That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 19: Well, that was fast

So much for being a calamity-class whatever. 

— Like previous battles, we get to watch the jobbers take their turn in the spotlight. So here’s some surf and turf.

— Even Gabiru is no longer as useless as dirt. He’s even humble now.

— We have pegasus knights courtesy of Gazel. As you can see, there isn’t really much to talk about in this week’s episode. Especially at the start. It’s just a battle, and you get to see some decent animation. Ho hum.

— The only person who doesn’t seem to have too much luck this time is poor Gobta. C’mon, if you’re gonna let Gabiru look cool, our boy should get to have fun too.

— At the moment, Rimuru still believes that Charybdis is here for him, so again, he forbids Milim from participating even though her POWER LEVEL™ is sky high. I still don’t understand his insistence on refusing her help. Aren’t they friends? Don’t friends help each other out? If she was in trouble, he’d probably ask to help.


— Hey, since when can they dog walk on air?

— Watching this episode, I’m reminded of the fact that none of these side characters have had much of a character arc. It’s hard for me to care too much about, say, Shion, because there isn’t really much to her besides her undying loyalty to Rimuru and her giant assets. We’ve gone through nineteen episodes, and even the main character doesn’t have much of a character arc. I’m not even talking about him getting stronger over time. That has pretty much been discussed ad nauseum. But his personality hasn’t changed much either. Neither has his internal struggles. It’s all pretty flat. What we got in the first episode is what we’re still working with months later. He’s this guy who died and reincarnated as a slime. He’s perfectly nice, perfectly capable of leading, and perfectly strong. It’s just so boring.

— So after the trash mobs have been defeated, that just leaves us with the flying penis monster. As you might expect, the raid boss proves to be too difficult for the side characters.

— But even with Rimuru lending a hand, they spend all day just to get the damn thing down to 70% or something? Luckily, slime boi then hears a voice from within the monster calling out for Milim. After all, that idiot beastketeer got himself into this whole mess just because he got (rightly) humiliated. All this trouble just because a guy needs anger management classes. Sigh.

— Now realizing that Charybdis is here for Milim, Rimuru finally unleashes his demon lord. She naturally defeats the damn thing in no time flat. But of course, we gotta spare Phobio even though his stupidity could’ve led to widespread disaster. Everyone can be redeemed! This is anime where the power of friendship will always prevail!

— So the dude gets healed up, and he’s instantly apologetic. I guess all his anger is just gone? That, too, was easy. Almost as easy as defeating Charybdis.

— Hard to take any of this seriously when Milim’s buttcrack is right in our face. Rimuru should get one of his master craftsmen to make her panties that fit.

— Let’s wrap this up. Our heroes finally learn about the stupid clown bois, so Milim adds that they must have been sent here to muck things up by Clayman. So at least that cat’s out of the bag.

— Last but not least, Demon Lord Carrion shows up to fetch his underling. He’s grateful for the fact that Rimuru spared Phobio, so the two of them enter a non-aggression pact. Yay. They’re like mafia bosses.

— Whenever they do go up against Clayman, I’m sure that the stakes will be much, much higher. Maybe someone might even get hurt! But I just wish the characters had a little more meat to them. Give me a reason to care about them. Not much time left for that, though.

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