Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Ep. 8: When lolis attack

In this week’s episode, we’re going to focus on these two new girls, Kochou and Teria. Now, they’re prefects, which sounds like a big deal, but I still expect at least one of them to end up falling in love with Romio. Hell, why not make it a double decker!

— The two new girls overhear other students talking about a harvest festival just off campus. And because, y’know, they have no lives, Kochou wants to attend the festival in order to make sure no one gets into any trouble.

— So what do the prefects do? They sound like they have sticks up their butts. Not only that, it’s a bad idea to give certain students the privilege to punish the rest. Smacks too much of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Meanwhile, Romio and Juliet continue to find odd ways to communicate. She has it harder, too; those manhole covers can’t be light. Again, nobody can just FaceTime (or the Android equivalent) each other in this universe.

— And even after all these weeks of dating Juliet, Romio is still surprised when she agrees to go to the harvest festival with him. Dude has no chill.

— Juliet doesn’t want to masquerade as Julio, however, so they won’t be able to hang out the entire time. Instead, she simply agrees to meet up for the fireworks festival. That’s… that’s actually pretty lame.

— As soon as Juliet leaves, Kochou literally falls into Romio’s lap. And like all of the other female characters on this show, she looks like she’s 5. Romio then shoots himself in the foot by inadvertently groping her (non-existent) chest. But this is anime, so if someone touches you in a bad place, just get violent with them.

— Wow, girls are literally raining from the sky.

— Oh good, someone looked at this show, saw the lack of lolis, then decided to add two to the mix. You might balk and say that they’re too old to be lolis, but c’mon… look at them.

— Apparently, you have to bow to the prefects. Japan loves its hierarchies. The thought of bowing to anyone period makes me want to retch, so the only redeeming thing about Romio is that he refuses to kowtow to the prefects.

— The loli twins didn’t exactly see who Romio was talking to earlier, but he still freaks out and comes up with a bad cover story. But if you think he’s stupid, Hasuki, who had dropped by at one point, actually believes him. Dumb and dumber…

Welp, looks like the lolis won’t leave Romio alone. Not only that, our hero doesn’t waste any time getting fresh with one of them. Okay, so if one of the two lolis end up falling in love with him, it’s gotta be Teria.

— Can you really respect someone who runs like Naruto?

— Between the two girls, Teria definitely wants to relax and have fun every now and then. Too bad it’s a thing for twins to be attached at the hip, so she kinda just gets pulled in whatever direction Kochou wants to go.

— This is an aside, but do you guys remember those weird twins that refused to absolutely talk until one of them died?

— Meanwhile, Romio can’t wait to meet up with Juliet. I dunno, I think fireworks are pretty boring. Like you see them once, you’ve seen them all.

— Honestly, our hero could probably shake these two girls if he would just act normal. But because he always freaks out, yells, and runs away when he sees them, he just keeps stroking their curiosity in him.

Uh… yep, Japan loves its hierarchies.

Welp, a couple that hides together, stays together.

— Eventually, these two end up hiding out in a barrel. Yes, a barrel. His devil appears only to tell him to embrace the girl. Oooh, how sinful! Hugging your girlfriend! You cad!

— There’s a Chizuru (Maru) subplot, but I’m just ignoring it. Who cares about that loser.

— Speaking of losers, two random nobodies just start fighting out of nowhere. Let’s see how a pair of loli twins are going to break this up.

— Ugh, I should’ve known that the lolis would be like kung fu masters or whatever. Plus, Teria has Batman-esque gadgets. Meanwhile, Kochou has weird chemicals on her that can knock a grown man out within seconds. ‘Cause, uh, she’s a pharmacy student. Yeah, they let you just make all sorts of drugs when you study pharmacology.

— Sensing that the twins are isolated from the rest of the student body and thus lonely, Romio decides to come out of hiding to play with them. Yeah, ditch your girlfriend to play with some lolis. He might miss out on the fireworks at this rate. Scratch that. He will miss out on the fireworks at this rate.

— Oh look, now the twin lolis are having fun. Great. Romio is such a gentleman.

— Like all anime girls, the twins really just want to be patted on their heads. And just like that, Romio manages to solve his loli conundrum. Too bad he’s now too late for the fireworks as I expected.

— In fact, Juliet is still in that barrel. But of course, she isn’t mad. She got to see her boyfriend hang out with other girls, and it actually made her happy.

— And to make it up to Juliet, the two of them play with sparklers afterward. Just anime cliche things.

— Oh, Airu is apparently Romio’s older brother. Shrug. This isn’t really much of a bombshell ’cause I don’t even know anything about Airu other than that it sounds like Kochou is in love with him. Oh well, that just means Teria can still fall in love with Romio.

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