Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 9: Another child?!

Will this dude ever hang out with somebody his own age?

— Raphtalia is obviously still cursed, because Naofumi doesn’t have the means to cure her. Plus, you can only get pure holy water back in the capital, so that’s our next destination.

— But on their way back to the village, the group bumps into a conspicuous-looking girl playing with a bunch of birds.

— Damn, our fat chicken is a cannibal.

— Uh, her name is Melty. Does Naofumi not see a resemblance? First things first, I should address the fact that I’ve been calling Malty by the wrong name. Whatever. Second, c’mon, does our hero really not see how similar she looks to Malty? Sure, the latter has red hair, but their names are even similar!

— Anyways, after Naofumi takes care of some extra stuff back at the village, Melty proceeds to ask him for help. Apparently, she got separated from her guards, because she got distracted by birds. How does that work? I mean, how far did she run away from her guards? How incompetent are they that they ended up losing sight of her? How further incompetent are they that they’ve seemingly stopped looking for Melty because she’s now asking for Naofumi’s help? Considering how she’s likely related to Malty and thus a princess in her own right, you’d think she could afford to surround herself with some talent.

— Like always, Shield Hero is suspicious, but the pleas of both Raphtalia and Filo change his mind. Yay, another loli to the party. Let’s just recruit all the goddamn lolis. Melty is about as tall as Filo when the latter is in her demihuman form, so she’s like what…? 8? 9? Good lord.

— #keepfiloafatchicken


— At one point, Naofumi and Raphtalia find nothing but Melty’s clothes on the ground. I’m internally cringing because I hope this isn’t just another shameless opportunity for us to see a naked child. On the other hand, our hero fears that his fat chicken may have just eaten her new friend. Uh…

— Luckily, this is all we see of Melty. She went buck-naked just to sleep in Filo’s feathers. Whatever.

— Eventually, the group makes it back to the capital, and they split off to do different tasks. Filo will accompany Melty for just a little longer while Naofumi tries to procure some holy water for his raccoon girl. This allows us to bump into Mr. Pope Guy. He’s actually being nice to our much maligned protagonist, but c’mon, since when has a top rank religious dude not been evil in an anime? He’ll show his true colors eventually. In the meantime, however, Naofumi gets the holy water he needs for a whopping gold coin, so it’s time to move on.

What a smooth-talker.

— Suddenly, a guard calls out to Naofumi and starts running towards our hero. Shield Hero thinks he’s in trouble, so he just runs away. When he thinks he’s lost his pursuer, it’s time for Spear Jerk to, well, be a ginormous dick again for no good reason.

— Oh wait, there is a good reason: he’s a pedophile too. He saw Filo in her demihuman form, and he has been enchanted by her ever since. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that she and the fat chicken are one and the same.

— So despite being a hero, Spear Jerk picks a fight with Naofumi in the middle of the city where there are innocent bystanders. The guy chasing after Naofumi finally catches up and tries to break up the fight, but of course, here comes the one-dimensional villainess to stir up trouble for no good reason.

— Apparently, royalty can just make two people fight even if you don’t have consent from both parties.

— Well, you know what that means. The only way to override a princess’s authority is to counter it with another princess’s authority. Enter Melty.

— Whhaaaaat? She and Malty are related?!


— Look, it’s the only way to protect her from creeps like Spear Jerk. You don’t want Spear Jerk to prey on her, do you? So #keepfiloafatchicken

— Melty then tells Naofumi that she wants to speak with him alone, but as soon as they get somewhere private, he tells her that he doesn’t remotely trust her. And that’s the end of our episode. I guess he assumes that both sisters are the same. Maybe. Maybe not. I just find it hilarious that the author decided to make the grown-up sister a unrelenting bitch queen from hell, but the loli one is probably going to be yet another waifu candidate for the harem.

5 thoughts on “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 9: Another child?!

  1. ndqanhvn

    Because of their generic anime faces, I could not tell the similarity between Melty and her sister though. The faces are all look the same to me. That’s the same problem I have when reading some shoujo manga: because it is in black and white, and the hairstyles are very similar, I could not tell the main girl, her rival, or her rival’s rival from each other. It creates a very strange, surreal, Zen-like reading experience.

    1. Sean Post author

      Eh, I thought she looked conspicuous like I mentioned, then when she said her name was Melty, it just became a little too silly for me that Naofumi wouldn’t have made any sort of connection. Plus, as an anime character himself, he should’t have our inability to tell generic anime characters apart.

  2. Cozy Rogers

    I can’t stop looking at Malty’s right hand, in your image of her declaring the duel. I’m actually crying.


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