Mahou Shoujo Site Ep. 8: What a plot twist

So can we get this guy arrested for indecent exposure or what? 

— Anyways, welcome to the obligatory beach episode, ’cause what goes better with tortured mahou shoujos than bikinis?

— Not a good look, Stalker-kun, not a good look. I mean, she was a goddamn dog idol. She was already defiled. Still, this puts Kaname in Stalker-kun’s crosshairs, so I can’t say that I completely hate it.

Makes sense.

— Why did everyone decide to come along, though? Yakuza girl really had nothing better to do?

— Even at the beach, Aya looks like she’s in pain.

— There’s even a gross insert song to get us in the mood for beach hijinks.

— None of this makes any sense, really. Nijimi is dead set on killing Rina, but at the same time, she’ll frolic in the ocean with the girl. How does that even work?

— All of a sudden, Kiyo’s head starts to hurt. I feel her. I’m losing quite a few brain cells, too. But what really happened is that a mahou shoujo just died. Whenever Kiyo establishes a connection with someone and they lose their life, her head will bleed. How does she hide something like this on a day-to-day basis, though? Like right now, for instance. She’s literally bleeding from her head in broad daylight!

— Looks like Kaname is up to no good.

— Aya and Tsuyuno have a bonding moment, but it’s boring so I’m gonna skip over it. All you need to know is that Tsuyuno doesn’t have much life left in her.

— Later, we find out that Nijimi’s panties have gone missing. Apparently, Tsuyuno brought it with her to the beach, but Kaname stole it. Yep, the dude has nothing better to do than to follow his imouto and her friends to the beach. What could he even do with her panties anyways? He doesn’t even know that it’s magical… right?

— Oh, apparently Nijimi was stupid enough to tell Kaname about everything. Welp.

The two male characters on this show are both creeps. What a shame. Oh wait, I guess we still have that detective with the silly hair.

— Y’see, we need to see Kaname’s stupid face to know that he’s being devious. Otherwise, how would you be able to tell? Storytelling at its finest, boys!

Wait, what the fuck? Kaname can utilize Nijimi’s panties? So you don’t have to be a girl to be a mahou shoujo? And before you mention Kiyo, she’s transgendered. Unless Kaname is also transgendered…

— Whatever. I guess the rules don’t matter anymore. So is he currently wearing those panties? And is he bleeding from his dick or what? Maybe his ass.

— Unfortunately, most of this scene is a bore. Kaname is shaming Stalker-kun, but it’s nothing you haven’t already seen before. Just an asshole being an asshole.

— Oh. He is wearing the panties. I don’t see any bleeding, though…

— I’m still vaguely bored, too. It just comes down to the fact that I don’t care about either of these characters. This scene is eating up a whole lot of time, though.

— Welp, there goes Stalker-kun. His blood pressure must have been very high.

— And Aya saw everything. If she truly cares about people, then she’d use her power to stop him. Does she have to kill him? Not necessarily, but hey, if she tries to stop him and he somehow gets seriously hurt, oh well. After all, he’s a waste of oxygen. He provides no value to the world, and he just committed his first act of murder. But somehow, I doubt Aya will have the guts to do anything to her brother. Even when Sarina tried to kill Tsuyuno, Aya couldn’t help but save the girl at the last minute. If you ask me, that’s kinda pathetic.

— She also doesn’t have the guts to tell her friends about what she just saw. C’mon, what are you waiting for? God, she’s supposed to be pitiable, but she somehow ends up being so unlikable.

— Why can’t she tell them? I don’t understand. I really don’t. Is she trying to protect her brother? This is so stupid.

— Well, Kiyo can hear all of the girl’s thoughts, so there’s that…

— Kaname beats the tar out of Aya, and he just killed a guy in cold blood! I’m amazed that she would want to protect such scum. Family is family, but Kaname doesn’t even treat her like family. She doesn’t want him to die, but she has to realize that her friends can get seriously hurt. I know innocence is Aya’s shtick, but watching her in action is amazingly frustrating. She’d rather endanger her friends than risk the small chance that her shithead brother might die. What a joke.

— C’mon, Detective-kun, do something.

— Afterwards, we see the administrators fight amongst themselves, but other than that, there’s no new information to glean. Yawn.

1 thought on “Mahou Shoujo Site Ep. 8: What a plot twist

  1. Obama bin laden

    was wondering why big bro didn’t rape his sister, now I see it’s because his genitals are just one big ball…
    no wonder he feels like beating people


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