Casual Friday Week 4: A lecture on setting the mood and a deadbeat dad

Count your lucky stars, ’cause there’s no new episode of Darwin’s Game this week. Instead, we get a recap. Yeah, a recap after four measly episodes. Nexus, the studio behind the adaptation, probably ran into production troubles, but it’s not like I care enough to dig up more info. It’s just that I have this weird compulsion to put up at least one or two posts everyday. Missing out on Darwin’s Game isn’t a big deal, but it’s always slightly annoying when your routine gets disrupted.

Still, it got me thinking about what I do want to watch. We’re about to get a ton of sequels in the spring, but there’s nothing that I am really looking forward to: SAO, Re:Zero, Fruits Basket, etc. The lineup puts me to sleep. Even with a show like Kaguya, I just want to see the big confession (which we won’t get with only twelve episodes). On the other hand, I would love to see a sequel to something like… oh, I dunno, Houseki no Kuni. Now there’s a show that could use more episodes. As solid as it was, it still left us with so many unresolved plot threads and unanswered questions. Unfortunately, we are instead stuck with mostly lousy isekai series.

Don’t worry, I’ll probably catch up on both SAO and Re:Zero just to torture myself. And if you don’t like those shows, then I guess do worry. I won’t dedicate a post to either of them. I’ll just do one catch-all weekly article (like the one you are reading right now). Anyways…

Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita Ep. 6

Like one of those SNL skits, this series really likes to run its joke into the ground. For some reason, however, I didn’t feel this way when I read the manga. I think this is because I speed-read. Unless I read something out loud, my eyes can’t help themselves. I’ll just blaze through the text as fast as I can. In college, this actually worked to my detriment. Speed-reading isn’t always the best tool for studying. On the plus side, however, this personal flaw has the side effect of rendering mediocre manga far less annoying than they should be. What takes an entire episode to watch can be read in just a few short minutes. Maybe this is the only reason why I thought the anime would be tolerable coming into the winter season. Sadly, this hasn’t really proven to be the case. The show has some cute moments, but I just find myself yearning for something else to watch before any of its episodes are half over.

Kabukicho Sherlock Ep. 16

If fairness matters, then it’s about time Michel gets an episode. Everyone else has gotten one. The problem is that this series doesn’t do these side characters any justice. If Sherlock hadn’t gotten involved, things would’ve turned out really badly for John and Mary in last week’s episode. Likewise, Michel would’ve been so screwed without our eccentric detective’s assistance. You thus can’t help but wonder how these guys can even earn a living. One man is doing all the work, and everyone else just gets to look like bumbling fools.

Anyways, Michel has been estranged from his daughter for over a decade thanks to a gambling problem that eventually snowballed into shady connections with the Yakuza. When she becomes the primary suspect in her boyfriend’s death, the old man springs into action! But of course, not without Sherlock pointing him in the right direction. And when he gets caught by the true culprit, our hero has to save him and draw out a confession. It’s no surprise that Holmes is the MVP of his own show; he should be the leading man. But if you’re going to do these side stories, why not let the side characters shine? On his own, Michel doesn’t accomplish anything. He just comes off as a deadbeat father. Yeah, he rushes headfirst into danger in order to clear his daughter’s name, but that’s what you’re supposed to do.

So obviously, the only person I feel bad for is the girl. Her parents divorced when she was young, but the real kicker is that her father never even bothered to stay in contact. Like I get it, you’re ashamed that you destroyed your family, but you’re going to make it worse by just abandoning your daughter altogether? But I digress. Now that Erica’s in college, she somehow started dating a loser who was only using her for beer money. Sadly, her own customers don’t even adore her. And to add insult to injury, Michel doesn’t have the guts to reconnect with his estranged daughter once the case is resolved. But we’re supposed to respect his wishes or something: “It’s not up to us. That’s what he wants.” Right before the credits roll, Michel gets rewarded with a dog. Pfft. Bad fathers don’t deserve dogs.

Anyways, Moriarty just escaped from prison. He might have died if he had stayed any longer, but you can’t help but have a bad feeling about this.

The next post on Runway de Waratte will go up a little later.

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