Pet Ep. 13 (Final): It’s over but it’s also not over

What a lame ending.

— It turns out Long only managed to shoot Satoru in the leg. Man, these guys are terrible shots.

— Luckily for Satoru, Katsuragi continues to be Hayashi’s backup plan. By reminding the old man that the USB is important, I guess it activates something in Katsuragi to make him shoot back at the Company. Man, Katsuragi was just a tool to Hayashi, wasn’t he? Normally, I’d be like, “Fuck Katsuragi! He’s been an evil asshole all series long!” But we’re about to get a major revelation.

— Unlike Long, Katsuragi isn’t a bad shot, so he somehow manages to nail the former right in the forehead. Welp, there’s goes Jin’s lover. She’s shoots Katsuragi and is about to shoot Satoru next when he reveals that Katsuragi is literally her father.

— So then we get dive into Katsuragi’s mind and recover his hidden memories. He had fallen in love with Lianlian, the chairman’s sister, but unfortunately, she died while giving birth to Jin. As punishment, the chairman wanted all memories of his sister erased from Katsuragi’s mind, but doing so would crush him. So instead, Hayashi hid Katsuragi’s memories. Doing so, however, would make him forget all about his daughter… and it would change his personality. So all this time, we thought Katsuragi was an asshole, but he was made an asshole. I guess it makes sense. If you erase someone’s fondest memories, wouldn’t that leave them an irritable jerk?

— What follows is an extended flashback to explain how Katsuragi ended up with Lianlian. I’m thinking, “Aww, this is gonna be bittersweet.” But then it just ends up being kinda… messed up? ‘Cause y’see, Lianlian is developmentally impaired. She’s like a child who can barely string words together. Nevertheless, she’s an adult woman on the surface, and she formed an attachment to Katsuragi. We get to see her smile at him with drool coming out of her mouth. As their relationship deepened, Lianlian ended up crawling into Katsuragi’s bed one night. I’ll let you imagine what happened next. After all, babies don’t come from storks. I… this isn’t not the love story I wanted to see. I do not want to see a man fall in love with a woman who is mentally a child. Can we have one not fucked up relationship in this anime? Plus, what kind of genius not only falls in love with a triad leader’s sister, but doesn’t even have the wherewithal to wrap it up?

— Anyways, Jin comes back to the real world and realizes she just killed her father. She was going to take her own life when the Company finally arrives with backup. Yeesh.

— Alright, back to the pretty boys. Tsukasa’s guilt is finally becoming too much to bear, so he wants Hiroki to erase his peak. He’ll never remember Hayashi again, but like with Katsuragi, this would also erase his memories of Hiroki. Whatever. I can’t say I feel bad about one of the show’s major villains. Imagine if he hadn’t crushed Hayashi.

— Satoru arrives and tells Hiroki that he needs the latter’s help. The latter agrees… only if Satoru erases his memories as well. After all, these men can’t live without each other! Sheesh. It’s just one big memory erasing fest. Satoru doesn’t actually do it, though. He instead tricks Hiroki into thinking that he’s Tsukasa, and then the two of them proceed to escape. They just leave the now newly baby Tsukasa back at the facility. Oof, I sure hope that doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass.

— One day, Satoru finally reveals the truth to Hiroki, who of course gets mad. But then the sun rises and they take a good look around them. They somehow — just freaking somehow — manage to camp out right next to the location that resembles Hayashi’s peak. Y’know, the same peak he shared with Tsukasa, Satoru, and Meiling. So then the boys are like, “Yeah, we can still save them! If we just bring them here, they’ll recover!” And if Hayashi is back from being a vegetable, then maybe Tsukasa can stop being such a jerk.

— Like I said, the story is over…  but not really. I guess if you read the manga, you might find out whether or not Satoru and Hiroki are successful in saving those three. I’m just disappointed that Meiling is still stuck with the Company. Plus, there’s one major problem with for these boys…

— …and it’s a woman! I jest, but at the same time, not really…? ‘Cause right before the episode comes to an end, we see a depressed and delusional Jin watching over Tsukasa, who is playing in the garden. After having his memories erased and losing his peak, I guess he’s become an adult-sized baby. Perhaps he’s about as mentally developed at this point as Lianlian was. Jin insists, however, that Tsukasa is actually dead. She thinks she sees Long in front of her, and she intends to “train” him back up. And once she does so, he can avenge everyone. So if they ever bother to make another adaptation of this show — and I hope they don’t — Tsukasa will still be the villain, but the true puppet master is Jin! I mean, hasn’t she been through enough? Didn’t Katsuragi’s memories allow her to realize that the only reason they’re in this mess is because the Company is evil? But no, she’s gotta be the next bad guy. She’s gotta be the one who spoils the boys’ fun.

— I mean, it’s just a weird show, and what’s weird about it isn’t even all the mind-altering stuff. In fact, from start to finish, it felt like the mind-altering stuff was just an excuse to make these people bizarrely attached to each other. They literally can’t live without the person who gave them their peak, and this obsession ends up dooming nearly everyone. And what’s the grand solution? What’s the galaxy brain idea that they come up with? Let’s restore all those peaks so that we can just go hang out on some deserted island somewhere, sipping mai tais, and smiling at each other. But shhhhh, we’re not in love or anything wink wink. Can’t cross that forbidden line! Sigh, all I wanted was for someone — anyone — to save the poor girl from the Company, and the story couldn’t even give me that. Blah.

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