Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S2 Ep. 3: Let’s try being honest

In the first half of the episode, we get a taste of what the future might hold… maybe. I kinda hope that this isn’t the case, but I’ll explain myself in a bit.

— Miyuki wants to throw a moon-viewing party, ’cause he’s always been into astronomy. Kaguya, on the other hand, has no interest in this sort of thing. Still, she’s willing to play along if it means she gets to have alone time with her president. I just find it kinda funny, ’cause none of my exes were into the cosmos either. I, on the other, also wanted to become an astronomer when I was little. Too bad I was too lazy to do my physics homework at uni. Ah, if only I could time travel…

— Kaguya is busy coming up with all these schemes, but her partner is too distracted to feel any shame. As a result, he can be bold. He can throw a jacket over her shoulders without any warning. He can drink from the same cup without any fear. And last but not least, he can embrace her without any hesitation! Oblivious to the fact that Kaguya is freaking out besides him, he pulls her even closer! Why can’t we get this Miyuki every week?! Well, to be fair, I was never this bold as a teenager either…

— About the “indirect kissu” nonsense, it only works with a bottle. With a wide rim cup, it’s kinda silly, isn’t it?

Well, she’s not wrong…

— This all segues naturally into a conversation about “The Tale of Princess Kaguya.” More specifically, Miyuki confesses that he’d never let his Princess Kaguya go. In fact, he would go to the moon and raise all kinds of hell to get her back. So this is what I meant up top. I can’t help but wonder if what they talk about here is a sign of things to come. Maybe the Shionmiya family will pull her away from the life she knows in order to try and marry her off. After all, Miyuki mentions how Princess Kaguya “did everything she could to reject her suitors.” And let’s say that after Miyuki makes a man out of himself, i.e. graduates from college and gets a respectable job, he’ll finally have the cojones to challenge the Shinomiya family for Kaguya’s hand in marriage.

— So yeah, I don’t want this episode to prophetic, ’cause I hate that sort of thing in romances. I hate it when characters suddenly have to endure a painful separation only to reunite as adults… *coughYourNamecough*… oh, don’t mind me. It’s just the coronavirus.

— Jokes aside, when a couple finally find it within themselves to be honest and straightforward with each other, I just want them to be rewarded. I just want them to stay together without any nonsense coming between them.

— I do have to give the show credit for avoiding one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to romcoms: no goddamn love triangles… well, with the main couple. Look, if Yu gets involved in some stupid tug-of-war between two girls, whatever. I don’t care about him all that much. I’m just glad that Miyuki and Kaguya only seem to have their eyes for the other person and no one else.

— Anyways, Miyuki’s romantic declarations are too much for Kaguya to handle, so she just runs off screaming. The next day, the president finally realizes that he had embarrassed himself, but I mean… it worked, didn’t it? Not only did he get Kaguya to squirm, he even had her in his arms for a brief moment! So why not just keep rolling with it?

— In the second half of the episode, the 67th Student Council finally comes to an end, so the group cleans out the room and reminisce over the silly hijinks from the first season. Yu is particularly bummed, ’cause he had joined so late. Luckily, some things never change.

— Apparently, Chika cries like a Studio Ghibli heroine.

— In the aftermath, the kids discuss whether or not Miyuki should run for student council president again. He initially rejects the idea, because it’s a whole lot of work and he’s already gotten his letter of recommendation. I just find it funny that the role would have so many responsibilities compared to the rest of the team. Sounds like someone needs to do a better job at delegating…

— In any case, Kaguya has two worries: a silly one and a not-so-silly one. Her silly concern is that she no longer knows what to call Miyuki now that he’s no longer the student council president. She has always referred to him as kaichou, i.e. president. Calling him by his family name is rather impersonal, but she can’t quite manage to utter his first name either. Man… this is a major cultural difference that I’ll never understand. I suppose you just have to live in Japan to get it.

— As for Kaguya’s not-so-silly concern, she realizes that they won’t be able to spend as much time together if they’re no longer on the student council. I guess hanging out as friends without any pretense is too much to ask. What do you want her to do? Just walk up to the guy in the middle of school and talk to him? She’s no slut!

— In the end, Kaguya can’t bear the thought of being away from Miyuki, so she swallows her pride. After he walks her all the way to the outside gates of her mansion, she dramatically clings onto him and asks that he run for student council president once more.

— It would’ve been cool if Miyuki had taken this opening to be honest about his feelings. Unfortunately, he decides to be smug instead. These kids, man. Oh well, he’ll drop the pretense one day when he feels that he has no choice but to confess his feelings. Too bad being open and direct only ever happens anime characters are pushed to the point of no return.

— Man, those giant red eyes are kinda scary in the dark if you think about it…

— Oh, it looks like Miyuki has competition. The incumbent usually wins, though.

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