Plunderer Ep. 6: Coincidences galore!

Licht is back on the road, and this time, he’s disguised as an ugly bird! Outta nowhere, it’s… Hina?!

— Of course, I have to wonder how she managed to find him so easily. It’s a big world, isn’t it? What a coincidence that she just happened to walk in the right direction! Well, maybe it isn’t a big world. Plus, Hina tells Licht she simply had a hunch. Maybe it’s some unexplained power that only Hina has.

— If Hina is here, then so is Nana. As a result, the trio sits down and do a bit of catch-up. When Hina hears about Licht’s exploits involving a certain airheaded girl, she gets… jealous? Wha…? Don’t tell me she has a crush on him just because he saved her once!

— Nana even comes up with an excuse to give Licht and Hina some alone time. Welp, I guess that’s that; the heroine already likes the hero despite barely knowing him. Not only that, she has her friend’s approval.

— Is it bento time?! Nah, this isn’t Japan. But we do get the next best thing, Boo Boo: picnic baskets!

— Right before Licht can get a bite of Hina’s oh-so-delicious sandwiches, a prototype plane just happens to fly by. Oh look, another hot girl who just happens to cross paths with Licht. What a coincidence.

— Unfortunately, hot new girl is headed straight for a big crevice. What a coincidence! Or maybe she’s just stupid enough to test her plane in unsafe places.

— So of course, Licht has to use his super fast speed and super high jumping powers to save the girl. Remember, he can’t fly! This isn’t flying! This is just really, really, really good jumping!

— New girl’s name is Pelmo. She takes a second to molest our hero before accepting that he can’t actually fly (eh, close enough). She then takes the two lovebirds to her base of operations. Apparently, it’s her dream to figure out a way to take to the skies. Well, it’s certainly not a bad dream. I’m just kinda amazed that headsets can exist in this world but not planes.

— Licht quickly points out that flying is strictly forbidden… you can’t forbid an action unless it is possible to perform said action. Otherwise, it’d be like forbidding… I dunno, faster than light travel. Well, we can’t even do that yet! My point is that flying technology must exist in some form, but the kingdom in charge is suppressing this knowledge for whatever reason.

— Even though flying is illegal, Licht draws on one of Pelmo’s blueprints and this might just help the girl realize her dreams. Uh, okay…? Our Legendary Ace also happens to be an aviation engineer? What can’t he do?

— Pelmo shoves the two lovebirds out of her hanger in order to work on the new design. As a result, Licht and Hina get to sit around and blush at each other. Legendary Ace? Pfft. More like legendary dork…

— Hina wants to know more about Licht. She wants to know why he’s traveling around the world. She wants to know what his dreams are. Unwilling to divulge any information, our hero decides to be a pervert instead. Great.

— Luckily, Hina is saved by Pelmo and her newly-constructed plane. Wow, so fast! Great timing, too! You might even call it a coincidence!

— But what’s that?! Oh no, soldiers are headed in this direction! And Pelmo just finished her new prototype too! They’ll come across it and execute her for trying to fly! What a coincidence!

— Not wanting Pelmo to be executed, Licht draws his sword and destroys the plane. So the soldiers get there and start questioning Pelmo. These aren’t exact quotes, but they’re close enough!

“Aaaargh, are you trying to fly!”

“No sir, this is a windmill!”

“Oh… okay… carry on then! Let’s go home, boys!”

Really? Fucking really?

— When the soldiers finally leave — and you have to wait for them to leave for this next part! — Pelmo reveals that her count has dropped to zero. By destroying her latest prototype, Licht inadvertently crushed one of her dreams. And guess what her Count is based on! Oopsie! Good thing those soldiers left, though!

— So those freaky arms show up to drag Pelmo into the abyss… but not before copping a feel? Man, everyone and everything is a pervert in this anime.

— Hina tries to save Pelmo but she just gets bitch-slapped out of the way. Licht then defends her, but he is electrocuted then flooded by visions of… well, it’s probably his past, but it’s too dark and blurry for us to draw any coherent conclusions.

— But before you despair over the loss of our hot girl, don’t worry! She’ll be A-okay! How does she know? Like Hina, she also has hunches. Two girls with hunches, and this one will probably come true as well! Wow!

— If her hunch is true, then Hina’s mom might still be alive. Might.

— I hope I can be this cheerful when I’m on my deathbed.

2 thoughts on “Plunderer Ep. 6: Coincidences galore!

  1. Chand Dradas

    So, did anything happen in this episode? I mean, all we did was watch litch meet hina, introduce new girl, sit and talk, crash new girls plane and watch her die.
    Are you telling me they somehow filled 20 minutes of an episode with just this? Where is the plot even headed?


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