Overlord II Ep. 3: Get Crusched

It’s funny how I don’t care at all about the lizardmen, but I feel super bad for Rororo. C’mon, hydra buddy, you better not be dead! Anyways, I appreciate the fact that Overlord II is picking the pace. When we last left off, Zaryusu and Crusch Lulu — y’know, the moe albino lizard — just reached the Dragon Tusk tribe. Before any talks of teaming up against the Undead army can take place, our lizard hero has to first best Zenberu in a trial of combat. If Zenberu dies, Zaryusu becomes the next Dragon Tusk Chieftain. Yep, just like that. An outsider who knows little about the tribe can step in and become its leader. The funny part is when Zenberu tells his tribe not to make a stink about this decision, ‘cause he doesn’t want to hear it. Well, he’d be dead, so they can make all the stink they want.

Anyways, if Zenberu wins, he’s going to… undress Crusch? She’s barely wearing anything anyway. But let’s face it… we’re all here for the moe albino lizard’s reaction faces. Everything else is just window dressing. Every other line out of Zaryusu’s mouth is a compliment directed at Crusch, which just makes the albino lizard blush like mad and wiggle her tail uncontrollably. Yep, these are the moments we live for, guys.

Spoiler alert: Zaryusu and his giant fork wins. He pretty much uses it as a shield and happily lets Zenberu hammer away at it. Eventually, Zenberu’s arm is too frozen for him to him to fight, so he just surrenders. That’s one way to do it. Then after many rounds of drinks, the Dragon Tusk chieftain agrees to join the alliance. See? No long-winded talks necessary. Last week’s discussion between Zaryusu and Crusch was so painfully drawn out. The worst part was that the show squandered the opportunity to explore the albino lizard’s mindset. Did she honestly trust a lizardman she just met for the first time? Probably not, but in the anime, she definitely did. This is where adaptations usually falter. Even a respected studio like Madhouse can’t help but leave the small but nevertheless all-too-important details on the cutting room floor.

With all five lizardmen tribes under one alliance, the battle against the Undead is now underway. Zaryusu banks on the fact that their enemy is full of hubris. Yes, the Undead army outnumbers them three to one, but their leadership is probably too arrogant to even suspect that the lizardmen can mount a credible threat. And as predicted, Cocytus simply tells his army to attack head on. The resulting battle is nothing to write home about. You basically just see two sides mashing up against each other with passable animation quality. Eventually, Cocytus doubles down on his lousy strategy and sends in an unprotected Lich. Anyone who has played RPGs before knows all too well that magic casters are sitting ducks at close range. As a result, Zaryusu uses Rororo as a giant meat shield to allow him, Zenberu, and Crusch to close the distance on the Lich.

Again, I feel bad for our poor hydra buddy. Crusch getting electrocuted doesn’t phase me. The tank should’ve held aggro better. Zaryusu getting the life choked out of him doesn’t phase me either. Even when he wins and hears the cheerful cries of his fellow lizard men, I’m just meh. But whenever the anime cuts to the poor hydra… my emotions. After all, Rororo is a pet. On the other hand, the lizardmen are just really ugly people in my eyes. And their victory will probably be short-lived depending on what Ainz wants from Cocytus now that the latter has failed. All in all, the episode is more amusing than it is thrilling. I like how Zaryusu and Crusch’s budding romance is making the rest of the lizardmen feel awkward. “Are you seeing this shit?” is written all over their faces. C’mon guys, a battlefield is no place for flirting. Seriously though, I wish Overlord II was more comedic than it actually is.

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