Planet With Ep. 6: So now what?

Are we going to introduce a whole new threat with just half a season to go? Or will our heroes find themselves fighting the Sealing Faction next?

— Right off the bat, Soya defeats the old man in a single move. We see the kid panting afterwards, so maybe he had to exert himself. Nevertheless, I can’t believe that Takezou was ever a legitimate threat.

— The news helicopter tries to get a clear shot of Soya and the ex-Grand Paladins, but they are unable to do so. We cut to Ginko performing some jamming magic from the sidelines. But I dunno, even if the footage is blurry, you can still kinda make out their faces, can’t you?

— Takezou calmly hands his dragon power over to Soya. Yosuke quickly follows suit; he confesses that his heart was never in it in the first place. Welp, all that’s left is Takashi.

— Speaking of which, Shiraishi and Generalissimo are having a harder time with the leader of the Grand Paladins than they initially thought. Also, the dog goes, “I underestimated the desire for conflict Earth’s humans have!” First, Takashi ain’t even human. Second, there are seven billion people on this planet (possibly more in Planet With‘s universe), so it’s kinda silly to base your opinion of a race on a single individual.

— The gist here is that Takashi wholeheartedly believes that the enemies are nothing more than invaders. You just can’t convince him otherwise. It’s easy to call yourself an agent of justice if you just make up your own narrative. Of course, that doesn’t mean I agree with the Sealing Faction and their methods. It just doesn’t look like they’re truly as bad as they’ve been made out to be. But who knows? Maybe that will change soon.

— So why did Shiraishi even bother to leak information regarding Nebula to Takashi? Because Generalissimo wanted this to be a fair fight. This just ends up pissing Takashi even more. In the end, the man insists that he will use his powers to take over the world, and in doing so, he will achieve true peace. He swears that he’ll turn Earth into a paradise. Y’know, that silly idea that you can somehow end all conflicts by uniting everyone under one rule. I’m sure no emperor has ever faced insurgencies before.

— In the midst of a strong attack, Generalissimo takes pause to dump exposition on us. Basically, the Nebulans don’t understand why the dragon’s power can be felt when they had banished it away a long time ago. Y’see, the dragon used to be part of the Nebulans, but it decided to destroy Soya’s home world without permission. Generalissimo wonders if the dragon had somehow reincarnated as Takashi. I mean, considering how the guy first showed up on this planet as a tiny baby, maybe this is the case.

— Either way, there’s still a lot that we don’t understand. Even assuming that Takashi is the reincarnation of that evil dragon, he was raised with a normal human childhood. At one point did he realize that he had powers? At what point did he realize that he could even manage to take over the world? At what point did he learn that he could hand bits of his own powers to others in order to form the Grand Paladins? At what point did the Nebulans finally decide that Takashi and his organization was a threat?

— Takezou simply reveals that his son used to be very kind and gentle, always attempting to defend the weak from being bullied. Clearly, Takashi has changed, but when? Why? How? We don’t know. Nevertheless, the old man wants Soya to not only defeat Takashi, but remind his son that kindness is still important. Okay.

— Soya is ready to jump into battle, but Ginko calls him back to the ship. When he does so, she immediately joins him inside Sensei.

— Somehow realizing that our heroes are ready to fight, Generalissimo teleports Takashi towards Soya and gang. I guess the dog isn’t going to team up with the cat anytime soon. You’d think it would be smarter to team up against Takashi, but who knows what these weirdo aliens are thinking.

— As soon as Takashi appears before Soya, the kid immediately charges at his foe. This sends both of them crashing through a residential area, but it’s okay! The place has already conveniently evacuated! Maybe Japan is just that conscientious. In the US, you can warn people weeks ahead of time that a massive hurricane is going to mess up their city, and you’ll still find plenty of people refusing to leave until the very last second. Some don’t leave at all, thinking that they can somehow endure a destructive storm. But again, maybe Japan is different, and every single person in the city can follow orders.

— A few episodes ago, Soya couldn’t defend himself against Takashi. He now seems to have all the advantage. Sure, he must have gotten stronger, but that quickly? And that easily?

— As Takashi gets more and more desperate, his armor slowly starts to look more and more like the evil dragon.

— I’m not even sure why Ginko joined Soya. She seems to be doing nothing.

— Speaking of not doing anything, Generalissimo and Shiraishi have retreated back to their ship in space. When we cut to the cockpit, we see the dog all bandaged up; his arm is even in a sling. I guess he got injured that badly. This once again shows that cats are superior to dogs.

— With his back against the wall, Takashi decides to go for broke. He charges up his most powerful attack, and it can potentially destroy the whole city around them. As a result, Soya is determined to neutralize the attack at all costs. As he thoughts wander to his late brother, he even makes this decision with tears in his eyes. I guess he now considers the city — and Earth in general — to be his new home. He also has friends like Nozomi to protect.

— Speaking of Nozomi, I guess that’s why she exists in this story. In general, she doesn’t seem to contribute much to the grand scheme of things. During these big battles, all she ever does is look concerned. Maybe Nozomi will have a bigger role to play in the second half of the series, but right now, I’m not too keen on her character. I like romance in my anime, but there are only whispers of one in Planet With.

— Anyways, Ginko is finally helping out. I guess Soya needed her help to repel Takashi’s attack.

— In the end, the two of them are able to repel the attack, and as a result, the leader of the Grand Paladin is out of juice. He’s got nothing left to give. With the dragon unable to fight back, Soya quickly dices it into tiny pieces.

— In person, Takashi tries one last ditch attempt to take Soya out, but his punch only manages to shatter the kid’s face mask. Soya then counters with a punch from one of his clogs.

— Now that he’s completely, we see Takashi lying flat on his back. More importantly, his face is ash white. It’s seriously drained of all color.

— After Soya reminds Takashi about the importance of kindness, the kid suddenly sees his brother briefly standing before him. Odd. As for Takashi, he suddenly crumbles into dust — maybe the same dust that makes up the dragon’s powers. Nevertheless, the leader of the Grand Paladins looks to be dead.

— So like the title says, now what? We still have half a season to go, and I have no clue where the story will go from here. I didn’t expect for Takashi and his organization to go down so quickly. After the first episode, you kinda knew that he was the bad guy. But c’mon, who honestly saw him going down in just six episodes. Ah well…

— I can’t tell if Planet With is a decent show or not. The story’s just not coming together, and the fact that our hero will probably have to deal with a completely new problem in the second half of the series, I don’t have high expectations.

1 thought on “Planet With Ep. 6: So now what?

  1. dsprizer

    I like “Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer” as much as the next guy, but this show just seems horribly rushed and undercooked. To my mind, it needed to spend a lot less time on fighting, and a lot more time developing the characters and their motivations. At this point, I don’t have very high hopes for the second half.


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