Pet and pets, week 7

Ah, time for the Monday blues… and by that, I’m referring to the absolute joy that comes from watching Pet. With lame harem shows like Murenase! Seton Gakuen, I can at least hand-wave them off or laugh at the stupid characters. But with Pet, I gotta watch innocent people suffer and that’s just no fun. In the first half of this week’s episode, we get to watch Meiling in action. She uses the image of a butterfly to help the Company brainwash its victims. Unfortunately, this leads to other people’s valleys leaking into her own mentalscape. Poor girl can’t do anything but cower in fear. She has a memory of Hayashi telling her that he’ll eventually return for her, but yeah… so much for that. He’s probably slowly dying in the woods where we last saw him if not already dead. And thinking about this just ticks me off even more. We already know Hayashi can longer help Meiling (there’s a super tiny chance he somehow survives), so why is the anime showing me this? It almost feels like the story is rubbing it in my face. Yeah, you like that? You like watching a poor child suffer?

In the second half of the episode, we see that Tsukasa is out of critical danger but still severely weakened and suffering from freaky nightmares. He can’t even stand on his own two feet. Being crushed is so horrible that it can apparently turn your hair grey. Unfortunately, the Company is ever-demanding. As a result, Hiroki will have to take the next job, and he’s obviously not happy about it. He and Tsukasa share a private conversation where the latter swears to the former that things will get better. But instead of running away like Hayashi, he intends to become so indispensable to the Company that they’ll have to start ceding to his demands. I dunno, man. Sounds kinda arrogant. Sounds like a young, brash man who thinks he can take on the world. Plus, I just have no sympathy for Tsukasa. I only feel bad for Meiling. Like I said last week, the rest of these characters all suck.

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Ep. 7

— The hyena is back, and she desperately wants to act “like a female.” But instead of using an adult female hyena as a role model, she tries to ape Hitomi instead. Doesn’t this seem stupid to anyone? Apparently not.

— Jin, of course, tries to shit on Yena’s parade, ’cause he’s just a dick in general.

— Plus, it’s silly to imitate Hitomi and only Hitomi when the entire Cooking Club is full of girls with varying degrees of femininity. But no, y’see, a woman eats tiny bones. Only men would eat BIG HONKIN’ BONES… even though the last time we discussed hyenas, we learned that hyenas are matriarchal. As a result, female hyenas wouldn’t even eat bones. They get meat, yo. They’re packing meat and they eat meat.

— Yena is initially successful in pretending to be something she’s not so she’s surrounded by shoujo bubbles. But it all falls apart when she ends up having to vomit up all those bones. Oh dear, no girl would ever vomit! Hah, tell that to all the girls at the club.

— In the end, this subplot is resolved when the panda states the obvious: just be you. Naturally, it takes a spoiled brat to be individualistic. It’s just a bit ironic coming from her…

— And just like that, old Yena is back. She’s also calling herself (himself?) a dude again… even though tomboys still acknowledge that they are females. Why can’t she just be a girl who doesn’t act dainty? Ah, whatever. It’s a fucking shit cartoon about talking animals… except for when the poor voice actress has to bark out every episode preview at the end of every episode. “Mom, dad, I landed the lead role in a series! ARF ARF ARF.”

— As for the second subplot, we have a honey badger who desperately wants to join Ranka’s big sister’s pack. Y’see, episodes ago, Ferrill had saved her from bears trying to bully her…

— …but later in the episode, when a bunch of lions try to pick on the honey badger, they can’t even hurt her. So we know that honey badgers are fearless. We also know that their skin is even impervious to spears and arrows. Why did she need Ferrill to save her in the first place? Shrug.

— Honestly, I thought the honey badger was a skunk for half of the episode before I was corrected. So when are we getting a skunk?

— Ah, I’m getting tired of this recap. Just know that it all works out in the end for everyone

— …except for that dumbass lion.

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