Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Ep. 6: Kirill now has a brother

Well, this is unexpected. But wait, did Milla become Valery, was Valery always Valery? 

— So at the start of the episode, our heroes are on a stakeout. They’re trying to arrest a certain pack mule, but they haven’t had any luck whatsoever after five days.

— So the show takes a wild divergence and devotes nearly half an episode to a gag involving a cop show. Basically, a drunk guy on the streets gets a little too rowdy, so he starts ranting and raving about how he’s the leader of a crime syndicate. He also claims that he comes from up above, and that he needs to see the mayor. Sounds like just another idiot to me.

— Nevertheless, the cops want to dot their i’s and cross their t’s, so Doug and Kirill are called in to have a friendly chat with the drunken idiot. What happens here isn’t important. Rather, it’s what Kirill ends up spotting on the TV footage.

You can say that again.

— Like the airhead that he is, Kirill is proud of the fact that he’s on TV, so he had his landlady tape the show. I’m amused that this universe still has black-and-white television. Not only that, everyone still uses something akin to VHS tapes.

— Anyways, while rewatching the cop show, Kirill spots a familiar face: his sister Milla — the same sister who disappeared from his life ten years ago!

— The next day, the show devotes yet another good chunk of the episode to another gag. This time, it’s at Kirill’s expense. Y’see, Doug also spot something important on the footage: the pack mule. As a result, he spent all night poring over security footage in order to determine the criminal’s whereabouts. Apparently, one of the richer cities in this universe has cameras everywhere, so Big Brother is always watching you. Kinda freaky.

— Unfortunately, Kirill foolishly thinks that Doug is talking about Milla. Dude, how would Doug even know what your sister looks like?

— So after we have a good laugh at Kirill’s expense, the unimportant pack mule is arrested and we can return back to the main topic at hand: Milla.

— But even with the help of Doctor Apple, who appears to be a voyeur of some sort, they still can’t determine where Milla went after she briefly appeared on the cop show.

— Still, Kirill is just happy to know that his sister is alive. Plus, this incident seems to have allowed for him and Doug to bond. The veteran astutely points out that Kirill isn’t bothered that his sister disappeared, but rather that she disappeared without him. Why did she leave her little brother behind?

— Well, the kid doesn’t have to wait long before bumping into Milla again. As luck would have it, she ends up being hired at Derick’s bar. Not surprisingly, her voice is rather unfeminine.

— Kirill’s too stunned to speak, so Deana volunteers to ask all the difficult questions. Of course, Milla dances around them. She may act as if it’s no big deal, but she’s obviously guarded about the past ten years.

— Kirill thinks back to his conversation with Doug, and ultimately decides that he’ll wait until Milla is comfortable enough to tell him everything. That’s touching, I suppose.

— Honestly, I wouldn’t wanna deal with Deana on a day-to-day basis, but just watching her on this show, she’s kinda fun and amusing. I also love her look at disgust when she realizes that Kay is crying.

— Now, I keep referring to her as a she, because up until now, we’re still under the assumption that Milla is still Milla. Plus, it’s not like the character ever tells us which pronoun to use.

— Anyways, after the credits, a groggy Kirill decides to take a piss before heading home for the day. And who should he find standing next to him at the urinals. Why, it’s Milla of course. But she then tells him that her real name is Valery Vrubel. But y’know, even back then, he (she?) looked rather androgynous. Hell, both siblings look androgynous. Maybe Valery always felt that she was a he, and because they had to live with such a mean, overbearing caretaker, Valery felt that they had to escape.

— But more importantly, does Valery have anything to do with the overall story regarding Anthem and Esperanza? I guess time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Ep. 6: Kirill now has a brother

  1. animewarcrimetribunal

    Whoops, I saw the title of this post before watching the epsiode. Not that it matters, because we barely knew anything about ‘Milla’, so the fact that he turned out to be a guy doesn’t change anything. If anything, it was kind of a pointless twist. I’m sure his backstory will be important, but that’s for another episode.

    I like the tone of the show, but between the drawn-out TV show and arrest scenes this week I think it’s getting a bit indulgent. We’re six episodes in and I feel like it’s barely made progress, not just plot-wise but also in developing the setting and the other characters. Is it running for two seasons?

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