Dorei-ku The Animation Ep. 5: Idiots

On this week’s episode, we get to watch idiots eat forks! No, not eat with forks. They literally eat forks!

— So we pick up where we last left off with Zero. He somehow managed to disobey Ryuuou’s command and run away from the kid and Chuo. Unfortunately, Mr. Trap appeared out of nowhere and attacked the guy with a stun gun. Zero was running, and as you can see from the previous screenshot, there’s nothing but a wide open field around them. How exactly did Nakano appear out of literally nowhere? Plus, this is straight up kidnapping now.

— Back in his stupid dungeon, Ryuuou swears that he needs to get more slaves. God, I can only imagine what dumb backstory he has to try and justify his need to enslave people.

— Unfortunately, Julia shows up with some bad news: someone stole Zenichi. Like… what? Just waltz in there and dragged the guy out of his hospital room? All that was left behind is this fancy red envelope.


— So is this letter supposed to be written in blood or something, ’cause the color doesn’t look like blood. It looks like the letter had been written with a marker.

— Afterwards, Chuo goes on some official business, and Shiori decides to tag along. This is her chance to ask about his backstory, so that we, the audience, can hear all about it. Gosh, I can’t wait. Don’t you guys wanna hear more about why these idiots all risked their autonomy for some stupid game?

— I had assumed that Chuo was Ryuuou’s first slave, but nah. Looks like Ryuuou got to Julia first. You also gotta wonder if Julia even lost a game. She speaks so glowingly of Ryuuou that maybe she wants to be his slave with or without the SCM.

— Anyways, Chuo used to be one of Julia’s customers because she’s a dead ringer for someone he used to love. I always hate this trope. Like sure, they might look like the person you used to know, but if they don’t act like the person you used to know, then what’s the point? Hey, guess what? If I meet someone who looks like my first love in a hostess club, I wouldn’t give it any goddamn thought. Why? ‘Cause I sure as hell wouldn’t be in love with a hostess.

— So she challenged Chuo to a game, and he had to guess the color of her panties. Thus far, every game that we’ve seen has been won with either trickery or brute strength. No one has actually competed fairly. As such, the trick to this game was that Julia wasn’t wearing any panties. Oh ho ho, how clever. Basically, if you ever enter a duel, make sure you pick the game. Don’t let them decide. The person who gets to choose the game always, always has the advantage. God only knows when any of these chumps will realize this, though.

— “Well gosh she was so sad looking so why not!”

A normal guy?! You think Chuo is a normal guy?!

— Not only that, Shiori thanks Chuo for saving her! But the dog saved her! How ungrateful!

— Even Chuo corrects her on this fact. So again, this reminds me that Nakano would only become Julia’s slave if the latter had managed to save Shiori… so what gives?

— Nevertheless, Shiori continues to be grateful towards Chuo, because herp derp they saved Nakano. Who cares about that twerp? You just became a slave!

— So why can’t you disobey an order once you become a slave? ‘Cause it feels really, really bad. And vaguely sexual for some reason.

— The next day, Yuuga also gets a letter from the crazy person, so he intends to duel them with Ayaka in tow. And of course, he wants Eia as backup. Ayaka is clearly being coerced into doing whatever Yuuga wants. As a result, Eia has had enough. She didn’t want to own slaves. She thought they’d just be testing themselves. Yuuga even claimed that he’d release his slaves at first. That’s the problem with people in general, though. They always pretend to stick to their morals, but as soon as you give them a way to abuse their advantage, they’ll take it. You can’t expect people to play fair on their own accord. You can hope that they do, but you can’t expect it.

— He’s changed? You barely even know him! This is who Yuuga has always been. He said whatever he had to say in the beginning to trick Eia into playing along.

— Anyways, if Eia walks away, then she can cleanse herself of all this sordid business right? All of a sudden, she gets this photo sent to her phone. No, walk away! Just walk away! Who even gives a shit about Yuuga? He’s a slave owner! It’s not Eia’s responsibility to save him!

— But the stupid girl shows up anyway, and oh look, it’s Yuuga in a dumb mask.

— Not only that, he’s torturing Ayaka. You aren’t allowed to command your slave to kill themselves, though. At some point, Yuuga would have to stop her… right? Who even knows anymore!

— Yuuga reveals his motivations, but they’re not interesting. He’s another pathetic, bored little boy looking to get his rocks off.

— And his grand plan to make Eia obey him is to make her dog his slave. After all, he still wants her as backup should he ever lose a duel. As a result, he can’t make her a slave. The next best thing is to target Poochy, because she loves Poochy so. Look, I love my cat more than anything. But if I have to give up my cat in order to walk away from all this SCM bullshit, sorry girl!

— Unfortunately, Poochy willingly duels Yuuga. The dog is smart enough to understand exactly what people are saying, but it’s not smart enough to realize that maybe it shouldn’t accept duels. And sadly, Poochy doesn’t even have a master, so Eia can’t tell Poochy not to duel.

— And even more unfortunately, Yuuga gets to decide what game they’re playing. As a result, Poochy has to duel Ayaka in an eating contest where the only “food” in front of them are stainless steel utensils. The guy is a fucking rat bastard, and naturally, things will get worse from here on out. Again, I’d walk away, but Eia is too attached to Poochy. As a result, Poochy loses the duel, and Eia has to stick around to make sure her dog is safe. Dumb.

— Then to cap off the episode, Yuuga confesses his love. That’s swell of him.

— I dislike every single person on this show. They’re all idiots to me. Eia at least has morals, but that doesn’t say much when she fucks up over and over and over. Why try and save Yuuga by yourself at all? Report the damn photo to the cops and let them sort it out.

1 thought on “Dorei-ku The Animation Ep. 5: Idiots

  1. Pia

    When I saw good boy dog dueling Ayaka I losed my mind, is like Phoenix Wright parrot’s level of awkwardness all over again.

    I liked the scene where Eia confronted Yuuga, I was like: yeah anime, of course slavery is bad, it doesn’t matter if our protagonists aren’t ill intended or whatever, you’re aknowledging that fact, that’s great, a good guy can’t really be ok with this nonsense but then they ruined everything.
    Eia why do you have to go out of your way to “save” that bastard Yuuga, this doesn’t make any sense, Eia has been portrayed as a smart, collected kind of person, why do you walk into this clear as day trap, this is the kind of things writters do to keep the plot going, making their characters dumb or act out of character and I hate that shit.

    Also I know the main focus of “duel” about eating steel utensils was to flesh out Yuuga’s madness but a more harmless duel but equaly trickier duel like those of Ryuuou’s would’ve been better instead of risking the health of your only slave at that moment, you can’t just order your slave not to get sick or die.. or you can? who knows.
    Idiots – The Animation is a more fitting name for this indeed.


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