Record of Grancrest War Ep. 7: Anything for love

I actually like two things about this episode. Crazy, I know. First off, tales of Theo’s sacrifice has spread far and wide. He’s well known for rising quickly up the ranks to viscount — again, whatever that means — but more importantly, he’s especially notorious for giving it all up for Siluca. This catches Alexis’s attention, and if you don’t remember, this guy almost married Marrine at the start of the series. But y’know, demons crashed the wedding, killed some people, and the marriage was officially called off. Why, though? Like… if this union will unite the continent and bring peace to both Union and Alliance, why would Marrine cancel the wedding? I guess that part has never been clear to me. Nevertheless, Alexis still pines for her, and hearing all about Theo’s sacrifice has embolden him. He also wishes he could give everything up for the most important person in his life. Yes, this implies that Siluca is the most important person to Theo, but that’s not why I like this scene. Rather, it’s how the conversation played out without all the bog standard anime tropes.

Alexis: “When I heard [your] story, I was deeply moved. To choose love over one’s court rank and land… If only I had the courage to do so.”

Theo: “All I did was choose what was most important to me.”

Yep, there’s no silly stammering. There aren’t any awkward denials like “Sir, you’ve got the wrong idea! She’s just my mage!” Theo just comes out and admits that Siluca is important to him. Likewise, she blushes at first, but she doesn’t interrupt the conversation. Maybe she knows it would be improper to do so. Look at her ambiguous expression here, though. What is she feeling? Is she happy? Is she sad because she doesn’t really believe that she’s that important to Theo? Maybe she does believe she’s important to him, but important in a platonic way. He loves her, but he loves her like a friend whereas her feelings are deeper. Who knows? It’s hard to say. It’s also hard to buy into the idea of Theo and Siluca as a couple, because although they’ve spent a lot of time together onscreen, they feel like just platonic friends. So is there really love here? Anime convention dictates that it’s too early for the canon couple to fall in love (assuming they ever do); it’s only the seventh episode, after all. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that these two didn’t act like a bunch of embarrassed children, i.e. turning beet red and sputtering over the idea that Alexis thinks they’re in love (whether it’s true or not).

What else did I like? Eh, just the assassination attempt at the end of the episode. Shortly after Theo’s conversation with Alexis, the Marquis of Jalucia tries to leave when they fall under attack. After a near brush with death, our heroes discover that the assassins are men who have been mind-controlled by Rossini. Yes, that Rossini; he even has to look obviously evil. At yet another banquet full of uptight lords and dancing maidens, Theo had bumped into his arch-nemesis, and they proceeded to exchange tense words. Clearly, Rossini was annoyed by that encounter, so he sent people to take out Theo. Unfortunately for him, Alexis got caught in the middle, so Siluca speculates that the asshole will be kicked out of Union. And if that happens, it means Theo can go after him. Sure. Bring it on. Anything to take me away from the mundane examples of diplomacy and contentious meet-and-greets. That’s the only reason I sorta like the assassination attempt. First, it’s some much needed action after like 20 minutes of non-stop conversations. Plus, it also pushes the plot in motion. It’s not that the action was great or anything, but we get to meet an old face we haven’t seen in a while. I’ll always take a cat over a pair of ugly wolves.

Anyways, the rest of the episode is a bore. Like I said, lots of talking, lots of introducing new faces that I have no reason to care for. Plus, I wasn’t all that impressed by Theo’s ability to get Ladvan to surrender. But I’ve bagged on Record of Grancrest War week in and week out. Since this episode manages to give me a couple things to appreciate, I’ll just stop here. As a bonus, that jerk Milza is also nowhere to be found. Anyways, we can get back to poking at the anime’s half-assed execution in next week’s episode.

1 thought on “Record of Grancrest War Ep. 7: Anything for love

  1. Advaris

    It’s kinda sad at the things that make one excited or at least not annoyed when watching anime. If only Theo isn’t your standard generic animu “too pure for this sinful earth” protag, that conversation could have been much more interesting.

    I know it moved the plot, but that assassination attempt is still lame in execution.

    Those conversations are a chore not only because of the dull dialogue, its topic isn’t interesting in the first place. Damn, watching you, American, live-action political drama (i.e. news) are much more interesting, funny, and intense than watching this anime. I mean Trump tweets like a goddamn toddler. It isn’t hard to beat that. Lol.


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