Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Ep. 4: Being rich and famous is just so hard!

Woe is me… everyone seems to want a piece of my hotness!

— One of Wendelin’s brothers is getting married, so he’s invited his friends to come along. It doesn’t take long, however, for a massive zombie dragon to attack. The resident senior mage even claims that he’s no match for the heinous foe. Luckily, our hero is more than up to the task! Four episodes in and he’s already the best of the best. In fact, his friends don’t even need to help. They’ve only just joined his party, and they’re already relegated to the bench!

— I like how these nobles aren’t even scared. Instead, they look like they’re demanding to speak to the manager. This is unacceptable! How can my pleasure cruise be attacked by zombie dragons!

— Love the special effects in this series. They are just jaw-dropping.

— Again, Well has no problems putting down the zombie dragon. Not only that, the spoils will fetch a huge sum of money.

— Afterwards, these nobodies have a party even though they didn’t do anything to help! It’s like that meme where the third-place finisher goes nuts celebrating, but these guys don’t even deserve to stand on the podium. Wendelin gets 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…

— As soon as they get to the capital, our hero has a date with the king. That Wendelin… he’s so hot right now.

— The king immediately grants Wendelin the rank of baronet, which isn’t really anything amazing. It’s pretty low on the pecking order. What’s important, however, is that 1) he’s now ranked above his own father, and this means that 2) a whole new Baumeister line has opened up. Two Baumeisters? Outrageous! One will clearly need to destroy the other a la Highlander! Winner gets the loser’s wife!

— The waifus worry that Wendelin will be too busy to play with them now that he’s a noble. I find this kinda funny, because we haven’t actually seen him do anything with his new party yet. They haven’t even had the chance to go on an adventure, but we’re already worried that he’s going to ditch them? Yeesh. Luckily for the waifus, Well doesn’t get any land, which apparently means he can still hang out with them. Even so, with the money he’s about to receive, I feel like he can just buy all the land he wants. Then again, I have no goddamn clue how nobility works. Maybe land has to be granted to you as well.

— Speaking of money, it’s now time for Well to be handsomely paid for his efforts. Various factions proceed to try and curry favor from the kid. Both the church and the military want Wendelin on their side. Considering how one of his future waifus is going to be a priestess-type character, I bet the church has the better hand. Imagine a ass-kicking military waifu, though…

— Just when Wendelin thinks he can finally go home and rest for the day, this random dork has been waiting all day to try and impress the popular hero. Unfortunately for him, Well already has an expert pole-handler on his team.

— Finally, our hero gets to attend his brother’s wedding, but his troubles aren’t over yet. The groom’s family is too poor to send a wedding gift, which is apparently an insult to their lord! An insult, I say! Just look at this scintillating graphic! This is epic storytelling!

— So of course, Big Pockets Wendelin has to save the day again. He thus goes ahead and buys lavish gifts to represent the groom’s family. I’m sure the brothers within vicinity are appreciative of the gesture, but I bet Kurt will be gnashing his teeth somewhere. That’s just how it goes in these silly shows.

— Near the end of the episode, Wendelin gets the chance to breathe, so one of his new merchant friends has good news for him: they’ve somehow managed to find koji in this universe. This is the ingredient necessary for the fermentation process in making miso, so our hero immediately drags his party back to his estate. Yup, we don’t actually get to see Wendelin and his waifus go on an adventure even though they’re adventurers. Instead, he’s going to teach them how to make miso.

— Personally, I’m not a big miso fan, but to each their own.

— While sipping his miso-flavored soup, Wendelin decides that he’ll be the fermented kind of noble that is useful to people and not the rotten kind! The analogy is a loose fit in my opinion, but let’s just roll with it.

— Right before the credits roll, Priestess Elise is told that they’ve found a husband for her. I didn’t even know priestesses could get married. Either way, it’s obviously gonna be Wendelin. More importantly, even though this arranged marriage is for political purposes, I’ve no doubt that she will quickly fall in love with our dragon-slayin’, miso-makin’ badass.

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