My Hero Academia Ep. 63 (Final): Let’s get to know each other before we say our goodbyes

All week long, people have been telling me that the blond guy with the tiny eyes is the best character in the entire series. I feel like this is just unnecessary hype. We’ll see, though. 

— Man, Deku freaks out over everything.

— As you can probably imagine, Mineta is only concerned about one thing and one thing only. He continues to show us that he’s the worst character in the entire series.

— Geez, don’t tell me he’s the best character because he gets butt-naked. Anyways, these guys didn’t rank very highly at a previous sports festival, but they’re still considered the school’s “Big 3” (whatever that means). I imagine we’ll soon find out what makes these guys so impressive, but again, this sets expectations that the characters might not be able to meet.

— God, I hate the anime bullshit where people’s intensity can be conveyed with “just one glance!” You can’t make me roll my eyes fast enough.

— Seems like the dark-haired guy is very shy.

— So far, Togata, Hado and Amajiki feel more quirky than impressive, and that’s putting it nicely. These three are just plain weird. But to be fair to at least one of them, Hado is asking all the questions we all want to ask.

— But of course, since Togata is going to be a major character in this arc, I’m sure he’ll team up with Deku against the villain of the moment (whoever that is). Let’s just hope Hado and Amajiki also get to shine (especially the former).

— The story makes it seem like Aizawa didn’t bother to talk the Big 3 about how this whole thing would go. As a result, it feels like Togata’s just winging it. Hell, why did they pick Amajiki when he’s too scared to even face the first years?

— Out of nowhere, he challenges the entire class to fight him. Aizawa isn’t putting a stop to it, so just another typical example of UA’s brilliant education.

— Deku volunteers to fight Togata first in order to not only test himself but to make up for lost ground (oh no, I missed three whole days of class). He then assumes a rather silly fighting pose.

— But as soon as Deku gets close to Togata, the latter gets… butt-naked. Sigh.

— Our protagonist attacks anyway, but his kick goes right through Togata. Well, I mean, he did see the guy phase through walls in last week’s episode. Sounds like the perfect Quirk for robbing banks. Needless to say, Class 1-A can’t put a dent in Togata.

— Aizawa then mentions that Togata is the closest to being number one even amongst the pros. If that’s the case, why is he wasting his time going to school? He should just graduate early and become a life-saving hero. People skip grades all the time in the real world. If this guy is truly this badass, then they’re wasting his potential.

Todoroki is too cool to participate. Meanwhile, Bakugo is missing out. He’d probably relish the hell out of this opportunity. Well, I would’ve relished watching Togata knock him out in one punch.

— Yo, what is Amajiki good for other than standing on the sidelines and offering up boring ass commentary?

— As usual, it falls on Deku to come up with any strategy. Whether or not it’s a good strategy doesn’t really matter. He’s the only one who even tries to think of something. It’s like his classmates don’t even bother. What are they gonna do when he’s not around? Hah, that’s a trick question, because our hero is always around.

— But of course, this ain’t Togata’s first rodeo. Deku thinks one move ahead, but Togata is already several moves ahead. He does have two years on the kid, after all. So we get to watch him beat up even more kids. Oh well, at least we’re killing time.

— Man, Hado and Amajiki didn’t even get to do anything. Feels kinda typical of My Hero Academia. It keeps trotting out interesting characters, but only a handful ever get to have any fun.

— We’re now getting a breakdown of exactly how Togata’s Quirk works. Eh. The moral of the story is to work hard, gain experience, and develop your Quirk. Ho hum.

— Even Hado is like, “What was the point of us being there?” See, that’s what I want to know.

— And of course, Togata is most impressed with Deku for being able to at least predict some of his movements.

— Later that day, Deku calls up Gran Torino to see if he’d be interning with the old man again, but instead, he’s told to reach out to All Might instead.

— Geez, what’s with this lady’s outfit? Surely, she doesn’t fight crime in that, does she?

— Overhaul might be the name of our next big villain. He’s the dork with the plague mask. We see him meet Shigaraki face-to-face, but this encounter will entail, shrug.

— Meanwhile, this guy might be All Might’s former sidekick that Gran Torino was referring to. He looks stressed out.

— And… that’s it for now!

— Final grade for this season? Eh, I dunno… C-, I guess. For a shounen, I felt like this season lacked that signature hype battle to get my blood pumping. All Might vs All For One was spoiled by poor characterization, pacing issues, and too much side commentary. Regarding the first point, All For One just wasn’t very impressive as the top villain. He honestly sounded like any other generic misanthropic dweeb. The mantle is supposed to be passed along to Shigaraki, but he hasn’t come into his own either. For a show about heroes versus villains, the latter group is just not picking up the slack. No one’s memorable on their end.

3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Ep. 63 (Final): Let’s get to know each other before we say our goodbyes

  1. Karandi

    This was a pretty flat ending to a season that didn’t really rise to the occasion. While there are still moments I’ve enjoyed, I have to say as a whole season three hasn’t done much.

  2. Redgeek

    Mirio best character? Yikes! That’s really overhyping him. I figured this season wouldn’t be a favorite. I do agree the villains’ development is going slow. Would love to see arcs with them without UA.

    Prediction time: Knowing what’ll happen in season 4, I think you’ll give it a C, maybe B- at most. How’s that for anti-hype?


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