I might spot it on Crunchyroll one day and wanna try it. Curses! Foiled again! But in all seriousness, what a pathetic ending. The episode even started off promising, too. Rat has no clue what to wish for. He has no dreams, desires or ambitions. When he gets to class, he just wants to put his head down and sleep. During the tournament, he had used his “Hundred Paths” ability to ask other warriors about their wishes. We already know Monkey wants to revive everyone afterwards and talk it out. She’s the peace-loving hippie, after all. Chicken Girl wants confidence, Horse Man wants more talent, Rabbit-kun wants friends, so on and so forth. Rat now considers each of those wishes, but he always ends up finding something undesirable about those paths. In fact, maybe this special power of his is not such a great thing to have after all.

He remembers a time he tried to ask his crush out. In every single path he tried, however, she shot him down. He had a hundred attempts and a hundred failures to match. Worst of all, he had to suffer the heartbreak of rejection a hundred times. So even though he could easily wish to power up his ability to explore a thousand paths instead, would that have really helped him with his crush? It turned out she was in love with someone else, so his chances were infinitesimal if not zero to begin with. Let’s say he had gotten a million tries instead, and in one of them, he managed to win her heart. Would that have been worth dealing with the other 999,999 painful realities in which he got rejected? Just food for thought. I think most of us would still love to have his power, though. I know I would.

In the end, Rat decides to forget. He wants to forget he ever won the tournament, and he wants to forget he was ever granted a wish. The next day, he comes to school like usual, but he’s not irritated. He’s content. He no longer has the burden of making a wish. And just like that, the series is over. Whoa, whoa, whoa… wait up. When he spent time with Dog Man, it turned out the guy was taking care of some little girl who was a victim of sex trafficking. So what happens to her now? Since Dog Man is dead, who’s going to take care of the little girl? Yo, fuck this path, my dude. This sort of disengagement and apathy from society in general is precisely the reason why everything is so screwed up in this world. I know there isn’t a magical wish out there that will fix everything. You won’t ever find the panacea to all of life’s woes. But you gotta at least try!

In fact, Rat even admits in this very episode that he has a grudging respect for the late Monkey. During the tournament, he had told her that her life philosophy was futile. She may have saved a lot of good people as a mediator, but she saved a lot of bad people too. So why bother, right? Fucking wrong, man! What a childish mindset! You may as well just give up on life then if you’re going to think like that. So I naturally just have to ask… why did he fight so hard to survive the tournament if he’s just going to throw his wish away? You can’t even bullshit this as a story about man’s inherent selfishness when you have a character like Monkey or even Ox. All we’ve learned is that Rat’s selfish. He’s a shitty, boring coward who cares about nothing.

What about this twisted tournament being run by some shady guy?

Who cares.

What about world leaders using a sadistic battle royale to redraw national boundaries?

Who cares.

What about Monkey’s quest for world peace?

Who cares.

What. About. That. Little. Girl?

Who cares.

Can’t you just wish for one good thing? Like a meal for a hungry child or whatever.

Fuck it, I just want to sleep.


Final grade: D

8 Replies to “Juuni Taisen Ep. 12: May I also forget?”

  1. I still find Rat an interesting character even if the story in this show has quite literally gone nowhere and I’ve found it a combination of boring and frustrating to watch. If Rat had been a side character in a more interesting story, he probably would have been one of my favourite characters. However, that mindset doesn’t work for a protagonist or hero or even lone survivor and if just another poor choice this story has made along the way.

  2. What a waste of time, while some of his conclusions where comprensible, most of them came across as nihilism or nitpicking.
    I wish I could forget, no, erase this hype atrocity from existence.

  3. I don’t watch this animu because I don’t like Nisio Isin, but I watched the last episode to see if the ending is as bad as you wrote here. And damn, you’re pulling your punches, aren’t you? It’s much worse when I actually watched it in person. How can anyone like this Rat dude? Before anyone complaint, do you seriously think that I need to watch all the episodes of this shitty animu to comment on a shallow character like Rat? In fact, all characters of this shitty animu are shallow. All of them suck.

    Back on topic, this Rat reminded me too much of those pretentious f*ckers who whine and bitch about the state of the world but don’t do anything about it because both sides are equally bad to justify their inaction. Oh, they want to do something. It’s just that both sides are equally bad, so why even bother? It isn’t their fault they don’t do something. It’s the world’s fault. I can’t help but feel that these people actually want the world to get worse to justify their edginess.

    F*ck those people.

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