Overlord II Ep. 6: A butler finds his heart

Eh, just some quick notes this time…

— The episode opens with Sebas at the Magician’s Guild. There’s a lot of gravitas in this scene despite the fact that he’s only here to buy a magic scroll. And here I thought he was up to something big.

— He later happens upon a bruised and battered woman in a bag. Can’t blame ’em; they didn’t have fridges back then.

— Apparently, some guy just threw her out into the streets. Although he was cold at first, Sebas ultimately decides to take the poor girl under his protection, because his creator once told him that helping people is just common sense. Can’t disagree there. Other NPCs, like Solution, have it harder, though. They weren’t created with the disposition to be compassionate, so caring for others is going to be an uphill battle for them. To be fair, Solution is just slime.

— Apparently, some criminal organization runs this kingdom behind the scenes.

— Why is this guy so concerned about her when he threw her out in a bag in the first place? I mean, I don’t disbelieve him. I trust him when he says that he’ll get killed if he loses the girl. But if she was so goddamn important, maybe try not tossing her outside in a nondescript bag.

— According to Solution, the mysterious woman has a long list of sexual-related injuries and illnesses. You can probably guess what she’s been forced to do.

— I’ll never understand the logic behind these generic evil doers. If you’re going to have a sex slave, why would you treat them so poorly? What’s sexually arousing about a bloody lump of flesh full of venereal diseases? No, I get it. To these fucks, they get their joy out of sadism. It’s also about having power over someone completely helpless. If evil doers were logical, they probably wouldn’t be evil. I’m just saying whatever comes to mind.

— I would call Solution out for wanting to eat the girl, but then again, humans pretty much raped and abused her so everyone’s kinda shitty in general. In general.

— I would hate it, however, if the girl fell in love with Sebas or something. Any story where an abused victim — especially a sexually abused one — falls in love with their savior gives me qualms. Plus, there’s the apparent age difference between the two of them.

— Solution is concerned that housing Tuare will bring trouble to their doorsteps. After all, their mission is to collect information, so they don’t exactly want to alert people to their presence. You could argue that Solution is merely being practical, but then I would counter that general compassion for others will eventually lead to her benefit down the line. Then we’d get into a quagmire of a debate about altruism, utilitarianism, blah blah blah. It’s not worth it for Overlord.

— Solution will probably whine about this to Ainz, and after what happened with Shalltear, they might think Sebas is being disobedient or whatever. But if you’re going to rebel, there are better ways to do it than to take in a sex slave.

— We suddenly cut to Brain and his memories of being owned by Shalltear. He’s having an existential crisis all because of that. I can’t say I cared too much about his character back in season one.

— Then we see some group torching a field of crops that would’ve been turned into drugs by the evil Eight Fingers organization. Y’know, the one that supposedly runs this kingdom. Anyway, these guys feel like fodder. I’m not saying they’ll die, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

— This is followed by a scene featuring the evil assholes themselves, and what they plan to do in the near future. This guy is apparently after Tuare, and I continue to shake my head at the stereotypes that continue to rear their ugly heads in anime.

— Since this is the start of a new arc, there’s a lot of foundation being laid and expository information to dispense. Ho-hum. Well, at this least this is more interesting than a bunch of lizards playing war games.

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