That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 12: Idiot son ruins everything

Just like we expected. 

— Benimaru is a bit harsh in calling Treyni selfish for her request, but he’s not entirely off the mark. Could we get maybe an explanation or something? But at the end of the day, it just comes back to Rimuru being super duper strong.

— We soon learn that the Orc Lord has a unique skill that allows him and his followers to eat everything in their path. So the army of 200,000 strong have been eating their victims and absorbing their abilities. They’ll even resort to cannibalism should the opportunity present itself. The “downside” is that this unique skill makes them perpetually hungry. It keeps the army focused, though. They won’t ever stop fighting, because in their brainwashed minds, they’re just trying to survive.

— Anyways, Shion ends up accepting the job of taking down the Orc Lord for Rimuru. That’s a pretty bad secretary. Oh well, there was no way around the problem anyways. You either fight or run away, and I doubt he wants to uproot his village.

— They then discuss the possibility of allying with the lizardmen, but of course, ignoring that idiot Gabiru at the same time. So far, this episode has mostly featured these characters talking in a meeting room. It’s not exactly exciting.

— Speaking of Gabiru, he finally wakes up from his beatdown. Unfortunately, Gobta didn’t manage to knock any sense into the guy. Rather, he now believes that Gobta is the true leader of Rimuru’s goblin village. Normally, you can just ignore idiots, but when they’re idiots in power (and we all know about idiots in power), then they have the potential to screw things up. I wonder what he’s going to try and sabotage. Maybe Rimuru’s alliance with the lizardmen.

— Oh look, a random clown. Y’know, you got this brutal army of orcs just eating everything in its path… and then you have this silly-looking clown. It just doesn’t mesh in my  mind.

— Laplace is a representative of Gelmud, and he’s trying to manipulate Gabiru into overthrowing his father. So there you go… idiots in power mucking things up again.

— I like to imagine that the chieftain just sits in his throne all day, doing nothing. Why else would we be cutting to him just sitting in his throne, doing nothing?

— Anyways, Souei has arrived to discuss important diplomatic matters with the chieftain. The lizardmen straight up acknowledge that the kijin would whup their butts, so they may as well listen to what he has to say.

— The chieftain kinda surrounds himself with idiots. Maybe he could be a capable leader, but it’s hard to overlook the fact that he can’t root out the bad eggs. After all, the company you keep is a reflection of who you are.

— The chieftain is more than happy to form an alliance with Rimuru, but he has to do his due diligence. Obviously, nothing will be officially decided until the two leaders meet, which means we have more talking ahead of us. But since Gabiru intends to overthrow his father, this meeting might not even happen.

— Sure enough, Gabiru finally returns in four days and starts questioning his father’s decisions.

— Sadly, Gabiru has just enough followers to stage his insurrection.

— In fact, the lizardmen are so stupid, it’s actually taking me out of the story. Normally, overthrowing a leader is no easy task. You would end up splintering your people into factions, because there would naturally be people who support the chieftain. There should be an uproar over these actions. But that isn’t the case here. Gabiru just marched into the throne room and ousted his father without breaking a sweat. Other than his sister, nobody else is questioning his actions. Nobody.

— It’s just hard to see how he can be so influential when he’s clearly an idiot. The only explanation that makes sense is that the lizardmen are really, really dumb on average. Basically, Gabiru has to be the smartest kid on the short bus. Just the numbers alone should’ve clued these guys in. No matter how proud they are, they’re facing 200,000 orcs. They only managed to recruit 7,000 goblins to their cause. This is just pure idiocy.

— So the idiot son claims his father’s spear and will now probably lead his men to death.

— Gabiru and his men do manage to kill a few orcs on their own turf, but thanks to the Orc Lord’s unique skill, his men has now been driven into a frenzy. Oh well. Can’t say I sympathize with Gabiru one bit. In fact, I doubt I’ll even feel a pang of sadness if he ends up dying in this arc.

2 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 12: Idiot son ruins everything

  1. Fede 5000

    hehe they all hate that idiot lizard man from the time that this was just a web novel only rains insults to the moron.

  2. Elior Levi

    finally looks like there might be some battle in the next episode. the question is how much fight and how much talking


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