Overlord II Ep. 4: Avert thine eyes, children

Lusty lizards are lewding. Anyways, all I need to know is that Rororo is still alive and…

…yes, he still is. Alright, episode’s over, folks! Time to head on home!

I mean, the rest of the episode is pretty perfunctory, isn’t it?

The lizardmen are having a good time, but they know that the war isn’t over. Look at those two happy boys in the back, though.

Back at Nazarick, we meet this strange, lil’ fellow. I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be. Is he a fetus? Supposedly, he can protect others by sacrificing himself… and we’ve already learned through Shalltear’s revival that it’s no big deal if NPCs die. You just gotta spend money to get them back.

Anyways, after taking care of some minor business with Demiurge and Shalltear, the main character starts grilling Cocytus. Predictably enough, he just wants his guardians to be able to think for themselves, formulate strategies, consider every order they’ve been given, so on and so forth. He even suggests wiping out not just the lizardmen, but the lizardwomen and lizardchildren too!

Albion will later suggests, however, that this was never really their leader’s intention. Rather, he just wanted to get a reaction out of Cocytus. In reality, these guardians will never stop licking the main character’s boots, so no matter what happens, they’ll always say that it was according to his will. Anyways, Cocytus thinks the lizardmen should be spared, but he can’t come up with a good reason. Unfortunately, you can’t strain this guy’s brain cells too much in one day.

So it’s Demiurge to the rescue. Hey, why don’t we use the lizardmen as guinea pigs! We’ll practice ruling over them, so when we capture the more desirable races, we’ll already know what to do! Yeah, yeah, you can take an exception to my attitude towards the lizardmen all you want. If there were actual lizardmen in real life with comparable intelligence to us, then I’d sing a different tune. But since it’s a silly anime about a skeleton dude conquering a made-up fantasy world, I’m gonna keep calling them ugly.

Shortly afterwards, Ainz puts on a big fancy show. First, he freezes all the mud. Then, Gargantua lobs a giant cube in the middle of all the ice. The skeleton soldiers then form a giant staircase with the shields on their back. Finally, Ainz assumes his throne up upon the cube. Yeah, yeah, he’s striking both fear and awe into them. He’s not just the Great One. He’s practically a God to them.

Anyways, Zaryusu and his brother step forth to present the lizardmen. Ainz announces that he will gladly rule over the lizardmen, so the brothers are prepared to surrender. But no, that would be too boring. Ainz won’t accept it. Someone — anyone — will have to fight. So even though the rest of the lizardmen will survive, a few warriors will volunteer to take Cocytus on in four hours.

Naturally, Zaryusu will be one of those warriors. I’d say stay back and marry the stupid albino lizard you love so much, but he’d probably live in shame if he didn’t fight or something. I dunno, I’m not a goddamn lizard warrior. Ironically, Crusch wants to fight with him even though her tribe had initially wanted to run away before she was ultimately persuaded to join the greater lizard alliance. But even though Zaryusu won’t back down from the fight, he also won’t let the lizardwoman he loves die! So Crusch has only one trick left up her sleeve…

Good heavens! There are children watching this! Won’t anybody think of the children! Then again, if he can stay dead, he won’t be on the hook for child support. Ayyyyy…

Seriously though, at least this arc will finally come to an end.

3 thoughts on “Overlord II Ep. 4: Avert thine eyes, children

  1. Pia

    “Impregnate me!” Wtf I almost spit the water I was drinking.

    I’m no children, but that came out of nowhere, almost like those Garo’s domestic beatings LOL

    1. Sean Post author

      Did it really come out of nowhere? You may as well secure an offspring before you die. It’s just basic animal instinct.


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