Pet and pets, week 2

First up is Pet. I guess our duo ain’t so bad. Katsuragi wants Hiyoshi and Tsukasa to flat out “crush” Kenji, i.e. destroy his mind, but the duo refuses. They know that this will essentially kill Kenji, and they’re not murderers. But make no bones about it, these two are still shady. They are still tampering with someone’s memories, and they’re only doing this in order to help a nefarious Company that they work for. No one can claim that they’re the good guys. They are simply the protagonists. They may have avoided getting blood on their hands this time,  but I wonder if the duo can stick to their moral code as the series progresses. Either way, I for sure wouldn’t ever want to hang out with Hiyoshi and Tsukasa even if they couldn’t fuck with my mind. I also wonder if we’ll ever meet any actual good guys. Are there people using this ability for pure good? I would hope so.

On the plus side, this week’s episode is at least slightly more visually interesting than the opening episode. We travel from Kenji’s valley to his peak, i.e. his most traumatic memory to his most cherished. We also get to see how dangerous it is to get stuck in someone’s valley. Last but not least, we learn how Kenji first met Yokota, and in the end, the only way to save his life is to make him stop loving the now dead oaf. The narrative is hardly confusing. If anything, it’s quite straightforward. You go into someone’s mind and you screw around until you get the desired effect. For boomers like Katsuragi, they have no conscience so “crushing” an individual is faster, simpler, easier. For Hiyoshi and Tsukasa, however, they have to make sure that the internal dream logic stays intact as they tamper with their victim’s memories. One wrong move and the house of cards will collapse.

If there’s anything that kind of confuses me, I want to know why the story is pulling its punches. Obviously, Kenji and Yokota had some sort of bromance. The former also sees women as lying blow-up dolls, which implies a lot. Granted, we only see a handful of his memories, but it still isn’t a good look. Likewise, Hiyoshi is way too possessive of Tsukasa. Nevertheless, the story is content to flirt around the edges of these relationships, never daring to commit. Anyways, I’ll keep watching this show until it starts to suck. And if Geno Studio’s record is anything to go by, the drop in quality is sorta guaranteed.

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Ep. 2

As we all know, a harem isn’t complete with just a human and a… dog…? So in this week’s episode, more wild animals join the menagerie. First up is a koala bear. Fun fact: one of the leading killers of koala bears is… chlamydia! So you might think they’re sexy, but your junk’s gonna cry afterwards. Also, don’t eat food with eucalyptus leaves in them. Despite what you see here, you won’t feel good if you consume a lot of eucalyptus oil. Hell, the anime even chimes in later to tell viewers not to try it at home.

Last but not least, you definitely don’t want to give any to your dog no matter how much it’s begging for a taste. Like half of the shit we eat is bad for our pets. Plus, anything that simply gives us nausea is bound to outright kill a small animal. Hell, you shouldn’t really give them pasta either. It won’t kill them, but obviously, processed carbs don’t offer much nutritional value to dogs.

You might wonder if that’s a plate of shit. Yes, yes it is. As it turns out, I’m not the only one with fun facts. The anime happily informs us that baby koalas eat their mother’s feces. Fantastic.

Afterwards, a pink-haired cat joins the fun, but I was already losing patience with the show. At this point, I started skipping through the episode so I could go to lunch. I mean, was a pink-haired wolf not bad enough? Did the cat really need to be pink too? The club also gets a sloth, so here… comes… the… slow… jokes… Last but not least, a naked mole rat is against interspecies dating.

Stick to just my species? Way ahead of ya, buddy. Unfortunately for MC-kun, he has been friendzoned by the only other human at this school. As Ranka would say, that’s ruff! Alright, alright, I’ll put myself to sleep for that one.

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