Mahou Shoujo Site Ep. 6: Revenge of the site administrators

B-but I don’t know anything! No, really, I don’t. Much of the story remains unexplained. Even despite this episode’s abundance of exposition, very few questions have been answered. All that we can be certain of is that more cute girls will suffer. At some point, however, viewers will get tired and stop tuning in. This’ll probably happen sooner rather than later.

— So Nijimi was on a revenge quest, but one quick look at Kaname and she’s smitten. Really? He’s hot? I don’t even know, man…

— This is a show full of silly faces. Horror anime and stupid anime faces are a done deal. They’re inseparable. I blame Higurashi, honestly. It isn’t the first show to give us stupid anime faces, but I’d say it had the biggest influence.

— More silly faces.

— Nijimi is stumped. On the one hand, she really, really wants to punish Aya for lying to her. On the other hand, Kaname is so hot and she doesn’t want to break his heart by hurting Aya! Little does she know that her brother would love to punish Aya too. Let’s hope she never finds out.

— Back at the hospital, however, the new girl quickly carries out her plan to save the injured girls. Apparently, she has the magical ability to heal people by feeding her blood to them. Gross. That’s a quick way to get all sorts of diseases. Then again, if her blood has curative powers, then it’s probably clean.

— Of course, this girl is as messed up as all the other ones. In more ways than one, too.

— She also has to take a billion pills just to keep herself sane. Oh yeah, her name is Kosame.

— Oddly enough, her “stick” has bat wings.

— And her site administrator is completely different from the other girls.

— All of a sudden, Tsuyuno also awakens in her bed. She looks to the side to see that Aya is also fine. They all had a taste of Kosame’s blood.

— Tsuyuno marvels over the new girl’s stick, but honestly, it’s not that crazy. We have panties that can mind-control people. We have a phone app that can freeze time. And, uh, did we forget all about the killer yo-yo? But seriously, I’m more impressed with freezing time than magical healing blood.

— So it’s exposition dump time. There are lots of mahou shoujos, okay? Lots of them.

— Here’s a girl sexually harassing her poor butler for some damn reason.

— Here’s a girl who wandered off the set of Toji no Miko.

— Not only that, there’s more than one Mahou Shoujo Site. So wait, do they all have the same domain name? Or is it like as opposed to .com?

— And each site has a different administrator. Look at that Scream boy on the left.

— Initially, the idea was that you had gather up negative energy with your stick, and feed it to the “king.” What is this? Garo? Anyways, when the tempest finally rolls around, the mahou shoujo with the most negative energy saved up will be spared. As a result, these poor girls have been brutally murdering each other just for a chance to survive. But survive what? If the rest of humanity is wiped out, is there even a point in surviving? What would said girl even do in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

— Needless to say, it’s not that simple. The sticks will kill the girls anyways, so it’s doubtful that anyone can survive. So what are the site administrators really up to? Well, that’s the problem. Nobody knows. Six episodes in and we still don’t really know what’s going on in this one-cour adaptation. We just know that a bunch of mysterious individuals want to torture cute anime girls, and if our heroines start getting too uppity, then they will be executed.

— We are quickly treated to a montage of three of the administrators killing “nosy” girls. Nana’s got the power of finger guns!

— So what’s the grand plan? Kosame claims that a whole bunch of like-minded mahou shoujos have decided to band together and capture a site administrator. Once they do so, they can just pump said evildoer for information! It’s that easy, huh?

— Unfortunately, our heroines kinda lost all of their sticks in the previous battle. As a result, we see Aya and Tsuyuno digging through the rubble while Rina wastes her second chance at life by being lazy.

— These poor girls are back in their bloodied clothes. Also, how did they just walk out of the hospital?

— Tsuyuno is grateful to Aya and even claims that she now has a new reason to live. That’s great and all, but you still tortured someone for thrills. Yeah, he was a serial killer and likely a rapist, but c’mon…

— Aya’s simple-minded, though. Plus, she won’t give up the first actual friend that she’s made.

— Not only that, she takes Tsuyuno back to her home so that her friend has a place to stay. I’m surprise the asshole father would even allow this. Plus, this doesn’t seem like a wise move to me. Aya’s been brutally bullied by her brother, so does she really want to risk introducing Tsuyuno to his wrath? At the very least, she should warn Tsuyuno about Kaname, but I don’t think she will… not right now, anyways.

— Meanwhile, the authorities continue to investigate the random deaths of cute anime girls. Gee, I wonder if that guy on the right is important or anything! Nah, couldn’t be.

— Oh lord… what is it now? Why am I looking at this hallway full of dead girls?

— Hmph.

1 thought on “Mahou Shoujo Site Ep. 6: Revenge of the site administrators

  1. ndqanhvn

    The sad thing is…Higurashi’s stupid face is probably largely due to Deen’s terrible animation. The sound novel has bad art too, because everything is drawn by the author and he’s not a great artist, but the crazy face there doesn’t look so off-model compared to everything else…


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