That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 22: Another demon lord

‘Cause why not? They can all be demon lords. I’m pretty certain Rimuru is going to become one someday. And like every isekai protagonist before him, he’s going to have a smorgasbord of hot babes vying for his affection… even though he’s a genderless slime. Anime breaking barriers once again!

— Speaking of Rimuru, he and the kids quickly reach the Dwelling of Spirits. That was easy. Still, it almost feels like they’re walking into the Mines of Moria. Almost. You never get the sense of danger from this show. Not really. Even when they were up against a ginormous army of hungry pigmen, you had the feeling that the heroes would walk out of the situation without a scratch on them.

— Eventually, a voice taunts Rimuru and the kids, telling them to be more scared ’cause it’ll delight her. Uh, sure. Try being original.

— Finally, the gang comes upon a pink mecha. No, really. Okay, okay, the show refers to it as a golem, but if looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

— Despite all of Rimuru’s hubbub about how the mecha has more magicules than that random-ass flying dragon that he defeated in last week’s episode, he still downs this new toy in a single move. Yawn.

— And as a result, we get to meet Ramiris, our troublemaker. This is a good anime.

Par for the course.

— Oh yeah, the kids finally discover that their sensei is really just a slime. Not that it matters, of course. Once you fall in love with Rimuru, you never fall out of love. Obviously, I don’t mean that literally. I’m just saying that people’s feelings towards Rimuru never really waver once the scales start tipping positively.

— So what happens next? Well, would it surprise you to learn that we just sit in a room and listen to Rimuru and Ramiris talk for the rest of the episode? Haha, this is a good anime.

— The fairy explains that she completed Vesta’s project, which is why we had to fight that mecha thing. Great, a callback to something I had completely forgotten about from months ago.

— When Rimuru finally gets to the crux of the matter, Ramiris explains that she is the Queen of Spirits. She simply became a demon lord when she fell from grace. I guess Rimuru needs to fall from grace as well.

— The fairy doesn’t really explain how she fell from grace, but she does prattle on about Leon, the guy who summoned Shizue. Technically, he saved her from a bombing during WW2, right? But then again, he also cursed her to live a pretty shitty life in this world.

— Anyways, Ramiris feeds us more exposition about how Leon was a Hero (with a capital H!) who fell from grace. And how he wanted to summon a specific person but cried because he couldn’t do so. I’m glad to get such meaningful background information about one of the primary villains from a boring ass conversation.

— Oh well, it’s just going to be something dumb like how Leon wanted to summon his true love, but ended up with Shizue instead. What a waste.

— In the end, Ramiris agrees to help Rimuru out, because she still has her duties as the Queen of Spirits. Ah, so she can shut her trap long enough to be serious.

— There’s some extra stuff about how she dies and retains her memories, but who cares?

— And that’s pretty much it. I guess next episode will deal with how to “junction” these superior spirits to Rimuru’s students. Apparently, you can just make a new spirit if you wish.

— Even for Slime, this was a really bad episode.

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