My Hero Academia Ep. 59: Childish, petty heroes

In the middle of a rescue operation, Todoroki and Yoarashi have the dumbest beef ever. 

— First things first, it’s curious how the  “Heroes Public Safety Commission” is comprised entirely of men. Curious…

— Back at the provisional exams, some of the kids are losing their minds over the fact that they have to deal with both the rescue operation and fending off villains. Kids like Mineta. Hint, hint, maybe you should drop out of the test.

— But look, it’s really not going to be that complicated. At the end of the day, the kids will just have to divvy up their efforts. The ones who have good combat quirks should assist with holding back Gang Orca. Everyone else should continue to ensure the safety of all the injured. If done correctly, very few people will have to juggle their responsibilities. You just have to swallow your pride and carry out your responsibilities no matter what they are.

— Another curious observation: all of the judges are male. Look, look, I know what some of you are thinking. Just because they’re all males doesn’t mean they can’t be objective and fair. Sure. But when major scandals like this one suddenly surface in the news, it’s hard to imagine that, y’know, perfectly fallible humans won’t somehow make a mistake and allow their biases to come into play. And even then, to call it nothing more than a mere mistake is being incredibly generous.

— And if you say, “Not everything has to be inclusive,” sure, but how hard is it to draw a single woman? Is it gonna kill you? Really? Is this really the hill that you want to die on? Look, you got all sorts of cute girls down there in hot, sexy outfits like Momo, Mina, and even Camie. But you can’t draw a single woman in a suit who doesn’t have any lines? Bruh.

— Anyways, let’s move on. Gang Orca’s… uh, gang charges in, but Shindo immediately disables them with his ability to create tremors. Neat crowd control. Unfortunately, it won’t work on the big, bad boss himself.

— Still, this buys enough time for both Todoroki and Yoarashi to show up, and I guess they’re two of the most capable fighters out of all of the participants here. It’s just too bad that they kinda hate each other. As a result, they can’t coordinate their attacks at all. When Todoroki tries to attack Gang Orca with a stream of fire, Yoarashi inadvertently divides it in two.

— Alright, fine, let’s find out why they dislike each other so much. Back when Yoarashi was a kid, he tried to get Endeavor’s autograph, but the latter rudely knocked the pen and paper out of the kid’s hands. When Yoarashi looked up into Endeavor’s eyes, he saw nothing but “cold, cold anger!” Wait, that’s it? You’re gonna beef with someone’s kid over that?

— But wait, there’s more! When both of them were still planning on enrolling at UA, Todoroki also brushed off Yoarashi’s efforts to become his friend. Unfortunately, Endeavor’s kid was still a jerk back then, so he rudely dismissed Yoarashi. When the latter looked into the former’s eyes, he saw the same “cold, cold anger!” Sorry, sorry, but I need to catch a breath, because I’m laughing too hard. The idea that you would endanger a mission just because someone has eyes of “cold, cold anger” is fucking ridiculous to me. It’s childish and petty as shit. You know how many people have to work with someone they dislike? You know how many people don’t like their jobs but still pull it together at the end of the day? So yeah, these two deserve to fail for even arguing with each other on the battlefield.

— Unfortunately, they’re not just arguing on the battlefield. One of their uncoordinated attacks almost hits Shindo, who is still trying to recover from Gang Orca’s attack. Had Deku not swooped in and carried the guy out of danger, he might have gotten hit by friendly fire. This should instantly disqualify both Todoroki and Yoarashi, but the exam isn’t over yet.

— By the way, Deku also yells at the other two to cut the bullshit and stop arguing.

— Todoroki admits that he still has lingering issues regarding Endeavor that he needs to work through. Unfortunately, the battlefield is no time to brood. Before he even realizes it, Gang Orca has already closed the distance. The pretend villain proceeds to disable both Todoroki and Yoarashi.

— This allows Gang Orca’s goons to continue pursuing the evacuees, but then Shindo crowd controls them again. Wait a minute, haven’t I seen this before?  Oh yeah, he crowd controlled them the last time too. Wow, what a coincidence! Shindo is able to crowd control these goons in the exact same way twice! Amazing Quirk! What a talent!

— Anyways, now that Todoroki and Yoarashi have thoroughly humiliated themselves, they finally decide to work together. By combining their Quirks, they manage to trap Gang Orca in a prison of fire.

Deku is forced to fight instead of assisting with the rest of the rescue mission. Luckily for him, however, everyone else manages to get the job done, so the likes of Mina and Tokoyami can now join the fight as well.

— Gang Orca eventually manages to break out of his prison, but Deku lands a surprise attack that is strong enough to crack the pretend villain’s armguard. But before any serious fighting can happen, the bell rings. The exam is over.

— I have no clue what Bakugo has been doing this entire time. Did he even manage to rescue a single injured person?

— The results have already been tabulated, and the kids can look up on the big board to see whether or not they’ve passed. And of course, this is where the episode comes to an end. But look, it’s obvious that Deku is gonna passed. He made one small mistake and that’s it. There’s no way Todoroki and Yoarashi can pass after that embarrassing display. As for Bakugo, I dunno… maybe he did something offscreen.

— Either way, those who don’t pass can just retake the exam, right? So it’s not like any of this truly matters in the long run. All it means is that they’ll have to wait a bit longer to get their provisional license. Big whoop.

— So uh, what was up with Camie? I thought she might try to muck things up with Deku again in the second part of the exam, but she was nowhere to be found.

7 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Ep. 59: Childish, petty heroes

  1. Karandi

    I’m with you. That argument was petty and pathetic; As much as I wanted Todoroki to get a bit more development as a character, this kind of a rehash of his daddy issues mid-exam isn’t what I was looking for and I genuinely do not care what the other guy’s issue was, but the episode is going to tell me anyway, through flashbacks mid-fight, and then it was so ridiculous it just made the whole thing taste pretty sour.

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  3. Redgeek

    Thanks for that article link. Some people don’t realize how much sexism and racism can hurt people in ways they can’t imagine.

    As for Camie, she filling in for Black Widow against Thanos.

  4. DerekL

    Glad Karandi linked to this post… Somehow I’d stopped following you, which meant I’d missed your weekly skewering of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi. That error has now been corrected.


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