Planet With Ep. 4: The true baddie emerges

The number of Grand Paladins continue to dwindle as members continue to depart from the team. More importantly, they’re finally asking the right questions. More on that in a bit. 

— Nezuya didn’t look so hot after last week’s episode, but he’s perfectly fine. For once, someone fell for one of those illusions. Basically, he got to live out the best and wildest weeb fantasies. Why fight when you have a hot stepsister, asks anime? Nezuya can only agree. See, this is what I’m talking about, though. How come he’s the first person to get a truly effective illusion?

— For some reason, Harumi thinks she’s ready to fight Soya. Did she power up or something while she was inside the giant babies? The girl also insists on fighting alone. Apparently, that’s the only way she can avenge Miu. I think that’s silly, but whatever.

— As for Soya, he finally feels conflicted about fighting the Grand Paladins after he sees that Nezuya is one of them. They’re not exactly buddies, but he’s not too keen about fighting his senpai.

— Benika and Yosuke are tagging along to make sure nothing bad happens to Harumi. In the meantime, however, they do that cliche nonsense that every fighting anime does: provide stupidly obvious commentary from the sidelines. “OMG, she’s moving the Psychic Armor as if it was her own body!

— In the end, regular ol’ Harumi is still no match for Soya. She even loses both of her arms in the fight. She still insists, however, that she’s going to do this alone. The girl begins to power up and draw out more of the dragon’s power. As a result, her Psychic Armor is able to regrow its arms. There’s just… something off about them.

— Again, I hate the stupidly obvious commentary from the sidelines. Benika tells us that Harumi won’t last long like this; she’s using too much power at once. We can plainly see this with our own eyes, though. Let your visuals do the storytelling. Trust the audience to understand what they’re seeing.

— Harumi had “avenged” Miu in the past, so she wants to do it again now. Sure, I guess. I dunno, I just don’t really feel anything about her backstory. It’s not particularly compelling.

— Like before, Miu shows up on the battlefield to cheer Harumi on, but ironically, it only serves as a distraction this time. Soya gets in another good hit, which forces Harumi to try and power up even more. Unfortunately, this pushes her over the brink, so a giant, ugly lizard emerges. And inside the dragon, Harumi has lost all control. Yet again, we get another cautionary tale from anime about the dangers of pursuing power.

— I don’t mind the 3D animation too much in this series, but this cloud of dust looks pretty bad.

— Since Harumi is no longer in control, she can’t prevent the dragon from doing this. Welp.

— As things stand, Soya can’t defeat even this mini-version of the dragon by himself. Benika and Yosuke have no choice but to join the fray and lend their assistance. They don’t exactly want anything bad to happen to Harumi either. Unfortunately, while they can fly along with the dragon, Soya can’t in his current form.

— So it’s time for our obligatory anime power-up scene! By drinking this giant beer can, Sensei can become even stronger than ever!

— More importantly, he can now fly!

— At first, Hideo tries to drag Miu away from the battlefield. They don’t have Psychic Armors; they’re just sitting ducks. Nevertheless, the girl changes her mind and wants to go back. She wants to do the typical anime thing where a loved one screams out to the out-of-control character and wakes them up. And guess what? That typical anime thing is actually going to happen. According to Ginko, this is what humans should be doing anyways. Uh, okay.

— In any case, the weird maid lends Miu a hand. She tells Soya to pick them both up and just chuck them at the dragon. Yep, that’s it. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be A-OK! We have the power of anime on our side!

— Once the dragon swallows both girls up, Miu quickly reunites with Harumi. That didn’t take long. I guess you don’t have to worry about any disgusting bits like the dragon’s saliva or stomach acid once you get inside it.

— And just like that, the dragon disintegrates as soon as Miu tells Harumi that she no longer needs to be so angry. I guess the dragon feeds on our negative emotions or something.

— Plus, the good guys get what they wanted; Ginko got her hands on Harumi’s vial while nobody was looking. The girl is unconscious, so she can’t protest. Nevertheless, Miu suggests that they are both quitting the Grand Paladins. Probably. Meanwhile, Benika has some questions she wants to ask Soya and company.

— In the morning, we are told that nobody died. Yep, every single soul in the city had been evacuated to safe place. I’m sure it still sucks because a lot of them just lost their homes, but it’s better than losing their lives.

— Both Sensei and Soya are dealing with a hangover despite drinking only a single beer. Then again, it might have been a really potent one. But look on the bright side: Sensei has the perfect view from the floor. On the other hand, Soya’s going to drag himself to school just because he had told Nozomi he’d show up. I guess that’s a thing. Judging by his unsubtle personality, I doubt much of a anything will spring up between those two, but we’ll see. If Nozomi isn’t the obligatory romantic interest, then what purpose does she serve? She’s not one of the Grand Paladins. She’s not a Nebula Soldier either. She has no clue what Soya has been doing, and she has no powers either. Nozomi seemingly exists only to be his friend.

— Speaking of the Grand Paladins, Benika finally asks the right question. I just want to know why it took so long. Every single member of the Grand Paladins should’ve grilled the Director about the team’s true purpose.

— Anyways, it should come to nobody’s surprise that Takashi is an antagonist. He even looks like one. Is he the primary antagonist? Maybe. Or maybe it’s the dragon. Either way, however, he wants world domination. This disgusts Benika, so she quickly announces her resignation from the team. There’s not much of a team left anyways. They have Takashi and his father, Kogane (but she doesn’t seem to fight), an unconscious Nezuya and maybe Yosuke? Yep.

— I just don’t know why she hands the vial back to Takashi. I won’t help you conquer the world, but here, you can have your terrible dragon powers back! I’m not saying she should immediately trust Soya, but she could’ve just held onto it and hide it somewhere safe.

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