Tower of God Ep. 4: Bam in the hot seat

This will probably be my last post on this series, because I just find it intensely boring. When I would rather pay attention to a standup meeting than an anime, something has gone terribly wrong.

— Bam calls out to Rachel, but she doesn’t respond. So what does the guy do? He tells himself that it must not be Rachel. After all, his Rachel would never ignore him. Yup, you’re so right, my guy.

— It’s kinda curious, isn’t it? The word “simp” is suddenly everywhere nowadays. Everyone keeps using it, but I have this strange visceral distaste for the word. I dunno, maybe this sounds snobby, but the word just has a certain lowbrow connotation. Lo and behold, King Simp presents himself, and I feel like I’m now forced to used the word because how else would you describe Bam? It’s like he was built for it.

— Anaak currently has the crown, so she plops herself onto the throne and just goes to sleep. She doesn’t even bother to confer with her teammates, so they’re stuck protecting her from attacking teams. Sadly, the action here is nothing to write home about. It’s not bad. It’s just unremarkable.

— Every so often, the characters try to inject some levity into the situation. Sometimes, it’s silly. Sometimes, it’s pointlessly gendered. All I know is that I’m not laughing.

— Eventually, the sleeping guy decides to wake up and do something. After all, it was his idea to make his team attack this round. It turns out the guy can manipulate Shinsu, which… I guess it’s impressive? After all, his attacks are serious enough to wake the lizard girl up. But in the end, Anaak just gets angry, and I’m told that you wouldn’t like green characters when they get angry.

— Apparently, this girl is a master at raising the white flag.

— Anaak’s weapon goes wild to match her temper, which also causes the Black March to act up. This catches the lizard girl’s attention, so she straight-up disqualifies her own team in order to confront Bam. Welp.

— The Black March belongs to a set of weapons that should only be wielded by Princesses, which we already know. After all, Yuri loaned it to Bam. According to Anaak, however, her whip also belongs to the aforementioned special set. I guess this makes her a Princess? But if she’s so special, then why is she slumming it on the second floor with the rest of these losers? Someone on Rachel’s team even taunts Anaak by calling her an imposter.

— Lizard girl tries to make a bet with Bam. If his team wins the Crown Game, then she’ll give him her whip. If his team loses, she gets the sword. Our protagonist smartly replies that he has no reason to take this bet… even though he almost did so anyways. Why? Because he didn’t want to keep causing trouble for his team. On the one hand, these pure and innocent protagonists are a dime a dozen in anime. On the other hand, I just can’t reconcile his current characterization with the same kid who was ready and willing to kill a stranger in cold blood in the first episode.

— Besides, I doubt the Black March would approve of Anaak anyways. She doesn’t have a cute face like Bam, which is apparently the deciding factor.

— Bam also didn’t want to give up the Black March, because Rachel explicitly taught him not to betray people, but you especially don’t betray girls! So I guess this means you can sorta betray boys if you need to? Like, I dunno, if ya boi is standing between you and those stars! Oooh, I bet this is foreshadowing.

— Since Anaak disqualified her own team, the crown is now up for grabs. Everyone lunges for it, and like always, we have a truly eclectic cast of characters. I mean, what even is this guy?

— Khun somehow snags the crown first. He then slips the crown into his bag and ends up with two of them. Welp, this confirms that he has the ability to duplicate items. Well, I guess I should’ve seen this coming. After all, the guy placates the dumb gator by offering up mountains of chocolate bars. Either his bag is bottomless or it can duplicate items. Why would you pack a mountain of chocolate bars for a brief jaunt up the tower though?

— Right before the credits roll, the girl on Rachel’s team asks if it’s okay to kill everyone. Rachel looks up for the first time all episode and takes one good look at Bam. She then replies in the affirmative. ‘Cause again, it’s A-OK to betray boys if you really need to.

— Any predictions? Well, Khun tasked Bam with holding onto the crown, so I bet our hero’s dumb simping ass will disqualify his own team for Rachel’s sake in the near future.

— I dunno, if people really want me to continue covering the show, I’ll consider it. But if I do keep following the anime, expect low effort posts like this one from here on out. The anime’s just so boring.

2 thoughts on “Tower of God Ep. 4: Bam in the hot seat

  1. Theo1290 (@BobJeff32873174)

    I disagree that the show is boring, I just find the story and its characters intensely dislikable, but nonetheless remain interested in what will happen next. Don’t push yourself to keep watching if you don’t want to, I am in it more for the reason of “oh in 10 episodes that’s the actual hype moment. Oh in 50 episodes the show will get good and everything will make sense” that others have spouted to me.

    Main character’s innocent nature in contrast to being willing to kill someone is what I really don’t like, especially when it’s something that fans disturbingly defend. As for Rachael I get the feeling she will become a “Sasuke-esque” character who the mc will have numerous encounters with in the future trying to bring her back to the force of good or whatever, despite her killing others and trying to kill him, and then somehow she gets redeemed much later on.


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