Plunderer Ep. 18: Fast forward to the present

There are still some loose ends to tie up in the past.

— Not much has changed since we last left off. Licht will still do all the killing in order to prevent his classmates from having to bloody their own hands. Unfortunately, the more he kills, the less human be becomes.

— Schmelman actually feels guilty about Licht, so he hasn’t turned evil yet. He still cares about the children. It’s pretty clear that Firenda is primarily to blame, but what exactly happened to her in those 300 years? We have yet to see her in the present day.

— We’ve gotten plenty of fanservice from the girls, so it’s only fair that we now get a shot of Licht’s bare ass.

— Licht also bumps into Nana that same day, and they become fast friends. Unfortunately, he eventually distances himself from her due to all the war trauma.

— The girls try to bring him back by flashing their panties at him, which… strikes me as an act in rather poor taste. “Yeah, I know you’re probably haunted by the thousands of lives you’ve taken, but look at our panties though! Look! Doesn’t your lust override all those horrific deaths?!”

“You never know how much you miss a sexual deviant until they’re gone!”

— At some point, Class A begged Schmelman to allow them to undergo the same operation, but it was all for naught anyways. Licht is the commander, so he simply orders his own classmates to stand down. On the other hand, Doan can kill, because he doesn’t give a shit about him. And I guess I don’t either. Well, to be honest, I don’t really care about any of these characters. I just blog this show outta pure stubbornness.

— In the end, Licht’s efforts just aren’t enough. People are still gonna starve, so Firenda pushes for her most dastardly plan yet. By collecting the seven Dragon Balls Original Ballots, they can make a wish pass a resolution to create a floating city. You might have heard of said floating city. Alcia, anyone? Alcia is only for a select few. It will thrive by “plundering” all of the world’s resources. See, it’s the show’s title!

— I just don’t understand why you can create a magical floating island that somehow steals resources… but you can’t wish for more food. Or you can’t wish for someone smart enough to create more food. I feel like solving world hunger is probably easier than creating a floating island, but eh… what do I know? I’m not an anime scientist.

— As time goes by, Licht becomes more and more of a monster. He even turns his blade against Sonohara but none of this classmates can bear to hate him. I guess they all accept that he’s trying to protect them. At this point, however, he’s clearly a threat to his own classmates, so I dunno… keep him away from the rest of the kids? No, that would make too much sense.

— Meanwhile, young Nana starts to record a series of video journals. At the beginning, she basically says that she’s in love with Licht, and she hopes to marry him now that the war is over.

— Licht’s best bud Sakai opposes the creation of Alcia, so he steals one of the Original Ballots. Alexandrov wanted to go after his own student himself, but Firenda comes up with yet another evil plan: let Licht do the job.

— So naturally, what we see next is our hero killing his own best friend — the guy he originally tried to save by joining the military school. So again, Firenda is the main baddie, right? But she’s nowhere to be found in the present day. We only have Schmelman.

— Anyways, Licht either falls asleep or goes into a coma for a really long time. When he wakes up, he learns that the rest of Class A had tried to save all of the orphans, but they eventually decided to kill themselves in order to be less of a resource drain. Alright. At this point, I feel like the writer is just trying to score as many tragedy points as possible. No one tries to do anything constructive. No one tries to solve the food shortage issue. No one tries to stop three adults from creating Alcia and thus draining the world of its resources. No one actually tries to solve anything. They just kinda fuck around until it’s too late, then they die so that we can feel sad.

— Nana’s video journals continue. She still holds out hope that Licht will return to his old self one day so that she can marry him. Meanwhile, Licht takes 300 years to come to the realization that he needs to strike back against Alcia and the military…

— …but even now, we don’t see him doing that. In the episodes before his buddies got sent back in time, we don’t see him do anything but goof off. They just spent episodes upon episodes to create this depressing backstory for Licht, and said backstory was supposed to provide him with the justification to be the hero who tears down the evil kingdom. But he hasn’t been doing that at all!

— Hana eventually accepts that the person who can save Licht isn’t her. So we’re finally back to the present where Hina is still topless. It’s funny how no one asks her why she’s half-naked. “Uh, what exactly did you do with Licht in those final seconds…?”

— So of course, our heroine’s next course of action is to try to get it on with Licht.

— And judging by the next episode preview, there’s gonna be plenty of fanservice. I doubt we’ll get around to taking down Alcia anytime soon.

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