Overlord II Ep. 2: I sure learned a whole lot about the lizardmen this week

So I’ve been sitting here for the past hour trying to figure out how I’m supposed to cover this week’s episode of Overlord II. After all, it’s not exactly heavy on the stuff that really gets me going. And by that, I mean heavy characterization or symbolism. Rather, the story picks up exactly where it last left off. That evil ball of faces warns the lizardmen that the Great One will send an undead army to slay them in eight days. So the Great One is obviously Ainz, and sitting at the front of that army is none other than Cocytus. I guess this is the first time where I truly feel as though our spooky skeleton boy is acting like a villain. As I said in last week’s post about Overlord, I never felt as though he was as villainous as advertised in the first season. Having said that, I don’t think he’s going to wipe the lizardmen out, but a lot of these scaly dudes are going to die. And for what? Just for Ainz to subjugate them? Sheesh. Ah well, it’s not like the lizardmen are all that endearing anyway.

I never thought I wanted to learn about the history of the lizardmen, but here we are. Apparently, there used to be seven lizard tribes, but due to a shortage of food — and probably other reasons I didn’t pick up — a bunch of them went to war. And now there are five. You’d think these guys would be sick of killing their own kind by now, but our own human history shows how untrue that assumption is. So even as Zaryusu prepares to rally the rest of the tribes against the undead army, he and his brother acknowledge that a food shortage would’ve eventually led the remaining five tribes to another war between themselves anyway. This resistance against the undead army is thus not such a bad thing after all. There’s going to be plenty of food for the remaining survivors! Sheesh, being a lizardman is tough.

So Zaryusu meets up with the Red Eye Tribe, and this is where the episode gets really silly. The acting leader of the Red Eye Tribe is Crusch Lulu, a rare albino lizard. Apparently, she’s super pretty for a lizard, so Zaryusu falls in love with her at first sight. And by fall in love, I mean emit a high pitch squeal and immediately offer a marriage proposal. I now know what an anime lizardman’s mating call sounds like. Great. The two of them proceed to discuss highly important matters. After all, Zaryusu wants Lulu’s tribe to form an alliance with his tribe. If they refuse, well, he and his buddies are just going to have to kill her and her buddies. At the same time, however, these two are flirting with each other, giving each other those come hither eyes, so on and so forth. Lulu’s tail is thumping away like mad because she’s just so excited by this encounter. Meanwhile, he’s dropping sweet nothings into her ears like how beautiful she is. I’ll just say that this mix of serious war planning and goofy romance leaves behind a strange aftertaste. There’s also some revelation about how the Red Eye Tribe resorted to cannibalism, but I’m just like ehhhh…

In the end, Lulu convinces her people to abandon their original plan to evacuate. Instead, they’ll fight with Zaryusu’s tribe. She then cosplays as a bush, and sets off with the guy to go meet the Dragon Tusk Tribe. Apparently, those guys like to fight, so we’ll probably see a duel between Zaryusu and some lizard dude I don’t remotely care enough about to learn his name. I don’t think Ainz appears for even a single second in this entire episode. We only get to see Cocytus prepare for the upcoming battle. We also see a brief scene between Demiurge and some dandy penguin. But yeah, this episode is all about the lizardmen, and next week’s episode is probably going to be all about the lizardmen too. I honestly don’t know how to feel about that. On paper, this is better than watching Ainz take on generic MMO quests with his sexy maid in order to rank up… but man, I really don’t give a shit about the lizardmen. Again, I don’t think they’re going to get wiped out — just decimated, I’m sure — but honestly, I wouldn’t really care if they were wiped out. Call me “specieist” against lizards if you want. Shrug.

Misc. notes & observations:

— You’d think something like this would sound a little scarier in person, huh? Instead, it sounds kinda dorky.

— Ah yes, the mighty skilled hunters and their skilled slingshots. Hey, don’t make fun! Those things can bring down goliaths, man.

Entails, hah! ‘Cause they have tails… ah, don’t mind me. I’m tired. I’m just gonna call it here. Enjoy this screenshot of a cute hydra. Or if you prefer, here’s the most moe lizardwoman you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

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