Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Ep. 9: Romio’s date with Char

They even shop for lingerie together. No wonder he looks so happy. 

— But jokes aside, Juliet’s birthday is coming up, so both Romio and Char are chomping at the bit to buy her the perfect present. Juliet ends up making a request to Char that we can’t hear, but judging by the latter’s reaction, it probably has something to do with Romio.

— As for Romio, the lolis are still stalking him. In fact, Teria is now in love with him. That kinda came out of nowhere.

— Yeah, I don’t think you want to be hiding lolis under your bed.

— Romio also isn’t allowed to leave school grounds, because he’s been screwing up so much lately. As a result, he can’t go and shop for Juliet’s present. But luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. The lolis originally needed to run some errands in town, so they decide to pass off the grunt work to Romio instead.

— Unfortunately, Romio’s an idiot, so he doesn’t really know what his girlfriend would like as a present. C’mon, how do you not know? Do you know anything about her?

— He actually spots a stuffed white cat doll that Juliet would appreciate, but Char is also here. Poor kitty.

— Some police officer then tells Char that it’s too dangerous for her to be in town alone thanks to, uh, Touwan radicals. Yeah, radicals. Seriously. Maybe the beef between these two factions is even worse than we think. ‘Cause y’know, you watch this show, and it’s just all fun and games. So what would you need radicals for? But maybe the kids just do silly stuff, but the adults are actually waging a war. Shrug.

— Anyways, to avoid being sent back to school, Char ropes Romio into becoming her escort. Basically, he changes uniforms and gets blond hair. Yeah, all in the matter of seconds.

See? That’s the spirit, man!

— But in the end, Romio is still an idiot, so he lets Char toy with his insecurities.

— So the girl drags him to a lingerie store, but this is just an excuse for the two of them to fantasize about Juliet. These two have some strange tastes.

— Out of nowhere, it starts pouring, but again, this is just an excuse for Char to try and hit on Romio. Not only does he not fall for her whims, he actually flicks her in the forehead. So guess what? Char is impressed and thus relieves Romio of his escorting duties.

— Just as quickly as it started, it has now stopped raining. Again, the scene is over, so we don’t need the rain anymore. So while Char is walking alone without Romio, she starts reminiscing about how she ended up being spoiled because no one would ever scold her other than Juliet. As a result, Juliet is her only true friend. This is why she was so impressed with Romio. As you can tell, I rolled my eyes while watching this scene.

— I mean, if you have enough awareness to realize that your upbringing is the reason why you’re so entitled and haughty, then… I dunno, fix it?

— Anyways, Char ends up running into those Touwan radicals. They even threaten to kidnap her, because like I said, it seems like the adults are actually waging a war. Over what, though? Shrug.

— As you might have guessed, even though Char relieved him of his escorting duties — and even though he despises her — he followed her anyways to make sure that she was safe. As a result, he ends up saving her from these free radicals! Not only that, he did it for Juliet.

— Blah blah blah, more Char being impressed. So she reveals that Juliet wants to spend her birthday with Romio. Then for some reason, she gives him the bra that she had bought for Juliet. I’m not sure what Char thought Romio would do with it. There’s no way in hell he would have the balls to give his girlfriend some lingerie.

— Later that night, Romio meets up with Juliet, and the latter asks if he would like to spend time with her on her birthday. Uh, of course? But apparently, the girl was afraid that he would say no. See, I don’t get these lame-o romances. I’m not asking for the greatest love story ever told. I just want sensible characters. Nothing we’ve seen over the past episodes would remotely suggest that Romio would turn Juliet down, so where would she even get that idea?

— She only got that idea, because the writer wants her to blush and be all embarrassed. Screw sensible characters!

— In previous years, Romio would apparently crash Juliet’s birthday parties, and give her a face full of pie. What does she see in this guy?

— And in the end, Juliet tells Romio that she would like to receive accessories that they can wear as a couple. I dunno, those aren’t really a thing here. I guess sometimes couples wear matching shirts.

— So afterwards, Romio is on cloud nine, but he soon sees Hasuki looking all concerned outside his room.

— Haha, does this guy think he looks badass? With those two lolis at his sides? Gimme a break.

— But yeah, dude’s name is Airu, and he’s apparently Romio’s big bro. And I bet you big bro isn’t happy about lil bro screwing around, especially with the enemy.

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